This mod adds some great new gameplay to the game. Virtually everything have been tweaked and modified and around 80 new units and 20+ new structures have been added. In combination with new generals, super weapons and powers. New music and sounds for some units. This mod will take the fight to the sea in huge naval battles between submarines, destroyers, battleships and gunboats. It will take fighting in the sky to new levels with a broad variety of aircrafts and helicopters. The GLA can now participate in these fights. But the real battle will take place on the ground, engaging mammoth overlords, light vipers and specialized infantry units. With tons of new and improved units to play with, Destructive Forces will keep you busy for hours! Skirmish is supported. "This mod does what Zero Hour did to Generals, to Zero Hour! Each side is even more diverse than before, some Generals may be absolutely horrible against others, and some may be a fair fight. The only units that are shared...

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Jan 27 2007 Anchor

Hi,can we get your ok to use Destructive Forces in Modtoaster,and if you want a little banner showing when the mod is selected a .jpeg sized 281 by 90 pixels would be nice.
Modtoaster is located at

Jan 28 2007 Anchor

You should really use PM or mail for such a request.
As long as nothing gets changed/edited (game-contents) and as long as the readme will be readable I have no objections. SO go ahead. I am though unable to supply a banner for this matter, maybe someone else can?

Feb 1 2007 Anchor

made a banner for you,the read me would need to be in pdf format if you want that included,there will also be a link to your website included.

Feb 2 2007 Anchor

Ok, how does it look? :P. Here's a pdf of the readme:

Feb 2 2007 Anchor
for the banner,just did a simple crop fro9m your .bmp in the package.
for the view when loaded into Modtoaster

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Feb 4 2007 Anchor

Yea I guess that'll do ;)

Feb 4 2007 Anchor

OK I'll get it into Modtoaster today then

Feb 16 2007 Anchor

Please upload the most recent version too (1.2 I believe). I already asked this in the comments page for this mod. It would be nice ;)

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