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Feb 22 2019 Anchor

Hi there!

I finally got around to play the expansion episodes and compiled this feedback list as I played. This was tested with the build provided by the 2.0 release. I hope it will help.

Sometimes assault rifle mags keep floating and bouncing about like the debris in Starship Troopers TC.

AI partner targets enemies through walls, just like how the infected soldiers used to in 2.0 version.

When ROR is involved, my AI partner warps into the other floor. I could hear them fighting without me lol.

DC3 - Nuked Files
In the lab with the window that opens when you approach it, the three Duke clones behind it can go through said window.

DCS - Top Secret
+ My AI partner targeted Lara Croft behind the temple. Sometimes they kicked civilians to death in other levels so I don't know if this problem occurs with the Lara Croft easter egg specifically.
+ The exit switch is glitching through the wall.
+ The secret message "PUSH BILL" should be "PUSH BROUSSARD". ;)

VacaSL - A Full House
+ Trying to talk to the naked lady in the toilets will result in the player stuck pissing while getting shot at point blank.

Vaca8 - The Alien Remains
+ At the beginning of the level, when going outside through the pipe and into the secret area, one of the octabrains fly up into the chimney and is impossible to kill.

Duke DC's Intermission song (USA anthem) is a bit too loud.

Smoke puffs on pigcop tank wreck (wether it is destroyed or not) are spawned beneath it and look weird.

Now I'd like to address my main issue with Alien Armageddon 2.0 : the pop culture references and jokes.
I started by playing the episode everyone came for first, Duke It Out In DC. At first they felt well-integrated (except for that chinese cartoon porn poster behind the press conference room). The They Live reference was cool as hell and made the art show in the Smithsonian Museum a bit more interesting to look at. Metro Mayhem's arcade room has the best references, ones that could have been part of the original game if it came out today.
Then everything goes downhill from there. Jokes overpopulate the maps and become increasingly and crudely out of place. They feel forced. The point of easter eggs and references is that they are satisfying to find and sometimes hilarious given the context of where you find them at. Here, they are thrown in your face and stuffed in places they shouldn't be at. I'm thinking about the Mantis psychic booth (with a beer cooler sitting next to it even) in the pentagon's secret bunker, or DBZ's Master Roshi sitting next to a naked girl in a room that players go most of the time for instance. Also unless Life's A Beach takes place in a giant swingers party, I don't get why you guys felt the need to use pornographic posters in the first two levels' hotel rooms. I got good memories of Penthouse Paradise out of it but still, this was really not the place to use such graphic assets. ;P
All this makes an awkward experience where barely any new content fits betwen DC's Metro Mayhem and Life's A Beach's Market Melee. The New Invasion episode did a better job at it, not only because the maps were new and obviously allowed more flexibility in level design but simply because easter eggs were not that many.
I can live with it though. The rest of the mod was great and gave a fresh look to Duke and (surprisingly) its expansions.

That's about it. Thanks for that great mod!

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Feb 23 2019 Anchor

Thanks for the comments! I just have one question: what is a "Duke clone" ? I can't think of what enemy you would be referring to. If you are referring to the Dukinator robots, that would make sense. Unfortunately, the ability of enemies to fit through small spaces like that is more of a game engine problem, and I only work on the scripted code side. Some of the original enemies, such as pigcops, don't have this problem, but with any new enemies added, it can be a problem.

I have addressed what I could as far as the code on my side (don't know when an update will be released, though). The smoke on tank wrecks should come out higher now, clips are guaranteed to stop bouncing and rest, and I have worked on a few other things. Some of the stuff though, again it's game engine related. Sector over sector glitches, for example, are something I can't control.

The easter egg stuff and the map glitches really aren't my area. I'm not opposed to removing some of the references/easter eggs, but I don't konw if it will be changed at this point.

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Feb 24 2019 Anchor

I meant the Dukinators indeed. I thought they were taken from The Doctor Who Cloned Me DLC from DNF, where the robots were called Duke clones if I'm not mistaken.

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