Title : The Shrine (Remastered)
Release date : 27/07/2019
Author : Dennis Katsonis (dennis @ netspace.net.au)

Copyright : You MAY distribute this file for free, provided you
include this text file, with no modifications.

Please seek permission before using any part of this
WAD for another WAD or for a derivative work.

Advanced engine needed : A limit removing engine is required.

Primary purpose : Single player levels.

Important notes : DO NOT USE JUMP OR CROUCH!
Being able to jump or crouch will ruin the game flow.

Mods like Brutal Doom, weapons mods and so on change
the balance of the game. Feel free to use mods, AFTER
you've played through it without mods.

I have balanced ammo accross levels with the
v assumption that the player will be carrying excess
ammo from the previous level to the next. Without
ammo from the previous levels, you may run out.

Additional Credits to : No one else specifically worked on this WAD with me.
Music and textures were taken from elsewhere and
credit is given in the "Additional Thanks to" section.

Description : Ten levels which take place in a demonically occupied
industrial area.

Story: You may have defeated the biggest demon you've ever seen
and laid waste to hell, but there are still demons
crawling the Earth

You are ready to begin to retake and reconstruct your
homeland, but you can't do it alone. News of your
victory has not yet reached the orbiting ships. The
rest of humanity orbits unaware that the source of the
invasion has been destroyed. They need to be notified
somehow, so that they may return and begin the
reconstruction. Somewhere amongst this haunted place
you find yourself in, is a facility capable of sending
a transmission.

* What is included *

New levels : Yes
Sounds : No
Music : Yes
Graphics : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch : No
Demos : Yes
Other : No
Other files required : None

* Play Information *

Game : DOOM II
Map # : MAP01 - MAP10
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Not optimised for deathmatch.
Other game styles : No
Difficulty Settings : Yes

May Not Run With : Chocolate Doom, original DOOM2.EXE.
Tested With : PRBOOM+, GZDOOM, PRBOOM, Crispy Doom, Doomsdayo

See the included text file for more details.

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This is a second release of the full WAD, with some minor fixes thanks to player feedback. The WAD is fundamentally the same, but a small number of potential gameplay bugs have been removed.

DK Shrine - Remastered

How it install.

The release is a standalone patch, so it is sufficient simply to download extract the updated archive and use dkshrine_rv2.wad in place of dkshrine_r.wad. You can delete the original WAD file.

What has changed

  • A water pit in MAP08 which there was no way out has been changed to lava.
  • Two teleporters in MAP09 now direct the player to somewhere closer to the start of the map, to remove the opportunity for the player to skip much of the map.
  • Some texture alignments in MAP09.
  • A secret in MAP09 has had linedef type changed to allow the player to leave.
  • A damaging sector which should not have been damaging now isn't.
  • The switch was brings down the bars in the "jail room" where the blue key is was removed, as were the bars.

dkshrine r 09

dkshrine r 10

Image 10

Image 9

DK Shrine - Remastered (Version 2)

DK Shrine - Remastered (Version 2)


Here is DK Shrine - Remastered, a remaster of an older 1996 Doom II wad. This is Version 2, which is a minor update to the original release to fix some...

Release of The Shrine - Remastered

Release of The Shrine - Remastered


This is the release of The Shrine - Remastered, a 10 level Doom 2 WAD with a more classic gameplay style.

Release of DK Shrine - Remastered

Release of DK Shrine - Remastered


DK Shrine - Remastered has been released! A new Doom 2 WAD with 10 levels which take place in a demonically occupied industrial area. DK Shrine Remastered...

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DK Shrine - Remastered (Version 2)

DK Shrine - Remastered (Version 2)

Full Version

This is Version 2 of DK Shrine - Remastered. There are some minor fixed to MAP08 and MAP09. Ten levels which take place in a demonically occupied industrial...

DK Shrine - Remastered

DK Shrine - Remastered

Full Version

Ten levels which take place in a demonically occupied industrial area. DK Shrine Remastered is an "old school" Doom II, based on levels made in 1994-1995...

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