Divide et Impera is a total overhaul of Rome 2 that seeks to provide a challenging, historically accurate, realistic experience of the ancient world and warfare.

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Latest release before 1.0 is released and bring you many new contents.

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Release: Divide et Impera v0.95

Divide et Impera v0.95b

Major Changes:

New Germanic Subculture and Playable Faction

  • The Lugii are now a playable faction and member of a new Eastern Germanic subculture.
  • Other factions in this subculture include the Aestii, Anartes and Gutones.
  • 21 new custom units that are unique to this new subculture. For more information go here.

Unit Upgrades

  • Many units can now be upgraded from their previous Reform version. Huge thanks to lnrd907 for figuring this out and allowing us to use his work.
  • For many save games, you will need to research the new upgrade technology found in the first military tech line.
  • Since many Greek units are available in multiple reform tiers, their units do not have as many upgrade options.

Garrison Overhaul

  • Garrisons have been completely redone with over 100 unique cultural units rather than existing unit types.
  • These cultural units are mainly a product of the main city building line.
  • Garrisons generally increased in terms of quality and quantity.
  • All factions now have access to equal numbers in terms of garrison population.

Mercenary Overhaul (not save compatible - old saves will have the old mercenaries)

  • All vanilla mercenary units have been removed and replaced with 116 new custom units.
  • In general, mercenaries are higher quality than their AoR counterparts.
  • Unique colors and variants to set them apart from other units.

Public Order System and Army Stances

  • ?In order to add more dynamic army placement and prevent the monotony of the "take a city, sit army in city, take a city" campaign flow, we have changed how public order and food operate with armies.
  • Armies now consume food from whatever region they are present in unless they are fortified or garrisoned. Mustering uses more food than other stances.
  • Garrisoning an army now causes a public order negative rather than a positive. This will hopefully encourage more strategic placement of forces and use of land outside of cities.
  • Increased Public Order bonuses on General's governor skills to compensate for public order penalty. Dignitaries will still be more effective governors but you will retain the option of having Generals as governors also.
  • Occupation ramifications have been changed to reflect the new public order penalty for garrisoning troops:
    • Occupy - Medium Public Order penalty first turn, small to none after.
    • Loot - Large Public Order penalty first turn and medium after. Increased loot income.
    • Raze - No Public Order penalty first turn, small after. Increased damage to main building lines.
    • Sack - Decreased Public order penalties and damage slightly.
    • Vassal/Liberate - Small payment added for these.

Masaesyli Overhaul

  • Most of their units have been redone with custom appearances and stats.
  • 7 new unique units, information can be found here.

Roman Auxiliary Building Overhaul

  • Removed all vanilla auxiliaries. Post-Marian, Rome still has our custom auxiliaries.
  • The auxiliary barracks now acts as an AoR unit Recruitment Center. Rather than having to own a specific region to recruit an AoR unit, an auxiliary barracks will allow for recruitment of AoR units from neighboring regions.
  • For example, building an auxiliary barracks anywhere in Greece, Macedonia or Asia will allow Cretan Archers to be recruited. For more information see our Recruitment Guide.

Formations, Pull-Through and other Melee Changes

  • Due to a bug introduced to Shield Wall and Hoplite Phalanx formations in Patch 14 that causes looping charges, we have had to alter how these work.
  • Hoplite Phalanx no longer has a custom animation assigned to it, but otherwise operates the same as before.
  • Shield Wall is now purely defensive. It can no longer be activated during combat and the unit cannot move.
  • All units, especially cavalry, are no longer able to move through enemy formations at will.
  • It is now a bit harder for cavalry to disengage from melee and a bit easier to kill fleeing units.
  • Tweaked weapon stats, including slight increase to damage/initiative for the gladius.

Other Changes:

- New custom artwork from Idreaus. Huge thanks to him for his contribution!
- Incorporated a version of the Sell Slaves edict mod. Big thanks to Phalangitis for allowing us to use his work!
- Thracians and Illyrians received new post-reform units.
- Improved Load times.
- Tweaked AI aggression in an attempt to slow early game expansion.
- Many Mercenary and AoR units have been recolored to add unique looks.
- Small AoR unit errors have been fixed.
- AI factions can now use rams from campaign start.
- Increased Naval movement for navies (not transports).
- Tweaked Germanic/Iberian general variants and shields.
- Fixed HatG Iberian rosters
- Fixed missing Peltasts for Greek factions.
- Fixed British Ambactoi description.
- Small increase to edict cap per imperium level.
- Fixed Carthage siege tower tech research time.
- Tweaked Royal Peltast armor value.
- Improved Egyptian army recruitment.
- Carthage Infantry now uses the proper Infantry Officer.
- Fixed missing cultural advisor texts.
- Getae can now choose Noble Cavalry as a general.

Information on our Full Release Version 1.0:

- Up until now we have been technically operating as a beta of the mod. The next release will be the actual release of DeI.
- 1.0 will not be save compatible but will also have no new content. It will entirely be about polishing, bug fixes, removing unused parts, making the mod more efficient and general balancing.
- Any specific combat balancing changes we make I will retroactively add to the 0.95 version, which will stay available for save games.
- 1.0 will be released in an entirely new Steam Version for multiple reasons.
- We have many plans for the mod after 1.0, so don't worry this won't be the final version. These plans include an Eastern factions overhaul among many other ideas.

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