Hello. I would like to show you map that I created. It's very different from classic Amnesia Custom Stories.. because there is no story, no jumpscares.. This map is about jumping. I hope you will enjoy it!

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KrustiClawn says

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- Tries something new


- Underdeveloped
- No music at all

Story: N/A

This mod has no story, so I'm not giving a rating here.

Level design: 3/10

Empty and looks pretty boring. I understand this is not a regular custom story, but I have seen mods like this before, mods where you as the player is super small compared to the furnitures and stuff, but the levels are still detailed and looks like regular rooms. The maps here are often very empty and offers nothing creative.

Puzzles: 3/10

I like the idea of jumping on platforms, however, your one and only objective is to find keys or reach a door. The platforms never rotate, there are no obstacles along the way, the difficulty rarely increses, it's the same platform over and over. It becomes boring rather quickly.

Music & Sounds: 1/10

Has none, but it should have. It desperately needs music. Maps are completely silent all the time.

Creativity: 5/10

As much as I like the platforming idea, you pretty much just copied the same thing over and over without changing much. At least you changed it up a bit from time to time with "building your way up with boxes" quests for example. However, those quests were frustrating as all hell and very time consuming.

All in all, yes this is very creative, but it's underdeveloped.

Bugs & Flaws: 3/10

Often, especially in the first map, I tried jumping to a different platform only to be stopped by invisible walls. I could often jump over them, but I don't understand why they are there at all.

I would also slide off sometimes. I understand this is the engines fault. However, there are ways for you to make it more difficult for players to encounter this flaw. Not to mention that no checkpoints are anywhere to be found, so if you accidently slide off because of a glitch when you are almost at the top, too bad so sad you have to restart.


This feels like a mod in alpha stage. It has no music whatsoever, suffers from bugs and has almost no scripting at all. Some maps, litteraly have no scripting at all.

Honestly, your other mod you uploaded along side this one, was so much better. I think you are too inexperienced to make a mod such as this. Keep practising and make other regular mods first like you did earlier is what I suggest you do, because you have a lot of potential, but you have to start with something easier and work your way up to the more advanced stuff. Focus on improving your other mod, and then make a mod that's even better than that one, and you will be on your way to make great mods.

3/10 - Bad


EchoOfDestruction says

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I didn't like this, there were no music, which made this very dull. I agree with KrustiClawn, that it is positive that you're trying something new. However, I too think you need practice, and not make some areas look like as if you've just rushed through them, like that area where the mansion walls are both floor and ceiling, and it didn't look creative at all.
The boxes to get up to the stove, were nearly impossible to place, and barely touching them made them fall down again, and I felt that it was too high up to reach, and the boxes just fell again and again, which became very frustrating, so I gave up eventually. Also, because the boxes were way too big, it was hard to place them right, and see where to put them on top of another box. That could've been a little different there.
Also, all those health potions, it took alot of time to pick them all up, which I found kinda boring. And there were no other items. The rooms were dull and had almost nothing at all, except health potions, key, doors and boxes.
But I have never played a Custom Story where I'm small and everything else is big, so I found that amusing. The level design gets a plus from me for the creativity. It did feel like a triumph to reach the key at the top. Especially since I had fallen off many times already. Your story isn't the best I've played, but keep it up the good work, don't give up, you have potential to be a great modder and create better stories. :) Good luck!


SwankestCZ says

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Interesting mode.


Richy:D says

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