As the title suggests, this is a mini-mod. There are tons of fantastic and ambitious mods for this game, this isn't one of them. I made this mod because I like playing the original game, but there are some annoyances that needs fixing.

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Merry Christmas! This mod was completed in the last update. This update is minor and not necessary if you prefer the previous version. Just some bug fixes and a few little surprises. :) (This is the FOC version. For EAW version, refer to the other download)

Star Wars: Empire at War - FOC Mini Mod 1.8

What is the XML to be able to have more units (Space and terrestrial)?

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Power_C Author


Space battles is the only one which can be easily modified. Look for the file FACTIONS.XML and EXPANSION_FACTIONS.XML

Look for: <Space_Tactical_Unit_Cap>

You need to modify for each of the 3 factions: rebel, empire, and underworld.

Currently in this mod, they're all set to 100. You can increase it to whatever you like. However, keep in mind that it does affect the GC space battles and strategies. There already has been reports the GC AI would sometimes build huge fleets capped at 100 of small corvettes instead of saving money to upgrade and build larger ships. Increasing the space combat unit cap would worsen this effect.

Land tactical unit caps are determined by the "reinforcement points." They are different on every map, so I have to guess the numbers are set in the maps themselves, so you would have to edit individual maps to change how much units those reinforcement points allow b/c each reinforcement point allows a different number. (However, I have never edit this before.)

In Galactic mode, the Galactic population is determined by the planets, so each planet would have to be edited individually to allow more population cap.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, now I am looking to increase or decrease the time of construction (Ships) or improvements (base, armament, ect).
The AI ​​attacks me quickly (Although sometimes it bothers me) and within a few seconds the enemy base has improved and again, the creations of fast units ect.
Well I want to put it to my liking, trying and that.
If you do not mind.

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I forgot. Good Mini Mod, brings new ships, new troops ect.

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Power_C Author


That should be easier to modify. It is in the file "difficulties.xml" in both EAW and FOC. It is pretty self explanatory once you open it. You can compare the easy, normal, and hard difficulties to see what each option does.

For this mod, I mainly modify only the "credit multiplier." The default/original file from the game changes their damage output, build time, and even hit point etc...

Edit them to whatever works best for you. :)

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Thanks, but what do you mean 1, 1.1, 15.0? Speed?
more than 1 is fast
less than 1 is slow
so is??

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Power_C Author

You mean the contrast multipliers? I'm not entirely sure what they do either, I suspect they have to do with AI efficiency, how fast they respond, etc... Typically you don't need to touch that.

The more important ones are
credit multiplier - how much AIs accumulate credit. 1 means same as player, 2 means 2 times more (200%) etc...

This affects all 3 battle modes, hence why in this mod, the easy setting is designed for GC. (You can refer to the article on the 1.7 version release for the difficulty recommendations:

How fast they get credits will determine how fast they build their armies and attack, etc... So if you reduce their credit multiplier, they'll be slower to build up a fleet and attack.


Or you can directly edit the "build time multiplier" to change how fast each unit builds.

Other multipliers affect unit status such as shield, hitpoint, and damage.

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