You play as one of the human rebels - Frank Harrison, who's currently in his hideout outside City 17. He's woken up by the Citadel explosion, caused by Dr. Freeman and Alyx Vance at the end of Half-Life 2. The evacuation of the City 17 is in progress and he has to leave his house to fight his way back to City 17 to join an evacuation train while there's still some time. Gather your supplies and an old HEV suit and explore the territories of the City 17. Play your role in the events, that took place during the original Half-Life 2: Episodes 1 and 2.

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Dear fellow fans of Dangerous World Mod. news for DW1 and DW2

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TiiM from the looks of the current standing mod you are progressing far better than alot people ever could, given your current work load. Grats BlackPhoenix for making the team and keep up the great quality all looks stunning here.

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Kasumi Krystal
Kasumi Krystal

Yep , you can now send me Private Messages with your problems , or if you are stuck on a level and dont know how to continue. I will respond ASAP with a solution.

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RE: PM'ing via Private messages with your problems.


As someone who has done the PM thing...

PM's have their place, but from a time management standpoint responding via PM is VERY time costly for amount of people helped.

A PM only helps (1) person...

15 minutes via PM= Helps (1) person.
15 minutes via open board so all can see:

A: May help 10,100,1,000+ persons.
B: Reduces the amount of redundant questions.
C: Provides a running FAQ of sorts you can refer people to- start of a database for a FAQ, etc.
D: Reduces your workload.
E: Allows others to chime in with workarounds - spurs interest in product/project. Encourages idea's from others.

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Kasumi Krystal
Kasumi Krystal

I know but i mean PMs for special reasons , like if you are stuck in a creatin level and dont want to spoil the mod for other chat visitors.

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if DW2 is any thing like DW1 it will be great DW1 is the most well done mod iv ever seen its legit you should go on to make games u would be go at it and keep up the good work

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