Cries of Doom is a five chapter standalone game using the GZDoom engine. It is an entirely new game and incorporates Heretic and Hexen themes. If you like horror in the style of Doom 64 or PSX Doom, then this is for you.

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A single level demo of Cries of Doom. This is a map from Episode 4 (In Darkness Be Drowned) called "The Dark Place."

Cries Of Doom: Demo

Just played it - with darkdoomz so to improve upon the already dark atmosphere and also to have a flashlight. It is great! I look forward to the final release! :D

My only issue would be with the Doom 64 Demon: it just does not look like it belongs, at least visually. I would suggest replacing with a monster from Heretic or Hexen instead.

Finally, I find plenty of energy cells, but I do not see any plasma gun. Did you forget to put one or are they there for a future level?

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VGCtm Author

Thanks for the feedback, very appreciated! I actually feel the same way about the Doom 64 demon and was considering a replacement so great minds think alike! Im nitnaure what will be put in its place but i am thinking of a few different options. Its true, it does not look like it is supposed to be in with these other demons.

As for the plasma gun, those ammo cells are meant for normal and easy difficulties as I assume you played on hard? If so then you would have found a rocket launcher instead and fought a cyberdemon. On easy difficulties you fight to Barons of Hell or easier still two Hell Knights. It was an oversight on my part that I left them in the harder level. So thanks for spotting that and I'll fix that before the final release.

The final game will feature quite a large rogues gallery of monsters, even including a few from Eternal. But remade to suit classic Doom. Finding a good balance is the biggest challenge. But im sure the result will be something youll like!

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Ah crap, ModDB did not notify me of your reply!

Not too sure about Doom Eternal monsters in a Doom 64-inspired megawad. I am already not a fan of custom monsters to begin with, as they cause compatibility issues with gameplay mods, and also because Doom Eternal is much goofier, if not downright cartoonier than Doom 64, so I fear its monsters may look out of place. But hey, I would love to be proven wrong!

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