----!! WARNING !! NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER DOOM MODS!!---- . . . From the creators of Amnesia: Key to Freedom. Doom Zero is both a celebration and subversion of the original Doom. With unique puzzle, navigational and narrative elements. The purpose of Doom Zero is to prove to Doom fans that there is far more you can do with the vanilla version of Doom II. This also means it can run on the DOS original.


Designed to run in conjunction with Doom Zero. This add-on replaces the standard MIDI/Synth music with high quality recordings, assuming your Doom source port can handle it.

DoomZero High Quality Music
ghaldemar - - 2 comments

Newbie question: where do I put the DoomZeroHQMusic.wad file so that it is picked up & used by Doom 0?

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retrofrito - - 12 comments

Yeah it's not very obvious. They should have included instructions. Anyway, here's what you do to make a shortcut that launches the game with the mods you want used. FYI, I did this with ZDoom but I think it works this way with any of them. First, get all the files into a folder together with ZDoom or Zandronum, or whatever you're using. Then make a shortcut to ZDoom and put it where you want it. Rightclick that shortcut, click Properties. In the Target field, keep the existing text and add a space, then type:

-file DoomZero.wad DoomZeroHQMusic.wad

Click Apply, and OK.

You can also add other mods the same way, just type them into the Target field. Mine with the Brutal mod looks like this:

-file DoomZero.wad DoomZeroHQMusic.wad brutalv21.pk3

Hope this helps!

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ghaldemar - - 2 comments

Thanks! That worked!

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