This maps tries to bring a different ending for the Half-Life game when you reject the offer of the G-Man.

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A unique beginning, you escape from being held captive (for some reason), and you fight it out across a train which I've never seen before.
It does alot of things decently, decent combat, decent level design but nothing impressive, a very anti-climactic ending considering you just found a rocket launcher you don't need...
Though its a tad to easy, considering that the grunts have no AR grenades, and most encounters are 2 grunts.
Theres 1 key hunt and a easy run from a garg.
Its also fairly short so you won't spend more than 18 minutes but I must say I did have fun eventhough it wasn't hard.


A great short classic :D


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(-_-) five seconds later (0~0) awsome!

Gordon, they're waiting for you in a roentgen chamber ;)

This mod offers a lot of the classic Half-Life action without much of a story. Generally, the mod is good. I have to say that some of the areas in the mod are uniquely designed. It deserves 7/10.

Fun and well designed for such an old release, DAVtrain will certainly satisfy your Half-life fix :)

does not work on my laptop

i have no idea why and i have the latest edition of half life


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