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Video-trailer with some gameplay of this trash-joke TC modification:

Remember - it's a joke, yeah, yeah.

You can run "Doom Forever TC" on GZdoom, Zandronum and other source ports that supports Decorate/Sound info/Keyconf lumps.

Original idea and release belongs to release group "Kudos", 2000.

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Doom Forever TC v1.0

Doom Forever TC v1.0

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Russian release group team (pirates) named "Kudos" did the trash-joke modification for PSX Final Doom in 2000 year. They called it "Doom Forever"...well...


Heh, Imagine this on an actual disc for the game being played on an actual PSX, that'd be pretty cool.

Either way, 69/10, spicy as ****.

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DeXiaZ Creator


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11/10 would russian again -IGN

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