isciples 3 Remastered is an overhaul for Disciples 3 Reincarnation game (v1.03), it changes and remasters many game aspects. The heroes, battles and strategy are now perceived differently: in every game mechanic there is a choice, any decision has its advantages and disadvantages.

In Disciples 3 Remastered, the following has been completely rethought and reworked:

  • combat strategies and world map spells/runes;
  • units and appropriate development trees/buildings in capitals;
  • leaders/heroes and their abilities;

The developer of this mod is Rarod AKA YPA
Mod posted with his written consent
Original page on Nexus

N.b. A large amount of text to come… If you want to play right away — skip the next sections and go to “Recommendations” and “Installation”. English is not my native language. Please let know if you find any grammar issues or improper wordings here and/or within the mod.

Table of content:

  • Details: The Concept
  • Details: Mechanics
  • Details: Game styles
  • Details: Stats
  • Details: Leaders
  • Details: Units
  • Details: Spells and Runes
  • Details: Items
  • Details: Dungeons
  • Details: Rewards
  • Details: Defects fixes
  • Details: Campaigns
  • Recommendations
  • Installation
  • Changelog
  • Roadmap
  • Thanks

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  • In campaigns, hire your own leader, do not use the one given by the story. Other leaders are transferred between acts, and they are able to complete the whole story. This changes the approach and adds interest to the walkthrough;
  • In campaigns, do not use Inoel and Hashim, it is doable without them even on hard mode.
  • Use the lord "Mage". The rest of the lords are noticeably weaker, and it's pointless to play with them on hard mode. D3 Remastered is designed to use this lord only.
  • Use more heroes at the same time (especially in pvp and with thieves);
  • If you are planning to make your Empire mage leader a healer – do not put any points into dexterity, it does nothing for healing;
  • It is often easier to buy a new thief than to resurrect the one for the gold;
  • Use spells and runes properly, create runes in advance;
  • Play with units’ voices on, it is way livelier;
  • Use Steam version of the game (tested with v1.03 only);
  • Use reshade with Sharpen and Colorfulness effects (it adds colors and more details to the world);
  • If you see a defect, write it down at once. Later you’ll forget about it;
  • Use Remastered Videos with Russian voice (more emotions);
  • Use Remastered Voices with Russian voice (more emotions);
  • Add the next lines to user.ini file in "Documents\My Games\Disciples Reincarnation\":

float ArenaCameraRotMin = -6.000000;
float ArenaCameraRotMax = 6.000000;
It allows the camera to rotate fully around during battles.


  • Copy “D3 Remastered Eng.vdpack” file to “…\Documents\My Games\DisciplesReincarnation\Mods“ folder;
  • Copy “system” folder to the root folder of the game (Steam default path is…\Steam\steamapps\common\Disciples III Rebirth\), overwrite everything(!);
  • Copy DisciplesIII.exe (the file has been approved by the Nexus team, u can find it here or in version 1.0 of the mod) to the root folder of the game (Steam default path is …\Steam\steamapps\common\Disciples III Rebirth\), overwrite the existing file;
  • Copy “logo.bmp” to the root folder of the game (Steam default path is …\Steam\steamapps\common\DisciplesIII Rebirth\), overwrite the existing file. Or rename existing “logo.bmp” and you get simple black screen when the game starts;
  • Start the game – go to “Settings” – “Expansions” – activate “D3Remastered Eng” mod;
  • Restart the game;
  • Play and have fun! A new game is a must. All game modes/types are supported, the mod can be used with 3rd party maps but not with other mods.

If you have any doubts about the .exe file - do not use it. In that case do not copy dcsarenaex.ini and system.ini files from 'system' folder of the mod and use the default Steam .exe. Some features will not work though.


Version 1.15

  • Buildings in all the capitals have been updated, now the development trees actually match the structures (check additional screenshots).

Version 1.1

  • All allocated attributes have been revised. In order to smooth leveling up and to provide better balance tweaking options, from now on each unit has twice as many attributes as before but the corresponding multipliers are 2 times reduced. The actual statistic parameters have not changed;
  • A new items system has been released, check“Details: Items” section;
  • A new reward system has been released, check“Details: Dungeons & Rewards” section;
  • Minor balance and several skill changes, all “time of the day” skills are active during 2 cycles instead of one, new effects have been added;
  • The voice lines of the Legions have been corrected, new voices have been added to many units;
  • The Visual FX has been added to elven water mages;
  • The Empire capital has been updated, new visual effects and new buildings have been added (check the screenshots);


  • Defect fixing and balance tweaking. I would begrateful for your feedback and reports about any defects found;
  • Remastering of items and reward systems;
  • Graphics improvement. I would be grateful for some help here. If there is an enthusiast who can tweak capitals and change/update existing textures, you are welcome to join;
  • Remastering of the campaigns;


  • Many thanks to Erion, creator of dis3tools. D3 modding would not be possible without you!
  • Thanks Wabbit for the Tribute mod: several icons are used in D3 Remastered!
  • Special thanks to Invivid.Game, who has connected me with the modding community, and who also motivated me to continue working on D3!

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D3 Remastered Eng 1.15.

D3 Remastered Eng 1.15.

Full Version 1 comment

Version 1.15 Buildings in all the capitals have been updated, now the development trees actually match the structures

Disciples 3 Remastered 1.0

Disciples 3 Remastered 1.0

Full Version

Version 1.0 of the mod, contains verified .exe file

UPatch 2.0 Version 0.8

UPatch 2.0 Version 0.8

Full Version

Версия 0.8 Касательно изменений читайте в подробнее


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