Dawn of Darkness was an excellent RPG/adventure/action game that was dumped by Ward Six Entertainment in 1999. It's not well-known, but it is a real gem, so make sure you play it. Dawn Of Darkness takes place in a long vanished world of mighty forgotten empires and magic. It is the tale of a once revered Lucitanian warlord, Roarke The Merciless, caught between his obligations to his family, his empire and his honor. You are Roarke the Merciless, imprisoned in the captured Manawyd monastary by an army from the Cheitan Empire who have attacked the village you have lived in. Roarke is an elite fighter, if perhaps a little out of practice since his days as one of Lucitan's greatest warlords. You begin playing armed with only the dagger Roarke had hidden in his boot, you must escape and find Sylmaril. How you do this is up to you. The game is played with basically the most of the same controls as Quake 2, except for the new commands and items bindings we've added. Dawn of Darkness...


You are Roarke the Merciless, a Ruby Knight of the Lucitan Guard. Imprisoned in the captured Manawyd Monastery by an army from the Cheitan Empire, who have attacked your home village of Elvod. How you escape is up to you? As Roarke, you will travel to different locations from an ancient Monastery to an infested Swamp, to a Castle Keep setting, as the war rages on throughout the land. You begin playing imprisoned in a cell, with only a dagger hidden in your boot. Once you escape the Manawyd Monastery you must find your daughter, Sylmaril.

Dawn of Darkness v5.15 (Full File)
EricBoyceU Author

This classic RPG Dawn of Darkness v3.0 is notable for its enormity – and variety in dialog options, being large and ambitious even by today's standards when compared to later games, using the Quake 2 Engine! Even if it’s visually clunky today, the gameplay and story still holds true to any RPG Fan! This file is a self-contained .exe all you have to do is download the file, place the file in your c: directory, no sub-folder, and the DOD icon on your desktop, and read the readme! Click the file and Play! The game will download and run on any version of windows 98, XP, 7, and 8! You do not need DOSBox or any other external program... just Click and Play!

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EricBoyceU Author


Hit the shift and slide ~ key by the 1 numeric key to pull down the console!

You can use the following Cheat Commands:

God - All Health
Noclip - Fly

Give Dagger
Give Bow
Give Crossbow
Give Ancestral Sword
Give Blunderbuss
Give Dragon Balls
Give Shovel
Give torch
Give All - all ammo, potions, keys, weapons

Just spand the numeric keypad 1-9 for a full list of missing weapons. And use the Give command in the Shift and slide ~ key by the 1 numeric key to pull down the console to give yourself weapons.

Dialog - Even though the dialog text options are (1) (2) (3) just hit the spacebar!

Save Games

There is also a cheat Save file for
those of you who want to jump ahead!
Including the levels... as they are
meant to played in game levels!

Citdel Docks
Accursed Lands
The Way Through
Chietan Guns
The Death Engine
Into the Earth
Into the Earth 2
Mine Docks
dod3_1t3 (Under Water Cave)
concept1 (Castle)
10_cathedral (Church)
sample 2_3 (demon alter)
demo_map (demon entrance)
demp_map2 (demon chamber)


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Any chance to play this mod with quakexp2 or berserk?

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EricBoyceU Author

I haven't tried playing DOD with QuakeXp2... but if it uses the old source files with a new rendering engine, you can try placing the roarke folder into the QXp2 directory and click on the roarke.exe! But I have only played the QXp2 as Quake2!

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I tried playing, but the texture is all black and models are messed. I'm not sure i followed your instructions tough, might try again later.

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EricBoyceU, i and my twin brother real names are not Adam and Alex.
Please update the addon text corectly.

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How to run this?

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EricBoyceU, reupload the file and give proper credits to Roarke and Roarkes, as we are not Adam and Alex.
In the future we will state both our real names here on Moddb and on our own sites, and in the archives uploaded there.

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Did you really need to include all of Quake 2 as well? Why not just the 'roarke' folder so people can run it in whatever port they want? It was fine with just that folder in Yamagi Q2.

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I posted issue that is not compatible with Quake II RTX:

Response is that source code is needed and it has to be compiled for 64bit, so it someone has source code, maybe it could be done..

Otherwise readme is really misleading, requiring game in C:\quake2 is not great, and it works everywhere you just need to fix starting shortcut..

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