From the maker of Thai's Contra - Force Mod. The Covert Strike Force (CSF) is a Half-Life Modification based on the Realistic Cooperative. You and your teammates will have to act together strategically to fight the enemy monsters. Features that CSF will contain are: Buying System, Cash system, bayonets, Controlable Helicopter and much much more...

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I enjoy multiplayer mods like others, Even though my PC is over 20 years old and dying and with a new laptop I still find multiplayer and Single Player to be why Half-Life has survived so long.

Covert Strike Force isn't very good at all, Rips off the Counter Strike weapons and modes and adds nothing for Co-Op.. Sven Co-Op did better than this.

Well, there is a lot of good stuff in this mod, but the gameplay awfully sucks. Prepare to be killed in a single shot while you should do much more to kill. Be ready to be slowed down as a turtle when you try to reload, and for significantly reduced back speed, plus for fantastically slow reaction of some of your weapons and ultra fast killing from shooting vehicles, turrets etc. In other words, be ready to die MANY times. Why the hell a player should be so reduced in posibility to move, shoot and reload normally - I can't figure that out...


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not even wort revieving


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