Dark Evolution is a total-conversion (or at least, that's what I'm aiming) modification for Starcraft. It features 3 races: The powerful Hell Zerg The resistant Exiled Protoss The massive Infested Terran. - Update - After being dead, Dark Evolution comes back to life, better than ever. The next release, 1.3, will include new music, as well as new sounds, more balance changes, spell changes and new units. A minimal of 5 units will be introduced in 1.3 release. I hope in future releases the number increases to 10 or 12 units. Every race has now a different gaemplay, since their strategy has changed in many ways. You may not rely anymore on the Zerg's regenartion ability, but you can trust in great ofensive power, as for the Terran you may take damage but the numbers will pay back, and the Protoss might even have lower numbers, but their resistance and considerable offensive power can be the best of weapons. You decide who wins in this race of survival.

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