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Green Eyed Aliens keep firing their gun all the time. (Games : Duke Nukem 3D : Mods : Duke Nukem: Alien Armageddon : Forum : Bugs! : Green Eyed Aliens keep firing their gun all the time.) Post Reply
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Feb 16 2019 Anchor

No matter if there is someone to shoot alerted green eyed aliens shoot their guns, and it is headache inducing.

BLAM!! ... BLAM!! ... BLAM!! ... BLAM!! ... BLAM!! ... BLAM!! ... BLAM!! ... BLAM!! ... BLAM!! ... BLAM!! ... BLAM!! ... BLAM!! ... BLAM!! ... BLAM!!

Please fix this! :)

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Feb 16 2019 Anchor

Am I correct in assuming that you are playing the first level of the New Invasion episode? That is where I have noticed this problem the most. I have looked into it before, and can't find anything in the script responsible. I'm afraid that something about the level geometry in certain areas (especially on ledges) is giving them false positives on line of sight to targets.

Feb 16 2019 Anchor

This is really unfortinate. Yes. I noticed this there first. Also in classic 3rd episode first level if you show green eyed alien your butt from balcony where you spawn, and backup and stay on said balcony he just will continue to shoot in direction where you standing. Like he can see you through the wall.

It becomes even more horrible on hardest dificulty where enemies respawn, cause when green alien respawn no matter if he is seeing you or not, he will just start shooting endlessly in your direction.

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Feb 16 2019 Anchor

Your description actually helps narrow it down, although it confirms my suspicion that it's an engine bug. I believe what's happening is that the line of sight check is malfunctioning when the actor is exactly on a boundary between sectors. That happens a lot with the ones who are forced to stay on ledges, because they are coded to stop moving when they reach a sector edge. I could probably kludge a fix for this by forcing them to take a half step back from ledges instead of standing right on the edge.

Good news, I have a fix for this ready to upload. Just waiting to hear back about some map issues, so that the patch can include everything we have fixed so far.

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