There's well known mod for Disciples II Dark Prophecy called D2 Nevendaar Rebalanced ( Its author put up a solid work to fix/tweak some glaring issues in the base game (it's not compatible with Rise of the Elves), but stopped just after releasing it.
According to his mod description he has no issues on someone continuing his work, so I decided to make some changes to D2 Dark Prophecy myself on top of his tweaks.

Installation instructions are listed below changelog.

Purpose of this tweaks is to make less used units more competitive, as I found out that with base mod I still didn't use many of them.

Please note that it's for the base game, not for the Rise of the Elves expansion. Also please note that those changes are made on top of D2 Nevendaar Rebalanced mod, so downloading D2 Nevendaar Rebalanced is still necessary to get the "whole package". I'm gonna publish only the files I've changed.



  • completely changed Elementalist's class as summoners are absolutely useless in this game:
    • got rid of his summoning elementals attack, instead he now has lower tier mage's aoe 30dmg attack with hermit's lower initiative (33% chance) -> both with air source, 40 initiative
    • every level up he gets 5hp, 3 dmg, 1% hit chance for both attacks (those are mage's lvlup stats)
    • changed his class description so it doesn't mention summoning creatures, but instead something appropriate to his new abilities
  • added Revive to Imperial Priest as matriarch already has secondary Cure on the same tier
  • increased healing for Hierophant from 120 to 140 so it's double the amount of prophetess' healing
  • changed Angel's attack source to air as it fits better than mind for 'holy' attacks (like holy bolt for example) and also fits empire theme, and isn't unblockable as life would be
  • slightly increased Angel's hp from 225 to 230 to further emphasize the role of "hp tank" on his tier (10 more total hp than paladin, 20 more than grand inquisitor, yes i like round numbers)
  • given death ward to Angel - it fits its lore, isn't OP like immunity would be, and makes him a bit more unique and useful for certain fights (like vs. undead)
  • changed Paladin's hp 175->190 so its total with armor 10 more than grand inquisitor (same as it was on tier 2 and 3), especially that he has no wards/immunities
  • changed Defender of the Faith hp 225->230

Mountain Clans:

  • added druidess' Cure to Alchemist, increased his XP to next level 325->650 - no one used Alchemists when the other unit had a powerful buff AND cure
  • added Lower Damage secondary attack to Flame Caster (33% chance to hit, fire source), lowered his initiative from 40 to 30
  • increased Forge Guardian damage from 70 to 80
  • increased Wolf Lord's hp 225->250 and aoe dmg 40->50 - he was too squishy for melee with his wolf form and with aoe his dmg was way lower than hermit's on the same tier
  • added air wards to Tempest Giant and Elder One - their counterparts have water immunity so it seemed fitting to add at least wards to them too (immunities would be too OP against empire)
  • increased damage by 10 for both Tempest Giant and Elder One


  • changed Nosferat to hit only 1 target, but with standard scouting leader dmg (40) and hit chance (85%), initiative stays the same (50) - now he's like all other scouting leaders instead of being an abomination with weak 6 targets attack... we have mages for that and i always hated this feature
  • changed Nosferat's damage source to fire => undead have already fire damage source with lich queen and I believe adding yet another dmg source (earth) was unnecessary, however keeping Nosferat's dmg source other than death enables his use in the campaigns, where you'd be stuck against undead units while having only death/weapon sources
  • reverted Vampires' and Elder Vampires' attack sources to death - I believe giving them another attack source (earth) was too unbalanced and unnecessary, doing this with Nosferat only imo is enough
  • increased Wight's hp 105->130 - he was too squishy compared to death on the same tier, while having worse damage/utility
  • increased Dracolich's damage 75->85 - compared to lich on the same tier, wyrm had only 5 damage more while taking 2 slots and having much higher xp requirement - moreover it even had lower damage than dreadwyrm
  • removed weapon immunites from Wraith, Death and Wight - it should finally make it impossible to put them in front row and thus enable experimenting with other unit combinations
  • reverted Death's initiative nerf 40->60 - removing weapon immunity imo is enough


  • given 10 armor to Anti-Paldin and 15 to Infernal Knight
  • added fire ward to Pandemoneus - no reason not to have it while the same "demonic" modeus has it
  • reverted Incubus' double attack change cause of base game bug (where on 2nd attack you couldn't defend or attack if there was only 1 enemy left)
    • he now has 6 targets attack again but with lowered hit chance 65->50 to be on par with undead's shade


  • dragons are pushovers, gave them double HP, 20-50 armor, 1/5 more damaging attacks and higher initiative (40->70) => do not approach without lots of heals or disables
    • also doubled XP rewards for their kills
  • changed initiative of summon air elemental from 50 to 70 so they act faster - usually they ended up dead before acting, besides imo summons are still fairly useless
  • nerfed Medusa's chance to petrify all targets from 60 to 45%, but gave her more hp - in campaign, if you don't have enough ranged damage and fight parties with 2 medusas - you're permanently petrified (for example in dwarfs' 3rd and 4th missions)
  • changed final boss for each of the 4 main campaigns to be more difficult:
    • Demonic Uther (Empire & Legions): initiative 65->90, armor 0->50, hp 1500->2000
    • Nhiddog (debuffed): initiative 50->90, armor 0->50, hp 2000->2500
    • Taladrielle: initiative 60->90, armor 0->50, hp 800->1300 (it's really tough fight on paper, but as undead you'll have plenty spell debuffs)

Any feedback is appreciated.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download and install stf911's mod:
    • to install it just unpack and copy&paste&overwrite Globals folder into your Disciples 2 installation directory - for example xxx\Steam\steamapps\common\Disciples II Galleans Return
  2. Download and install my mod in the same way:
    • unpack and copy&paste&overwrite Globals folder into your Disciples 2 installation directory - for example xxx\Steam\steamapps\common\Disciples II Galleans Return
  3. You're good to go!

This mod has been tested on Windows with the GoG and Steam releases of Disciples II: Dark Prophecy / Gallean's Return with the latest versions, but should work with any release and with any version.

Does NOT work with Rise of the Elves - your game will CTD. I will not convert it into RotE expansion.

It is not compatible with any mod that changes following files (except stf911's mod):
Gattacks.dbf ; GDynUpgr.DBF ; GItem.DBF ; GmodifL.dbf ; Gspells.dbf ; Gunits.dbf, Gimmu.dbf, Tglobal.dbf

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D2 Nevendaar Rebalanced v2.0

D2 Nevendaar Rebalanced v2.0

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Installation instructions are in the description below.

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