Construction of an Imperial fort on Dulsya Isle has been completed and the island has now been opened to development. House Hlaalu is operating a city at the mouth of the Vylla River, and a Breton proprietor has started working towards achieving his dream of building a city larger than any on Vvardenfell. As you progress through each city's main quest, the city will face a conflict. The path you take will shape the future of Dulsya Isle, and you will be able to experience the results. Will you be content to explore and conquer the island's vast wilderness, or will you play a crucial role in turning Dulsya Isle into a thriving home for generations to come? What struggles await you on Dulsya Isle, and what stories will you uncover along the way? Dulsya Isle features more than 50 new exterior cells to explore, more than 100 unique new NPCs, and more than 40 new quests.

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Dulsya Isle 1.0 Released!

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Dulsya Isle 1.0 has finally been released! You can download it here. More screenshots and information are available at the Dulsya Isle web site. -Adds...

Testing Begins


After nearly two years of development, testing of Dulsya Isle has begun! If all goes well, everyone will be able to play within two weeks.

Dulsya Isle Trailer Released!

Dulsya Isle Trailer Released!


The official trailer for Dulsya Isle has been released. It's a bit under three minutes long and is available for download here (DivX codec required...

Closing in on the end


Work on Dulsya Isle is finally nearing completion. There are just a few more interior cells to do, then all that remains is finishing quest dialogue and...

All Exterior Cells Complete


All of Dulsya Isle's exterior work has finally been finished. This is a huge milestone for the project, and now all that remains is quest dialogue, a...

Large Media Update

Large Media Update

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Dulsya Isle continues to progress closer to completion. Sor Vvalan is complete, Ralstone is nearly complete, and at least 1/3 of the exterior work is...

Development Milestone Reached & New Screenshots

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Dulsya Isle has reached its first real development milestone with the completion of all of Sor Vvalan's interiors. There is still a lot of work ahead...

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