East of Rome - The Danube Limes is a total conversion of Medieval II: Total War focused on the struggle between the Eastern Roman Empire and its many enemies. The campaign begins in 591 AD, the year when Maurikios finally signes a peace treaty with the Sasanian Persian Empire in the east. The constant war on the eastern frontier of the empire tied up most of the Roman army so that the Balkan provinces were left defenceless. The Slavic tribes north of the Danube sensed this weakness and subsequently begin to raid the Roman provinces to the South. (This page is managed by echuu, who is not member of the team but a player who wants to keep a mirror link of the mod at ModDB).

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The full mod-folder of EoR: The Danube Limes. I didn't create this mod, i just uploaded the files to this mirror-site which i didn't create neither. Credit for the mirror-site goes to Echuu, and credit for the mod goes to Deautschland and his team on TW-center.

Update: I have edited the EDU-file and made all the roman units for the Maurekian ERA available in custom battles - i have also fixed the EDU-file so no more CTD:s when right-clicking on certain unit portraits. All other available fixes also implemented.

Start by extracting this rar-file and then extracting the folder named "EoR" into your medieval II Total War/Mods-folder. Make sure you cut the EoR-folder out of the extracted EoR-folder - it should only be Mods/EoR/data and not Mods/Eor/Eor/data. Then click the .bat-file.

I hope you like this version better. I thought this was the better option as the installation files doesn't include the fixes like this upload does.

Don't hesitate to tell me if you encounter bugs.

This is stand-alone.

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