SYNOPSIS: Lucid dreaming: A phenomenon in which a dreaming individual is able to consciously bend the reality of the dream world to his or her own will, performing, for all intensive purposes, the miraculous... DREAM CASTERS' DUEL is an original, online, multi-player, UT2k4 mod. Dream Casters' Duel will combine elements of a telekinesis-fueled FPS with a barebones fighting game in a stylized, anime setting.

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Kiyoko's Pinball Map (view original)

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What would inspire a ninja to dream of pinball?
Who can understand the inner workings of the
subconscious? Transported onto a pinball playing
field, players will be able to use the popBumpers,
slingShots, and flippers to help prolong combos,
tally points, and deliver damage to unwitting