This is an experiment to showcase how much the GZDoom engine is capable of recreating the popular Half-Life 1 total conversion, Cry of Fear. This isn't going to be a "full remake" or "demake" of the mod, rather just a demo to show "how would it look" on GZDoom that I'm doing for fun.

Important Things to Clarify:

-Again, this is only a demo of certain parts of Cry of Fear in the GZDoom engine. I do not intend to do a full remake of the game to replace the official version. It would take too much time and effort and I would just recommend playing the original.

-I've been given permission by Andreas (aka ruMple) to work on this since it is only a test

- 95% the assets belong to Team Psykskallar. The only work I've done is porting the models and textures, recreate the code and maps from scratch, and adding a few sprites of my own.


-(Q) What is this?

-(A) This is a demo to show how some of Cry of Fear would look on the GZDoom engine. Only a few segments and parts of Cry of Fear will be recreated, which means not all of the maps, enemies, and weapons will be in here.

-(Q) Is this a remake?

-(A) No

-(Q) Can I use this as a modbase for my own mods?

-(A) You can use this to make your own mods as long as you credit me. It is also important to credit Team Psykskallar. If you're looking to recreate much more of Cry of Fear with this, I advise you to get permission from ruMple.

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Guest - - 699,705 comments

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Guest - - 699,705 comments

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Byda09. - - 1 comments

Cant wait to play this mod.
That cool idea, to make cof in doom

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armydude0709 - - 18 comments

this looks really really REALLY REALLY!!!!!!! good. and tbh it reminds me of total chaos cause this mod and total chaos look nothing like doom 2. overall keep me updated cause this looks class! god bless

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Denzel20 - - 89 comments

Nah man, this looks too good to be made in GzDoom

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
baconandx Creator
baconandx - - 5 comments

I've come back from the grave to say believe it, son

Reply Good karma+3 votes
josaic - - 10 comments

ive never seen something like this where it uses actual 3d models

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ANDROIDFERRET - - 1,201 comments

Total chaos , painkiller mutilator , Doom remake 4 ,Doom 3d ,voxel VIOLENCE (Minecraft in doom ) ,IXHOZ ,
Doosk (dusk in doom ) ,chibbie doom , 3rddoomension ,

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
jimye - - 12 comments

do you mean total chaos

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