The city 17 is still in battle against the combine and the city is evacuated by the Citadel destroy, Gordon Freeman does not know if there are any dark places in the city like for example the tunnel, find the exit of the light to evacuate the city 17.

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Chef_Excellence says

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Another shitpost of a mod that isn't worth your time.

The mod creator has taken Half-Life 2 maps and cobbled them together into an awful mess. Enemies endlessly spawn directly in front of you, there is an overabundance of pickups and all the zombies have been textured pure black.

Don't bother with this.


Metrocop3592 says

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I feel like the creator didn't even playtest their own mod.

The first issue I encountered was the controls being remapped to terrible binds but I'm not sure if that's the creator's fault.

It's all downhill from that though, the difficulty is ridiculous and dozens of enemies spawn right in your face and the only choice you have is to run past or just die. The maps are just edited from the base game as well, not much originality there either.

Likely one of the worst mods I've played, not much effort involved. I don't think there's a single positive to be found here. Not even worth playing ironically.

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