E. T. F. is yet another 'what if...' single player episode for Half-Life. It features three action packed maps for you to explore. I hope you enjoy it!

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Did I miss an HEV suit? I never found one. This just really has turned me off from the mod. I'm gonna play a mod called E.T.C. It's much better than E.T.F. and actually has an HEV suit! 1/10 I'm giving this mod. It really doesn't have much of a good start and really has a way of turning me off at the beginning.

E.T.F. is another fine What If mod that doesn't use new weapon gimmicks or any new sounds.. It gets straight to the point.

It has a short length but the action and the mapping are impressive for 2007 and this mod is what got me to become a Gamefront user as this mod was on that site's original format.


Great looking levels but this is mod is very, very short.


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more grat man


Very interesing Black Mesa episode!

This is one of those mods you love to play but are once again disappointed at its length. It goes through a series of good fire fights, and many doors that don’t open or even make any sound when you try to open them, no puzzles, but some good level design and intense firefights, great pacing… it also ends in a unique way.

There are some areas that hint at action that took place just awhile ago. I don’t know why, but I loved the mod even though it was short which is very unlike me.


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