Presenting the CornCobMod or the CornCobMan's FunMod (I'm really creative and original with names you see).

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AI tweaks, new abilites for Eldar Autarch, the Anaris Shard and Spirit Stone and a new unit for Chaos, the Dark Apostle (Khorne Mark only). Also has a bunch of fixes, some campaign fixes, AI fixes and others.

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Download the Attributes file here

CorncobMan's Fun Mod Version 1.76 Attributes

Download the Art file here

CorncobMan's Fun Mod Version 1.76 Art

Download the AI fix here

CornCobMan's Fun Mod Version 1.76 AI Fix 2



Fixed Chaos Rhino pink icon when upgraded to Heavy Flamers
Khorne Berserkers now slow nearby enemy units
Bloodletters and Plague Bearers maximum morale increased from 450 to 550
Screamers and Daemonettes maximum morale increased from 400 to 500
AI changed back to 5 strategies, mark specific unit stuff moved to separate functions

Space Marines:

Terminator Cyclone Missiles are now ballistic similar to Whirlwind missiles
Fixed a potential crash when the AI uses the Librarian


Tau no longer starts with the XV-9 Hazard Suit squad DOH!


Fixed Heroes not working when playing as Necrons
Fixed Necron stronghold SCAR error
Imperial Guard:Fixed a potential crash in the IG stronghold mission
AI changed back to 5 strategies, doctrine specific unit stuff moved to separate functions


Added some blank sounds for Chainswords so they play less often
Lowered the volume and shortened the length of Wraithguard Wraithcannon firing sounds
Added Shard of Anaris ability for Autarch, increases melee damage by 30% and executes enemy troops at low health
Added Spirit Stone ability for Autarch, invulnerability for 20 seconds

Dark Eldar:

AI errors fixed (thanks to boblaffy)

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