Did you ever wonder what it would be like if Doom3 had Doom2 weapons and sounds? Play the original Doom3/RoE campaign (or any custom map) with Doom2 style weapons and sounds. No more reloading. No more hissing Imps. No more stamina problems. Only fast paced action and brutal death screams. Ready your weapons and make your enemies scream in pain! All weapon definitions, scripts and sounds have been changed. Many monster sounds have been replaced with Doom2 sounds (or similar sounding sounds). AI scripts have been reworked to make enemies scream in pain when injured. Door sounds have also been changed. A lot of time has been spent on balancing to make sure difficulty level remains the same despite high rate of fire and the absence of weapon reloading.

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This isn't necessarily an awesome mod, but it's definitely nostalgic. Neat to hear all the old sound effects in the new game. But now im not sure if i wanna play doom 3 or doom 2!!!


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