----I would clearly recommend that you download and install this mod via the Mod Db page, and not Desura as i cant support the mod from Desura. Thank you
----What mod is this?----

This is Crysis 2 and The Chepter Machines, one of the oldest mods for Crysis 2. In this mod you will enjoy a more challanging experience with new content and a alternate story.

This mod is also fully compatible to user made maps for you to experience the mod more.

Are you more tactical than a berserking dumb missle? This mod is for you then. Crysis 2 and The ChepterMachines brings a more challanging gameplay and yet giving the players the oppertunity for a moretactical gameplay. Not only is the gameplay changed, but also a new, composed music was made for this mod. (Comming soon)

-----What do we get in this mod?-----

1: More challagning gameplay.
2: New, completely original composed songs (Comming soon)
3: New textures and content. New voice acting that replaces the Nanosuit voice with a new one.

-----What do we get specificly?------

Like i said, it gives more challanging gameplay. To be more precice, let me give you the basics, on what the mod is about.

Without the mod, the Nanosuit gives the player a great protection against bullets and other danger, and cloak that can hide the player from the enemy, thus, even at Post Human Difficulty Level, makes the game far to easy.

The Chepter Machines Mod changes that by stripping away alot of those pwoers, but leaves some of it behind.

The weapons so far are still the same, they just hurt more wihtout maximum armor, but hey, i didnt say i removed the ability completely. It has been replaced with FreeFall Mode, wich i an ability that lets you survive long falls, or survive a single sniper shot.

The Enemies are so far unaltered, and are just as cunning as they are originaly, but with most of your powers stripped, it can make them far more deadlier. So, what is the best course of action? Use of Tactics. The mod forces the player to think, and not rush like The Terminator, thus, also forces you to use your skills alot more than just lazy surfing in Maximum Armor.

In the game, with and without the mod, there are alot of covers to be used, so in this mod, its recommended to use those covers as you see fit. Same goes with fighting the aliens, use of cover
and tactics, and be smart, be cunning, and give them hell.

Since i have been working alone with this mod since Crysis 2's release, the progress has been very slow, so if you play this mod and find any bugs or things that prevents you from progressing, please do report them here (The use of rushing and dying alot doenst count).

-----Is there new levels in this mod?------

I get this question so many times that you wouldnt belive. NO, totaly no. there is no new levels in
this mod. This is a gameplay and concept mod, not a level pack. You can however use levels that
other people have made and combine it with my mod.

----You said we can play on new levels that others have made, how do we do that?----

It depends on how the mapper have made it. If it is just a map pack or a singel map (Such as Crysis Revival), you can just go and merge my mod with it and the Chepter machines mod is activated inside that map pack. You do this by going into the Cheptermachines folder and copy all the content inside there and
paste the files into the map pack folder.

If the process is to confusing, feel free to ask for help.

----How did this mod started?----
It began its life as a small, Playable Marine mod that i made for Crysis 2, wich was uploaded on to the internet (original video trailer here Youtube.com ).When the mod was done, i was still inexperienced with modding the game itself, so the nanosuit abilities was still there, but with a glitchy, green skinned marine.

When i saw that not many people downloaded the mod, or commented it, i was figuring that if i want this mod to be more popular, i need to add more content. That is where it became closer to this. Before Chepter Machines, the mod was called Cryfever, wich was a huge project for me, and i had alot of pashion to it. (its original moddb site here Moddb.com).

After some time, people began to send me harrasment messages and call this mod horrible and its impossible to complete the game with it (wich is still possible if you actualy tries). So after some time of harrasment, i began to rewrite and redesign the mod, so it can please not only people who loves a challange, but also adding some special powers that can be used to get past places where the nanosuit could but not a marine.

It was difficult at first to figure out a good story out of it, but then, about 2 years ago, i watched a cartoon show called Generator Rex, wich had a protagonist who have nano machines in him, wich grants him many kinds of powers. This is where the idea came to life. While taking the nanites idea would be a bit of a rip-off, i redesigned the idea a bit, and made The Chepter Machines, wich are techno-organic nano machines that has the ability to replicate themselves and infect any form of hosts, those creating the mod Crysis 2 and The Chepter Machines.

---How come that your mod and The Alcatraz Mod have the same folder and file names and menu?---

it was an unforeseen event. At some point while developing The Chepter Machines mod, USS_GRAND was trying to learn how to mod Crysis 2, and stumble upon my mod. He saw that the mod contained files that was required to launch the mod ingame, in wich he added into his own mod. I dont know if he only did that on my mod, or if he salvaged parts from other mods too, but the point is that he took content from my mod, wich caused a mass confusion between our mods and our fans.

When he uploaded his mod, he got instantly popular, or maybe he already was, but whatever the case, it was enough to give me alot of problems, especialy from USS_GRAND Fanboys. To this day, i sometimes get hate mails, where they are telling me that i ''stole'' from USS_GRAND. If they only knew where his mod was born from.

----Why create this mod?----

The idea of the mod is to bring a stronger challange to the player as he/she plays the game.While the nanosuit is superior in strength, The Chepter Machines offers a more tactical combat, where thinking and planning is more required. Most powers are stripped from the player, but most of the abilities are still there.As stated before, the mod was made to bring more challange for the players.

------What do we have in the current version?-----

So far, i still have only uploaded the V4 of the mod. A glitch in the game that prevents the playerfrom progressing can be fixed if you enter the mod folder, then inside the chepter machines mod, and remove a folder called Libs, wich will fix the problem if you so encounter one.In the next version, there be a bit more redesigned gameplay.


It is forbidden to use any asset from my mod into your own mods when you post them.
Never use my Chepter Machines mod and call it your own.
I have spent far to much time on this mod to go to waste.
My mod have been stolen once already, and it was mroe painful than you people
might belive, so i really do hope you read this and understands.

If there is anything in my Chepter Machines mod that interests you, you MUST, i say again, MUST contact me first and talk about it. Any voice file i recorded is far to personal, and its not allowed to host those voice files to ANY of your own mods even if you ask for permission or just credit me. THe voices is for entirely for this mod. While you are free to use those voice files in other mods as you please, you are not allowed to upload those voices seperatly, only togheter with the entire mod with the Readme file intact.

Failing to follow any of this will make me not very happy. If i notice you upload any part of my mod and call it your own, i will confront you, i WILL make you understand.

Thank you.


Me for creating this mod
My best friend Malwina for testing this mod and reporting the bugs :)
Crytek for creating Crysis 2
CryDev for all your hard working modders.
USS_GRAND and Promuckaj for providing me with the Headbobbing script i needed. :)
Anyone who downloads my mod!
All musics belongs to their respected owners, and i dont claim them as my own.
Please report any possible bug you can find, as this mod still need improvements.

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Jan 28, 2012, that was the last update for this mod, and there hasnt been any more work done.

Where have i been and why havent i done anything more for it? Well i guess the answer is simple, and i think most of you are the ones who has the fault for it, well most of you, not all.

When Crysis 2 was released, people expected some incredible super powers in the game, something that could hlep them beat the game mcuh easier. The mod i made that took it away, made them go cry and moan. What am i talking about? Well, i guess i can tell you the history of this mod, and my experience with it and why i even made it, and when things started to fall apart thanks to a user.

So where did it start? This mod actualy started out back in 2009 for Crysis 1 as a Playable Marine mod. It never got released as it mostly was a private mod and it used some assets from another mod. Later when Crysis 2 was relased back in 2011, i felt how easy the game was, silly easy really, and i have been thinking to myself, is this how kids play nowdays? The game holds your hand?

This is where the project starts. The project started out as just Playable Marine mod, but that was before i joined ModDb, and i posted it on youtube, but that never gave it the attention it needed. I knew i had to improve the mod and move to a public modding site. This is where the project began,  codenamed Cryfever. Unlike any mod i ever amde before, Cryfever was the biggest mod project i ever worked on, and was also one of the (if not THE first) mod proejct for Crysis 2 that set the chain reaction for other modders out there. Due to my experience of modding the game, alot of modders asked me for guidance from wich i gave them. Thanks to my guidance, you see all the amazing mods out there that are on ModDb now for Crysis 2, but due to many modders' arrogance, they forgot me.

As time went on, my mod got mostly trashed by young, casual gamers who never saw challange as an option. they never liked the idea of taking away their powers. The game was possible to beat if you put enouth effort into it, but i knew that i had to change the mod to make it better.

When i wanted to start on Chepter machines, i couldnt change the existing mod page for Cryfever as i accidently choose some settings wrong. The Support team gave me the middle finger and never responded to me regarding the issue, thus forcing me to make a new mod page.

Unlike Cryfever, Chepter Machines offered a more unique way to play the game. While challanging, it gave the players new abilities and upgrades. This change gave the mod more positive feedback.

This all went fine and dandy, but one day, it all got ruined by one user. A guy named USS_GRAND who was learnign to mod, saw my mod and noticed that it had some files that allowed his own mod to start (this was before update 1.9 when the Mod option was made).  He intergrated my mod into his own and uploaded it. This casued a mass hysteria and chaos and confusion. Due to his popularity, i was blamed as a theif.

Since then, Chepter Machines was forgotten and i made one last update, and then, nothing.

To this day, his Alcatraz mod have gotten alomst a mil downloads by now (400k or so last tiem i checked). So, will i ever go back to modding Crysis 2? Well it has been so long since i modded it, so it is highly unlikely, and due ot the chaos that USS_GRAND caused, i simply wont go back so easly into modding Crysis 2.

I think that be all, and to all you few loyal fans who still have been waiting for an update, i thank you for the amazing patience you put into this mod.

Thats all folks.

How to use mods in Patch 1.9

How to use mods in Patch 1.9

Starting a mod Tutorial 12 comments

This little tutorial shows how to enable mods in patch 1.9 Remember that youcan ask me about Crysis 2 and modding if you have any questions :)

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The History of The Chetper Machines Mod

The History of The Chetper Machines Mod


Know your roots! This text file will tell you the story on how this mod got to life. Its optimal to know wher eit all becan and all :)

Chepter Machines V4

Chepter Machines V4

Full Version

Finaly the new version of the mod is released! It took time, but now its here. Read the readme file for instruction.

Use Mods in Patch 1.9 Tutorial

Use Mods in Patch 1.9 Tutorial


This file shows how to enable and use mods in patch 1.9! Hope it will works for ya ;) i made this tutorial incase people want to use both DirectX 11 fetures...


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love it, really great mod

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