The goal of Darkest Night, Brightest Dawn is primarily to enhance quality of life (general enjoyment of the game) without making it necessarily easier to win, but easier to build effective parties within. A lot of underperforming skills have received minor or major boosts, while some were made slightly worse in some ways to maintain balance. Positional requirements and self-moving skills were often targeted as ways to increase the number of viable party builds.

I attempted to use a light touch when possible, and many skills were not changed at all. I tried to stick to the themes already established by Red Hook. For example, before the recent patch that fixed Command not adding +crit to your party, that was actually the exact change I had dived into the data files to add. That I had came to the same conclusion on how to make an unappealing skill more competitive makes me believe the general feel of my mod will not stray very far from the base game.

After I felt like I had succeeded in my initial batch of combat-focused changes I expanded the scope of the mod to address quality of life issues beyond the dungeons themselves. As of 2.0 there are now tweaks to:

  • Combat & Camping
  • Inventory Stack Sizes & Gem Values
  • Town Upgrade Costs
  • Hero Quirk Generation & XP to Level
  • Trinkets & Trinket Loot Tables
  • Possibly more!

Please refer to the included documentation for accurate notes regarding the version you have downloaded. All changes I make to the game are documented. For the most recent notes, which include changes only found in the unstable branch, please go here:

Darkest Night, Brightest Dawn 2.0 Design Document

If you want to play with the latest and greatest changes, and aren't afraid of running into bugs (and potentially bad decisions that I'll end up undoing):

Unstable Branch at GitHub

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Scout Ahead Skill

This is my first submission to ModDB, and also the largest, most ambitious mod project I've attempted on my own to date. I'm a programmer with a degree in computer science, but I don't work in games professionally at this time. This project is a sort of outlet for me to do the kind of work I would really prefer to be doing :)

Trinket Changes

I have put a lot of effort into not just the mod, but the documentation. With as many changes as I've made to the game it is important to keep track of them all and communicate them clearly. While I did make this mod primarily to enhance my own enjoyment of Darkest Dungeon, I'm happy to share it with the hope that others like what I've done as well.

Upgrade Price Changes

Please refer to the included documentation for accurate notes regarding the version you have downloaded. For the most recent notes, which include changes only found in the unstable branch on GitHub, please go here:

For the current stable release download (document included):

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Darkest Night, Brightest Dawn 2.0

Darkest Night, Brightest Dawn 2.0

Full Version

Initial release :) See included document for details on all changes made by the mod.


Are you still working on it? It really made the game better!

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Hi, I just went over the documentation of the mod and have to say you have really done some impressive work. May I ask if the curios changes and everything past that (Town/Loot) are in the current version 2.0 or will be released with 3.0? Keep up the great work :)

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This looks very promising. I would try this when I finish my current playthrough. I've made so many changes to my game, that I cannot even update to the latest, unless I wanna edit all the files again. It's a pain and I'm no dedicated modder to keep checking what got overwritten.

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Lohengramm512 Creator

Thanks! I'm being sure to keep up to date. I have some new features for 3.0 I'm trying to prepare as well, but some might not be possible until official mod support is out. I'm afraid I'm already running into the limits of what I can do until then :)

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