CRIMSON Alert is an unofficial combined expansion/patch for Yuri's Revenge - It retains most of the features of the original game and improves on them. It does not try to be excessively "dark and edgy" or wacky unlike other mods. It includes numerous fixes as well as many graphics and gameplay enhancements. The question it attempts to answer is "What if we still apply the formula for Red Alert 2, but improve upon it?" As such, it features an improved economy, defense, flow, balance, technology, and campaign, while retaining and expanding on the RA2 core we all know and love.

Revive your memories with fixed, new and improved units and graphics.

Get it now in

This is basically a "Redder Red Alert" - the working title was "Yuri's Triumph" as it is set in a timeline where Psi Corps and the Soviet Union never split apart, resulting in both keeping some tech from the other side.

CRIMSON ALERT red alert 2 soviet

Campaign review:
Soviet Missions 1-5 working
Allied missions (all?) working
Unknown error at end of soviet mission 5

- All sides given all specials of their subfactions
(Only three main sides, no subdivisions)
- All sides given Tank Bunkers
- All sides expanded economy
- More structures are capturable
- All superweapons can be built on any number, but this will not give you more countdowns

General balance and immersion:
- Infantry machinegun/assault rifle weapons deal greatly reduced damage against buildings
- Destroyed/sold buildings leave civilian infantry behind, not soldiers

- Civilian buildings have Cost in order to provide veterancy, even if unbuildable.
-- The value is dependent on size and significancy of each building, with 300 being the median.

- Dogs and other non-human units can promote
- ROF veterancy bonus decreased
- Damage veterancy bonus increased
- Added actual sight veterancy bonus

Gameplay fixes:
- Fixed Flak Trooper elite AA damage
- Patriot missile site can attack incoming paradroppers
- Flak cannon can attack incoming paradroppers
- Fixed Soviet Industrial Plant sell cost
- Tesla Tanks can charge Tesla Towers
- Torpedoes don't deal 0 damage on oblique hits any more
(removed C and changed animlist for hits on warheads)

Graphical fixes:
- Fixed infantry shadows from pure black to semitransparent.
- Fixed inconsistent cloning vats and psychic radar appearance.
- Enabled unused power plant explosion.
- Enabled unused destruction animations for some buildings.
- Reintroduced Engineer different faction cameos.
- Added disabled Industrial Plant animation.

Aesthetic enhancements:
- Fire! Now building explosions generate it.
- Flying debris with smoke trials: Because whatever exploded, got totally smoked amirite?
- New, more immersive and less cartoony player colors, while still being distinctive.
- Removed excessive extra light from units.

- Added ripple distortion effect to many warheads.

- Added DRAGON and MEDUSA attack voxels.

- Added a visible attack effect to mind control.
- Added a visible attack effect to gatling attacks.
- Added a visible attack effect to conscript fire.
- Added a visible attack effecto to GI fire.

- New Yuri sidebar/Ingame UI
- New Soviet sidebar/Ingame UI (some parts are provisional)
- Modified allied sidebar/Ingame UI

- Added light effects to Conscript and GI attacks
- Modified Initiate fire effects
- Disk Laser is two instead of one. Seems strong, as it actually is. Balance not changed much.

- New HGSCIPION Allied Patriot Site
- Replaced Conscript sprite

- Replaced Rhino Tank voxel
- Replaced Grizzly Tank voxel
- Replaced Lasher Tank voxel
- Replaced Tesla Tank voxel
- Replaced Prism Tank voxel

- Palette of desert (unitdes.pal) modified; now units and buildings will look more desert-y in desert maps.

- Allied buildable structures are "Nominal=yes" to display name to enemies
(to be generalized for all structures and units)


Sound enhancements:

- Fear/Feedback lines have been given increased priority in the sound system (nost often they went unheard in the chaos of battle)

- Sound now comes from flak explosions, not the flak shots


Economic changes:

Several changes made to expand on the economic gameplay.

- Construction Yard now provides a basic power level.
- Barracks and Refinery able to be constructed from the start in addition to Power Plant.

- A Yuri player has a fixed refinery, with 5 slaves.
- It comes with a Subterranean Harvester.
-- It's similar to the Chrono Miner in that it drives normally to the gold, then comes back by digging (if the estimated distance is far enough).
(except the first time going to a new field, when it also dives to minerals directly)
-- 20% faster than other harvs, but less HP and it's still unarmed.
-- Can crush all walls due to its drill and dozer.

- Yuri Slave Miner only available from War Factory to player. +1 slave but -25% HP
- Slave Miner does not relocate automatically after setting up, only manually.

- Workers added to Soviet and Allied refinery.

- No limit on economic buildings such as Industrial Plant or Ore Refiner.
- Soviet and Allied miners made cheaper, but lose some HP.
- Soviet and Allied refineries now have helper infantry, and are thus closer to Yuri's ones.

- Most occupiable Civlian buildings give a small trickle of cash (about 5% as an Oil Derrick). The battle for the city is now economical as well!

- Power plants are cheaper, but cost money to mantain.
- Soviet Tesla Reactor: -1 every 200 ticks (It's the most "efficient and clean" base power)
- Soviet Nuclear Reactor: -3 every 175 ticks, base cost unchanged.
- Allied Power: -1 every 100 ticks, HP increased slightly, power output increased slightly
- Yuri Bio Reactor: -1 every 150 ticks, power output decreased, infantry power cut by half, can have 5 infantry
(you will now have plenty of leftover building civilians and "freed" infantry from other factions to use as power)
- Civilian Power Plant: -1 every 75 ticks, power output increased, counts as tech prerequisite.

X- Player-built refineries are cheaper and don't come with a harvester, but have workers.
X-- (Harvesters can be built in War Factory if you have a refinery)
- Reversed because it likely created problems with AI attack scripts. Now you have the other refn as an option after the first one.

- War Factories are cheaper ($1750) but consume more Power
- Barracks are more expensive ($600)

- Soviet Industrial Plant slowly produces cash (about 25% of an Oil Derrick)
- Soviet Industrial Plant bonus is now 20% discount to mechanized units (from 25%) but also includes pad aircraft.

- Soviet Crane reduces standard building cost by 10% and defense building cost by 5%,
-- but costs 50% more and takes 50% more power.
-- HP halved, armor changed to Steel.
-- Can now sell mechanical units it repairs, like the allied one.

- Allied Repair Depot given 5% discount on mechanical units per each one (so it's an "allied industrial plant")
-- Cost increased 25% and power usage 65%



Resource changes:

- Gold Ore increased value by 20%
- Gems decreased value by 15%, but now grow
(gold is worth 30, gems 43; before 25 and 50)

- Introduced Silver Ore, has 65% of Gold value but grows faster. (worth 19)
- Introduced Copper Ore, has 65% of the value of Silver but grows even faster. (worth 13)


Technology changes:

- Secret Lab units changed. Now gives infiltration units and superweapons.


- Buildable units normally have a score equal to 10% their build cost.


New units:

- Added Yuri Toxic Trooper. Slow, pondering armored infantry that can clear buildings. Low range, good vs infantry.

- Added Yuri Mental Tank. Heavy tank that requires advanced technology. Main attack is an incendiary ray, much like a buffed up version of the Initiate one. Secondary attack is a wave that flips tanks and ships in one assault.

- Added Soviet Cosmonaut. Cost increased from 600 to 950.

- Added Allied Tomahawk Launcher. Like a V3 but allied-er (?). Fulfills anti-building artillery now that Prism is no more of that role.


Naval changes:

- Soviets have a Gunboat, essentially a tank for water. Can shoot explosive barrels at underwater targets at short range.

- Soviet sub can now launch single cruise missiles.
-- HP reduced, price increased
-- Torpedo attacks are better but much more inaccurate

- Soviet Dreadnought launches double the missiles
-- Yet the missiles resist half and deal half as much damage as before
-- The missiles launch faster
-- ... but are also more inaccurate

- Allied Destroyer has small sensors sight now. (But subs are more fragile)
-- Destroyer cannon weapon warhead changed. Range slightly (7%) increased
-- Price from 1000 to 1200.
-- ASW has max range

- Aegis has large sensors sight. Plus now you need it to shoot down sub cruiser missiles.
- Diminished number of radial fire segments (3 from 10) so its less OP vs multiple targets.
- Aegis now less OP in AA, but can find submarines better than Destroyer and has torpedoes.

- Yuri Boomer sub is now cheaper, HP reduced, missile reload time increased.

- Added Yuri Mind Squid. Smaller, bluer squid. Requires tech lab. Mind controls naval units with parasitism.

- New Yuri Chaos Drone is now a hovering monstrosity. It is amphibious (faster on water) and fires a Chaos beam. It is built from the Sub Yard.

- Scorpion boat now bigger and stronger, but more expensive.

- Terror Drone is now amphibious and can attack in water, but slightly more expensive

- MCVs now amphibious.
- Slave Miner now amphibious.


Unit and building replacements and role changes:

- Soviet Conscripts shoot explosive and incendiary cocktails to vehicles and structures.
-- These bombs are quite good against big buildings, but not so against armored vehicles...

- Apocalypse replaced by Object 279: Amphibious and radiation-resistant, but no AA

- Yuri Gatling Tank is now heavy armor and has subterranean capabilities; more expensive

- Yuri Clone is now Psi Trooper.
-- 25% slower.
-- Can't deploy.
-- Somewhat cheaper.
-- Can charge with their body electricity the Tesla Accumulator defense to fire a magnetron beam.

- Allied Prism Tower is now better against infantry than armor. Can attack air. Cost reduced.

- Allied Prism Tank is now better against infantry, but bad against buildings.
-- Prisms tanks are more sturdy
-- They can attack air
-- More expensive
-- Prism attacks no longer go through walls. It's an horizontal light beam. It didn't make sense.

- Allied Radar Control is the ex-Robot Control graphic.
- Separated from the Airstrip, which is on Combat buildings.

- Soviet Nuclear Reactor slightly more expensive, 25% less power, revealed to all;
-- Yet explosion isn't a "half-nuke"; real life nuclear reactor criticalities don't "explode"; instead, it is mostly radiation


Unit enchancements and balance changes:

- Al Engineers now cost 400 (from 500)

- Yuri Brute now cheaper

- Soviet Tesla Trooper now cheaper

- Soviet V3 costs 600 (from 800)
-- Allow survivor, civilian crew anyways
-- Like 5% of faster reload

- Yuri Virus can now garrison, extra $50 cost

- Soviet Kirov Airship HP reduced, armor is light, but double as fast as before (which still isn't much)

- Allied Robot Tank can no longer crush (it hovers above ground...), costs 550 from 600
-- (Depends on Skynet Core)

- Allied Guardian GI shoots missiles while undeployed, but has lower range, damage and ROF.
-- Guardian GI uses this mode of shooting while in the Battle Fortress, as to not be OP.
-- Guardian GI can now garrison.
-- Cost increased from $400 to $500.

- Soviet Libyan Demolition truck now carries a crate in campaign (could be bad - enemy probably gets the crate)
- Also crushes infantry
- More debris
- Explosion and warhead changed

- Soviet Terrorist can disguise, but can't attack infantry directly.
-- Immune to other terrorist explosions
-- Will auto-acquire nearby targets

- Soviet Siege Chopper no longer "omnifires" the machinegun
-- Instead it fires it directionally from the front
-- Damage increased to compensate clumsiness
-- Guards area to face potential enemies


New structures:
- Soviet MCV can be constructed with Soviet repair depot
- Allied MCV can be constructed with Allied repair depot

- Added Soviet psychic sensor (works as Yuri one)
- Added Soviet psychic obfuscator (works as a Gap Generator)

- Added Yuri Tesla Accumulator - Base defense that replaces psychic towers to players. If overcharged with a Psy Operative, it acts like a magnetron.

- Added Allied Microwave Turret. Fries infantry, detects stealth. In first beta also works as a substitute robot control, but this will probably be removed. Takes up lots of power but is cheap and deals lots of damage.
-- Pillbox removed for human player for overlapping roles.


- Sandbag walls enabled to all factions. Require barracks.
- Now regular walls require Refinery.
- Kremlin walls for Soviets. Requires bureau. Resists double as regular wall but for triple the cost. Also guards further.
- Yuri Citadel Walls have +50% HP but also +50% cost.


Structure gameplay & balance changes:

- Superweapons cost money to fire (1000 major superweapons and 500 minor)
- Base cost to build superweapons is cheaper
- All superweapons are now capturable by Engineers

- Allied Grand Cannon rebalanced. This was considered so OP that many games actually banned the French.
-- Nerf: Deals 120 damage from 150
-- Nerf: 12.25 range from 15
-- Nerf: 4 min range from 3
-- Boost: 75 extra HP.
-- Boost: Costs 1950 from 2000
-- Boost: Is now crewed; leaves crew if sold or destroyed.

- Soviet Tesla Coil can now fire to air, but still needs charging. This means most air targets can avoid or escape, like rocketeers and planes.
- Prism tower can also fire to air, with the same disadvantages. It is worse against armor than before, but this is compensated by allies always having Grand Cannon for that.
- Flak turret improved in cost effectiveness.
- Patriot now also more efficient. Shoots four missiles.

- Units repair twice as fast in service bays


Gameplay and graphic misc. changes:
- Soviet tank is now double barreled model. Changed firing effect.

- Chronosphere, Iron Curtain and Genetic Mutator now buildable further out.


Artificial Intelligence Changes:
- Now AI of the merged faction uses attacks and tactics of all former sub-nations


- Added high quality community made maps.


Note: The beta has some known unfinished issues as would be expected. This will be fixed in further releases. :
- Cameos aren't final.
- Needs to add more units.
- Airstrike powers pending.
- Paradrop planes change.
- More voxel replacements.

However, the mod is fully playable, and stable as far as tested (no crashes). Maybe it is even campaign compatible.

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Full Version 5 comments

Adds Phobos, a host of improvements, new units and UI stuff. Now all factions have the additional T3 tech. Added the Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces faction...

CRIMSON alert v4 prototype

CRIMSON alert v4 prototype


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Crimson Alert Third Beta

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Crimson Alert Second Beta

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Crimson Alert First Beta

Crimson Alert First Beta


The first beta of Crimson Alert nontheless has many features

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Nimostar Creator

Soon there will be a new BETA with several bugfixes.

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Only 3 factions?no sub factions?Any new hero units?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Nimostar Creator

There is 7 sub factions per faction, which are accessed by constructing special building. Not only do they have exclusive units, but also exclusive powers.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

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Does this mod have a client?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Quick question, great mod btw, so are there only three factions now as all the subfaction units have been combined into one? Or is there still some variation between the countries?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Nimostar Creator

There is only three main factions. Each faction has access to all the subfaction units, and more.
The three factions are currently named:
- New Order (Allied)
- World Soviet
- Reshvavyod (Yuri; these are the three letters on his forehead: Resh, Vav and Yod)

Additionally, this Yuri's Army is where most new units and buildings are headed to, because it didn't have any subfactions to merge.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Well, are you aware of the order of Resh, Vav and Yod?
Originally it should be RTL (i.e. Yod, Vav, Resh) because they're Hebrew letters. corresponding to Y, U and R in English

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Nimostar Creator

Hmmm. Good point. I actually know semitic languages are written right to left including arab but hadn't thought about it that way for a transcription of letter. Will correct the faction name.

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