Czechoslovak People Army (CSLA) is a full modification for the czech game Arma2:Combined Operations. CSLA modification adds new czechoslovak men (riflemen, paratroopers etc.), rifles, machineguns, static weapons, armoured and transport vehicles, planes and helicopers and many other features.

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Latest version of CSLA Mod for Arma 2: Combined Operations has been officially released.

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Latest version of CSLA Mod for Arma 2: Combined Operations has been officially released.

This release closes another chapter of our work.
We will no more come back to this version of Mod, because we found that the interest of the community for an CSLA Mod has decreased significantly.
Also, this led us to the fact that for the final edition of Mod, we canceled planned second campaign and additional vehicles for AFMC and FIA (various versions of M113, LAV-25, BTR-50, ...).

Anyway, in this final release, you will find an improved MP COOP mission Protectors in version with CSLA playable slots.
This mission includes several new playable slots available for partisan units FIA - if players will occupy these slots, they can significantly and actively mess up the tasks for "normal" CSLA players.
Info about this version of the MP mission is also linked to another novelty - a completely new characters of FIA guerrillas.
They have a new fatigues (pattern is called MLOK) and they are also available to carry any type of backpacks, which doesn't allow the original game.

This latest version of the Mod is completely full package of addons and other additional stuff (reference guides and manuals), so you don't need to apply any patch - just run the installer which will take care of overwriting of old PBO files.
As in previous release of Mod, was published also a huge campaign '89, the updated version is also included in this last release.
We did there a lot of corrections and adjustments, so we hope that you will return to the campaign again and try it "survive" it again, but for example with another end of the story.
If you will be in any kind of troubles in a campaign, you may look into the installation directory of Mod and there you may find a very detailed campaign flowchart, which clearly shows the flow of missions.

As an additional bonus to the latest edition of Mod, you may also find (in the installation directory) a small ZIP archive, which contains various versions of DVD cover.

And what will happens with CSLA Mod in Arma 3?
Given the minimal interest/community support for our work, we consider to do a radical solution - we will do all Mods only for our private purposes and our own pleasure - as we are already doing now.
But who knows ... maybe something will change in the meantime :)


Really sad you aren´t move to Arma 3 but thank you for the final update!

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I'll miss your updates :/

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oh of the best mods...i looked forward for an Arma3 Version :(

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Was this second campaign gonna be set in Takistan in 1986?

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EMSI Author

Yes, how you know it? :)
The story there should precede the later conflict in Chernarus.

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Do these alternate paths happen if Alan Godsave dies in Grozny Pass or Over the Edge?

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EMSI Author

No, Alan as a one of the main characters must survive.
In Grozovy Pass, at the end of the pass, player has to decide if he will continue in a mission with another task, or if he will finish the current mission.
According to this decision campain will continue with predefined story.

The situation in On the edge is different.
Close to the village at the coast, there is a little quarry where the player can find something what will completely change the story in campaign.

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This was a great mod, I still play CSLA with my american friends in Arma 2.

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