You play as one of the human rebels - Frank Harrison, who's currently in his hideout outside City 17. He's woken up by the Citadel explosion, caused by Dr. Freeman and Alyx Vance at the end of Half-Life 2. The evacuation of the City 17 is in progress and he has to leave his house to fight his way back to City 17 to join an evacuation train while there's still some time. Gather your supplies and an old HEV suit and explore the territories of the City 17. Play your role in the events, that took place during the original Half-Life 2: Episodes 1 and 2.

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The best mod I have ever played involving Half-Life 2's storyline. I highly recommend it.


Amasing mod. Story is great, places you go are various from antlion tunnels to the streets of City-17, contains its level of creepyness and scary moments and the soundtrack was awsome. Cant wait for part 2 :D


This was a BLAST. Great mod, great story, awesome use of music, but i don't like that FEAR moments and why this guy keeps Mp7, Ak will be better but still. Great mod waiting for episode 2. GJ and thx for this.


zck2020 says

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Great mod. Love how cannon it tries to be. I especially love the little tid-bits like being on the other side of the crashed train that Gordan and Alyx are on that make it seem more connected to the Half-Life storyline. I highly recommend you play this if you are a Half-Life fan.


Dangerous World is definitely my favorite mod that takes place in the HL2 world. It is stunning from the mapping, to the story, the music, the battles, and the effects. The ending was incredible and explained some things that that connected episode 1 to episode 2. 10/10 for this amazing piece of art.


Fantastic mod! I've played this over and over again; same good feeling. It feels as if you're trapped in an empty, lonely world of your own that's falling apart - and it's up to you to find out how to get out. 10/10 for excellent mapping, scripting, and artwork! :D

I have been enjoying the hell out of this mod - lots of great work gone into it, love the tie-ins with the HL2 story, although there really isn't much of a story added here. Just survival.

There are some confusing areas, where it's not too clear on what the 'right' way is to advance - although I kind of like that, it reduces the hand-holding HL2 had.

But what's awful is that I've also hit the exploding zombie bug, where it's supposed to blow open a door. I looked at someone else's walkthrough, and there's supposed to be a zombie and some lockers there, that you can see through the window. But neither the zombie nor the lockers are there, like they didn't spawn. I went back many fights to reload, back to before the giant Antlion/zombie hall. Still doesn't spawn.

So I'm stuck, and it's likely I just won't finish. I don't want to start a whole new game, as a test, just to have to stop at the same bug.

(But I might, because this mod is actually pretty fun.)

ADDENDUM: Found the solution. Desura installs the 2.0 version, I believe, which unfortunately is missing an entire map. Download the 1.3-2.0 patch at moddb manually, unzip it somewhere temp, then copy /maps/dw_ep1_03a.bsp to your install of DW in Steam. Good to go!

One of the best mods on Desura


Alucid55 says

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so close to perfection, I just feel like some of the level design was to perfect, I sometimes did not know where to go and not in a good way.Overall it was artful and very well done.I liked the ideas, would like to see some more ideas focused on revolution, maybe some sets about the goings on around this story and tie in's.I liked the use of old sets like at the end with Dog.I think the creator should make the maps more simple lie the beginning, the house and surrounding's where impressive.nine out of ten

A joyous romp through City 17!

I loved the demo, but the actual mod took me by surprise. With creepy horror elements, incredible mapping, great gameplay and cool destruction sequences, whats not more to love?

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The best mod I have ever played involving Half-Life 2's storyline. I highly recommend it.

Jan 3 2011 by b_mcg