Call of The Zone is a standalone modification for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Call of Pripyat that allows you to explore the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone – a desolate and highly contaminated region of Ukraine that has been abandoned and closed off for decades ever since the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. What has been going on in this irradiated wasteland since then? There are no shortage of rumors and conspiracy theories, each more fantastic than the last. Rumors of mutated wildlife, brainwashed cults, secret experiments, and unexplainable paranormal events abound, as do promises of great riches and wildest dreams coming true for those who are daring or desperate enough to try to break through the cordon. You are about to find out for yourself what is true and what is yet undiscovered, and experience for yourself all the Zone has to offer... or to take from you.

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Its the best free play Stalker mod in my opinion.If you expect this to be ULTRA HARDCORE REALISTIC SURVIVAL this isnt for you probbably.


Excellent development on CoC. Classic stalker gameplay without layers of complexity as found in Misery type efforts.

Runs well, looks like classic stalker, same weapons essentially. Crashes a bit but what stalker game doesn't.

The dynamic aspects - anomalies, faction relations - work well and add unpredictability. Artifacts work better than Anomaly ( looking for them actually works!).

Economic aspects are well done.

Best of all are the quests - extremely well done and variable and remove the lack of purpose in the base CoC version.should have been in the original games!

Cannot recommend enough.


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The DoctorX-perience! All his fantastic addons (and more!) rolled into one mod. Projects like this are what Call of Chernobyl was made for.

This is Call of Chernobyl we've always wanted.


10/10 can’t recommend it enough. It’s not the kind of mod that makes things hard just cuz’ and it doesn’t add extra things just for the sake of adding extra things. The zone feels alive and unpredictable. The gunplay is on point. A great upgrade from vanilla CoC. Storyline and side quests are also really nice with a nice touch of humour. Great mod


Stalkers, this is the Call of Chernobyl you've been waiting for. A joy to play and get lost in the game world with exciting, emergent game play around every corner.


DoctorX is back baby!


This is one of the best freeplay STALKER mods, and if you want to modify your experience, install some addons for it.

This is a well balanced effort to improve immensely upon Call of Chernobyl.

The gameplay is fun, the story-mode works surprisingly well and the challenge is not frustrating at all.

Bugs are as rare as crashes.

The selection of addons is spot-on, though anything relating to gameplay will have an impact on balance, of course.

All in all, if you never played CoC, this is an ideal introduction.


The work on the quest system is amazing, a lot of old quest mechanics were improved. And I like the "desolation" setting especially.