Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG) is a mod for the games "Men of War" and "Men of War: Assault Squad" that randomly generates skirmish missions and lets you keep your surviving forces from one battle to another. Some people find this mod tricky to install the first time - please read the readme.txt carefully and ask for help (if you need it) on our forums here on this site, or at the game developer's site.

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This patch adds some of the content from the Original Men of War version of DCG v4.0 that didn't make it into the AS version in time for release and also adds additional content and tweaks.

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Vehicles Added

Stug 4g
Sturm Panzer I
SdKfz231 8-Rad
M5A1 Recce

Added Winter Skins for the following vehicles

Blitz Eng Truck
2 Pound Gun
6 Pound Gun/57mm M1 Gun
17 Pounder
Vickers AA gun
BL6 Artillery
Mk2 Daimler
M5A1 Stuart
Mk4 Churchill
SfH18 Artllery
Maxim MG
76mm Obr 1927
61k obr 1939
Flak 38 wheeled (fixed)
Sturm PZ 1
Vickers MG Tripod
Browning MG Tripod
ZiS 5 Engineer
ZIS 30
ZSU 37
Matilda II


- Added Matilda II to USSR Lend Lease
- Added Valentine to USSR Lend Lease
- Added Bren Carrier MKII to Lend Lease USSR
- Added M5A1 Half track Added to Lend Lease USSR
- Added M4A2 Sherman to UK Lend Lease
- Added Missing Thompson SMGs
- Increased Vehicle Bren MG's burst fire to be more effective
- Fixed Missing MG34 Icon in DCG Buy menu
- Corrected Italian Infantry Portrait
- Fixed English breeds missing helmets.
- Added missing descriptions for few English breeds.
- Fixed glider_commando.set to use in-game sten silencer
- Added missing wheels for Nashorn and Hummel
- Fixed multiple breeds that were missing helmets.
- Added missing nashorn textures.
- Fixed missing texture reference in Vehicles_Germany.xml
- Fixed icon crash due to typo in KV1 EBM files
- Fixed blue soldiers on USA motorcycle.
- Fixed PZ3 J Gun Position for x and xx models
- Fixed Missing Icon for MKVib in DCG buy menu
- Fixed missing Pak 35 from buy menu for Germany
- Fixed Panhard French Skin, added Panhard Winter/snow skin
- Added missing reload sound and fixed Desc for Degtyarev Stand.
- Increased MG stands upward rotation limits.
- Fixed Fiat Stand's forsight.
- Increased AT-Rifle penetration scale and longer distances.
- Increased chance of component destruction by AT-rifle.
- Slight reduction to chances of crew dying from AT-rifle.
- Fixed Vickers AA Gun Ammo.
- Fixed QF17 wheels using wrong texture mods.
- Fixed Japanese tank colliders and adjusted them to medium properties.
- Lowered T-34 '43 platoon size from 3 to 2
- Fixed German_vehicle.xml to use existing skins for Lefh 18 and Nebelwerfer 41
- Fixed missing skin references for varies UK vehicles
- Fixed Chi-He in buy menu
- Fixed Sig33b Main gun
- Fixed Heat Ammo priority for targeting certain vehicles.
- Increased HEAT firing range for 75mm Leig 18
- Fixed Sturm panzer body hit volumes and Added fire fx for hull destroyed.
- Fixed Nashorn and Hummel body hit volumes. Added hull destroyed fire fx.
- Fixed sound for MG34 tank version.
- Changed cannon, truck, and open APC crews to riflemen instead of tank crews.
- Russia Squad Changes: Fixed NKVD Squads. Changed start dates of elite squads to Dec, 41'. Removed Tank Crew Squad.
- Fixed Marder desc.
- Fixed Vickers / Browning MG
- Created new base skin for Sdkfz231 8 rad. Fixed specular and bump skins.
- Fixed 2cm guns so they can a single shot instead of always firing 2 rounds.
- Increased 20mm penetration scale by 10m. Increased 20mm AA range by 5m.
- Reduced 20mm and AT-rifle chances of hull destroying or exploding a vehicle
- Fixed Missing Icons for UK vehicles in DCG buy menu
- Fixed M4A4 Sherman Inventory size
- Reduced spread power for guns to 1
- Fixed Bren Carrier gunners from being "crushed" by small fences.
- Added towing capability to M5A1 Stuart.
- Fixed HE ammo not being used against infantry in cover
- Added missing Desc. for several planes.
- Fixed Italian planes while in Direct Control to be able to select all weapons.
- Added missing morphine kits to German Medics
- Fixed incorrect weapon desc for several squads. Thanks Leonidas480bc for finding them.
- Slight reduction in accuracy and range for field howitzers like the LeIG 18, Obr 1927 and 75mm Shneider
- Fixed Projectile damage for all gun files.
- Fixed HVAR rocket trajectory and burst amount
- Increased Smoke Dispenser # of shots,
- Increased Semi Sniper rifle aim time to reduce overall ROF
- Increased price of Flak 88's for Germany by 15 points.
- Fixed Map in Operation Sword for both Germany and UK
- Fixed defender Spawn zone for Faces of War Omaha Map
- Added missing description for USSR 20mm ammo
- Fixed mm vs cm description for German Vehicle guns
- Added new skins for UK version of Stuart VI
- Increased accuracy while in direct control
- Added .50 Cal HMG Tripod for USA (not in patch, saving for next major release)
- Extended range of Heavy MG's from 90m to 100m
- Added missing x and xx folders for brummbar_late
- Added new UK skin for Sherman M4A2
- Reduced chance of flamethrower exploding when hit by explosives
- Fixed PZII F/1 main gun to be able to use HE shells


Great list keep it up

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