Czechoslovak People Army (CSLA) is a full modification for the czech game Arma2:Combined Operations. CSLA modification adds new czechoslovak men (riflemen, paratroopers etc.), rifles, machineguns, static weapons, armoured and transport vehicles, planes and helicopers and many other features.

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I have nothing to say. Great mod, great models, everything is perfect. I am Czech so I just can't don't love this mod! Beautiful =)


Skvělý mod. Je super, že tu jsou nějaké mody s ČSLA.

Great mod love it


All in all a great mod, I use it since the good old OFP days.

CZ:Jak se tak na ty videa dívám, tak si asi taky koupím ARMu II. :)


ENG:After that I saw these videos, I think I´ll go to buy ARMA II. :)

Great mod, I'm fan of them since OFP, and you guys still keep the great touch, cheers. DJ.


AWESOME. quality product


CSLA mod is a quite well polished mod made by Czeck modellers/coders/texturers about a Czeck-Slovachian army (which existed till the 90ties, when it split into 2 nations... a huge amount of content (units, weapons, vehicles) and missions (both SP/COOp missions plus a couple of CAMPAIGNs) makes this mod a must have, just like ACE and RHS!

Thumbs up and don´t give up of the A3 version, plz guys! =)


I wish it would support ACE or at lead fix the bloody AI overall in the mod and campaign. It's good for adding a full new faction, the CSLA but it fails kind of in overall gameplay improvements compared to other great mods.

Not a very memorable mod in my humble opinion.


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