Brought to you by Alexander "gEck0_" Aramliyski, additional credits are listed down below.


This mod is a compilation of countless textures, models, skins, shaders, etc., with the goal of making the game as good-looking as possible (Every single aspect, from visual to sound-wise) without destroying the game's initial design - simplicity. The most important part - it is completely script-free (except for the HUD anims, which is mandatory). No annoying console messages, distracting animations or anything like that. You can play both offline and online with this mod.

All rights belong to their respectful owners.

With this mod I intend to replace (almost) 100% of the vanilla files of the game, replacing them with better looking ones, but also not harming the game's atmosphere. This is my first public project, besides my CS:GO maps. I'm still learning.

If you have any questions, feel free to add me on Steam:

* HD rework on map models, most of them support shaders now.


* HD weapon retexturing, added skin NMs (normal maps), added phong shader support (including the knife, all grenades and the gloves)




* HD playermodels.


* Simplified recolored HUD.


* HD w_models (World models).




* New: Walking sounds (on all surfaces), new flashlight sound, headshot sound (with and without helmet), new C4 Explosive sounds, wading through water sounds, menu sounds.

* Copyright-protected weapon names are replaced with their real names; Added HD weapon buy pictures.


* HD blood textures and grenade explosion decals.



* Replaced damage indicator with a "clock" type.


* HD sniper rifle scope texture and scope zoom sound.


* New menu sounds, added startup music, new wallpaper (4K 4096x2160, but it still may be blurry on the loading screen).


* The C4 Explosive's screen now glows in the dark; new planting, defusing and explosion sounds.


* Detailed hostage textures (blood on their clothes and faces, bruises, signs that they are people kidnapped forcibly by a terrorist faction who demand a ransom).


* Replaced faction names with actual human names, based on their characters' place of origin and nationality (Like "Chris Elliot" for SEAL Team Six).


* Place the "my_custom_stuff" folder in your cstrike/custom folder and verify the integrity of your game files from Steam. Same applies if you use a pirated version (make sure you use the latest version).

Possible bugs:

* If you have missing textures, make sure you verified your files before playing.

* If you're using 4:3 resolution, go to custom/New HUD/NormalScreen/cstrike and paste the folders in "my_custom_stuff", otherwise, the HUD may not align properly.





RabidMonkey - cs_hijack MMIX - cs_metrobudapest_pro

KillerWorm - cs_meridian

IZaNaGI - de_star

SM Sith Lord - de_survivor_css

3D Mike - de_survivor (Original Creator)

Will2K - cs_east_borough

Moroes and n0thing - cs_siege

Loadingue and Radix - de_austria

Magikus - de_losttemple

Pabx and Squall - fy_poolday

Dr. Spud - fy_snow

Exodus - HD Textures

✝ Syco (RIP buddy ♥) - Playermodel Textures

Navaro - Weapon Skins & Sounds

Teh Snake - Weapon Skins

Opposing Veteran - HUD

Misto - Phong Shaders

|DeathStroke| - Weapon Sounds

Bengty - Weapon Sounds

CrystalSynthX - Weapon Sounds

Futon - Weapon Sounds

regemies - Headshot sounds

NightmareMutant - Weapon Sounds

Doctor Fluttershy - Visual effects

Crowbar Collective - Startup Music

Nexon - Sounds

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Counter-Strike: Re-Source (2019)

Counter-Strike: Re-Source (2019)

Full Version 63 comments

Read the description down below, everything is listed, such as installation instructions, what the mod consists of and credits.

Counter-Strike: Re-Source v1.1 Patch

Counter-Strike: Re-Source v1.1 Patch

Patch 5 comments

Download this patch if you have downloaded the full release version. The full version is also updated, but there's no point of downloading it again if...

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tonicipriani3 - - 10 comments

plz make a version with only the models for ct and t, cause they look amazing af

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hamac1637788337 - - 2 comments

Got a weird bug were many weapons were weirdly shiny, like it's some kind of over-polished item

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dragnar05 - - 30 comments

will there ever be hud customization (i dont really like the blue color)

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kingdruiduk.AKA.DJ - - 777 comments

Awesome work

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Guest - - 696,205 comments

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Guest - - 696,205 comments

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Guest - - 696,205 comments

Why is my HUD bugged? pls i need answers :c

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gEck0_ Creator
gEck0_ - - 30 comments

Could you please elaborate.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
dragnar05 - - 30 comments

its blue

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Guest - - 696,205 comments

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Guest - - 696,205 comments

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