This mod adds some great new gameplay to the game. Virtually everything have been tweaked and modified and around 80 new units and 20+ new structures have been added. In combination with new generals, super weapons and powers. New music and sounds for some units. This mod will take the fight to the sea in huge naval battles between submarines, destroyers, battleships and gunboats. It will take fighting in the sky to new levels with a broad variety of aircrafts and helicopters. The GLA can now participate in these fights. But the real battle will take place on the ground, engaging mammoth overlords, light vipers and specialized infantry units. With tons of new and improved units to play with, Destructive Forces will keep you busy for hours! Skirmish is supported. "This mod does what Zero Hour did to Generals, to Zero Hour! Each side is even more diverse than before, some Generals may be absolutely horrible against others, and some may be a fair fight. The only units that are shared...

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May 18 2006 Anchor

Please post all your suggestions and ideas about the mod here. Anything you want to be added?
What should I concentrate on?

* More superweapons
* More ground units
* More naval units
* More air units
* More defence structures
* More infantry units
* New maps
* Working AI

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Jun 13 2006 Anchor

Put In LittleBirds and Maybe a SAW Soilder but Perfect besides that

Jul 17 2006 Anchor

how about:
superwepon: mind controle device or even a wether controle device
Defence: tessla coiles and prisem towers
General: tecno team(would have mind controle, robots insted of men and tanks that hover)
(like off of red alert but better grafics and better units)

Jul 21 2006 Anchor

Well, the mind control thing isn't impossible.Though you already have the defector ability where you can take over a unit. It shouldn't be too hard to either make a time limitation on the takeover or perhaps making a unit capable of doing such a thing. Or were you thinking about something like a base defence taking over enemy units? That could be pretty easy implemented by giving a base defence the defector as it's primary weapon. Or perhaps as a secondary weapon since it would be overkill otherwise :P. GOnna check that out ;).

A Weather control device is something a bit more tricky. You have the acid rain already. Sure I can replace the acid to something else like ordinary rain and add more lightnings and perhaps some wind effects, but who should have that power and from where should it be used?

Even though I love the tesla coils and prism towers from previous versions of C&C I can't find how to fit them in this mod. You already have laser and EMC turrets...

I have been playing around with some robotic units. I also got the idea of making an insect/alien like general. Thought about the ants you can fight in Red alert :D. But C&C Generals: ZH has a limit of 14 generals so that would mean that in order to implement a new general I would have to remove another... And since there are no ants/aliens or robotic like models in Generals that would mean I would have to start making models completley from the ground, and that would take lots and lots of time and is nothing I will be able to pull off. Perhaps if I had a team of skilled modelers...

Nice ideas though, I appreciate them.

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Jul 25 2006 Anchor

and is it posebal to sort out worldbuilder because that doesn't work

Jul 26 2006 Anchor

"sort out worldbuilder" ?. The "errors" that it displays at launch are nothing to care about, just click "ignore" then yes and it will start. ;)

Aug 27 2006 Anchor

i dout this is posebal but could you make it so you can use it online with people with this mod
and dose it work over a network?

Aug 30 2006 Anchor

It should work over internet as it works perfectly over LAN. I played it with 5 of my friend a few weeks ago and we had some outstanding matches.

However, remember that in order for multiplay to work you will all (everyone that joins the game) need to have the exact same version (files) of the mod. During the 10 games or so on the LAN we only experienced a mismatch once, and that was the first game. So don't know what caused it.

Nov 3 2006 Anchor

a large naval transport would be good to see, that could carry a few tanks, a chopper and more than ten troops.

Dec 21 2006 Anchor

Is there any home page i could viste im a big fan of this mod!!!!!!!

Dec 22 2006 Anchor

Hi Xitars

Thanks for this wonderful mod

I've many suggestions but I first wanna know if u r here to listen to my suggestions

Thanks anyway

Dec 28 2006 Anchor

Luv this awsome mod

i'd wish for a few more defensive structures!!!! but everything else is great!!!! even the defenses r still great though!!

awesome job!

Jan 3 2007 Anchor

Check ya PM man, =)

But yeah mostly defensive structures, walls/gates/sentry posts/anti air posts (that work abit better lol) stuff like that!

Still awesome so far :)

Feb 12 2007 Anchor

i'd like functional AI... maybe u can take help from those "Almost Human AI" or whatnot?

PS. If u need any help with the work around the mod like; webpage, a readme, or maybe a logo or picture, feel free to contact me! i got *some* skills and lotsa time =) mail:

Feb 12 2007 Anchor

Well, It is possible to code the mod in such a way that the AI should become much better and functional. However, for it to utilize ALL units, weapons and structures scripting is a MUST. And since my knowledge of worldbuilder scripting is very limited and the "other way of improving the AI" takes lot of time, I'm afraid the AI will stay the way it is. Unless someone can help me out...

Mar 9 2007 Anchor

I would like a program that allows us to find and play with other people online with the same mod.

Mar 10 2007 Anchor

Well all we really need is someone to host a server and then let us know about it. Maybe through Hamachi: , and then give us the IP. I'm only on a 8/1 Mbit line so I can not Host.

Mar 11 2007 Anchor

I can host, you can happly join my hamachi server @ FWFGenerals with password Generals.
I live in florida and I have a 15 down, 2 meg up line.

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