Single player overhaul. New items, scripts, companions, scenes, rebalance and bugfixes.

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The best avaiable mod made for WFaS!


Best M&B wfas MOD <3


Really excellent and enjoyable. Certainly one of the best of the few mods available for Fire and Sword


eikson says

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The best WFaS overhaul mod


Essential for playing singleplayer


NEX1S says

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Despite introducing a few issues of its own, it fixes many problems present in the base game, and for that alone it's worth a solid 7/10.


great mod, has vanila flavor but make it glorius to play.

Finally, underrated yet original game becomes historically corrected, spiced up and polished around the edges. There is room for improvement still, but in such obscure matter as 17th century, Eastern European military art and culture - it will be for years to come. In terms of gaming, of course. This modification brings a whole new interest to game and is a fresh start for somewhat rushed (generic M&B medieval icons, Swadian villages - really, TaleWorlds?), average base product. Basically - must have for vanilla lovers. I really hope, that mod will be developed further, since it's potential is great, theme is exotic and attractive for large group of players, cultures involved are unique just as troubled history of Eastern Europe. Keep up the good work! :)


kbalint03 says

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Csatádi mod és van benne magyar katona, de persze magyar nyelv nincs.

Well done!

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