Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real-time strategy game. It's a big project started in 2004. It adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades, new general's powers and buildings. It also adds new sounds, maps, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and other effects, as well as three new generals.

RSS Contra 009 FINAL changelog (part 19)

Contra 009 Final changelog (part 19) Fixed errors, Balance changes, Graphics, Maps, etc.

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Contra 009 FINAL Changelog:

Fixed errors:

- Text fixes for English and Russian localization. Returned English names of units (Huo Qi Lin -> Immolator, Dizhen -> Earth Shaker, etc.) except super units.
- Fixed small text in the “Extra Options” and removed “Anti-Aliasing” as it had no effect. Removed “Reset FPS” button from Skirmish menu as it had no effect.
- Removed limit of displayed maps in-game.
- CommandSet changes and fixes. Rearranged some buttons.
- Conflicting hotkeys fixed.
- Rank 5 general’s powers 4th button from left to right was misaligned. Fixed.
- Observer interface text was misaligned on laptop resolutions. Fixed.

- Game crashed when a Squid Drone was built. Fixed.
- Game crashed when a garrisoned Laser Defender or Colonel Burton (upgraded with Carbon Lasers) fired very close to the building they were in. Fixed.
- Game crashed when you applied a second Strategy Center Battle Plan and your Karakourt, Leonidas, Fafnir, Zhu Rong (with addons) or Guan Yu (with addons) was on screen. Fixed.
- Game crashed when a snow, night or snow+night Gattling Cannon, Gattling Defense System or Gauss Cannon attacked aircraft (in some occasions). Fixed.

- Tanks with low minimum attack range sometimes didn’t fire a shell when attacking very close targets, which triggered a mismatch error. Fixed.
- Leonidas triggered a mismatch error. Fixed.
- Playing online with AI would often trigger a mismatch error when an AI player builds something which requires higher rank. Fixed.
- Playing online after playing the Iron Fist or Operation Dry Storm maps when the other players haven’t in the same game session triggered a mismatch error at game start. Fixed.
- Nuclear Storm triggered a mismatch error when launched on night+snow maps. Fixed.
- Air drop general's powers (such as Comanche Drop) triggered a mismatch error when called on water. Fixed.

- Infantry: Infantry Training did not work. Fixed.
- Super Weapons Burton had no animation when firing beacon. Fixed.
- Comanche rotor blades were glitchy. Fixed.
- Comanche auto-attacked enemies after stealth upgrade. Fixed.
- Stealth: Ratel II was not affected by GLA Training. Fixed.
- Super Weapons: ICBM did not auto-repair. Fixed.
- Super Weapons: Blackout Missile System (now Weather Device) had a bug which prevents it from launching (caused by manually force firing anywhere while in launching process). Fixed.
- Super Weapons: Heavy Dozer did not grant experience when killed by an enemy. Fixed.
- Toxin Rebel, Laser Defender, Jammer Trooper and upgraded Minigunner had model stretching glitches when flailing in the air. Fixed.
- Supply Drop Zone crates sometimes landed next to the building, requiring players to pick them up manually. This also contributed to a glitch: Crates which landed between multiple structures increased the money given. Fixed.
- Supply Drop Zone countdown started as soon as the scaffolding was set. Fixed.
- Disabling a Supply Drop Zone under construction, then letting it go back online after completion instantly delivered money crates. Fixed.
- Disabled Hadron Collider scaffolding made it explode instantly after construction completion. Fixed.
- Disabling a Power Plant while in construction resulted in negative power (bug remains after built too). Fixed.
- Airfield scaffoldings repaired nearby aircraft. Fixed.
- Some helicopters falling to their death spawned ejecting pilots and rubble far away from themselves. Fixed.
- Anti-air units got additional range when ordered to fire at a distant air unit because they switched to anti-air weapon and used it against ground targets. Fixed.
- Fake Hazael, Aladdin and Ratel II could not fake attack. Fixed.
- Fake Bomb Truck was not stealth. Fixed.
- Fake Gun Buggy could gather Salvage Crates unlike other fake vehicles. Fixed.
- Some fake units had visual and weapon problems. Fixed.
- Stealth Scorpion II was stealth while firing and moving at the same time. Fixed.
- Some USA Drones used incorrect destroyed state models. Fixed.
- Comanche and Raven AA missiles had friendly fire issues. Fixed.
- Comanche did not launch its drone where ordered sometimes. Instead, it got launched at nearby enemies. Fixed.
- Scout drones were not targetable by snipers. Fixed.
- Nuke Cannon’s neutron shells were too sensitive to geometry, thus often collided with nearby structures and made Nuke Cannon decrew itself. Fixed.
- Tech Oil Refinery did not reduce cost after respawning. Fixed.
- Helicopters were falling forever when there was a demo trap/fuel tube/chemical pump below. Fixed.
- Demolitions upgrade was not available to some Demo general units. Fixed.
- Command Centers and Chinese Bunkers could not be disabled. Fixed.
- Command Centers could be set to force attack ground, but that made them self-destruct. Fixed.
- Ambulance did not always clean nearby hazards automatically. Fixed.
- Mogadishu Wells and Stadium Goal Gates blocked units from firing through them. Fixed.
- GLA defense structure holes kept player alive. Fixed.
- Spider Tank and Uriel did not crush trees. Fixed.
- Some units gained invulnerability to ECM after getting veterancy. Fixed.
- Propaganda bonus remained in place when Propaganda Crawlers entered Helix or tunnel networks. Fixed.
- Supply gatherers stopped collecting when “Stop” button was pressed, so self-destruction method was changed for Supply Centers. It is now a button with on/off toggle.
- Hazard cleaning units did not auto-attack fuel. Fixed.
- Purchasing Neutron Mines on Infantry general’s Barracks while on the bonus (x4 infantry training) commandset would disable commandset switch button. Fixed.
- Demolisher could not be built from Arms Dealer if the player had no Barracks. Fixed.
- Fixed Annihilator, Seraph, cyber defenses, Ion Tower, Ion Plant and Angel-class robots geometry. Cyber defenses used to obstruct each other’s sight when built in a line. Fixed.
- Damaged Guan Yu Propaganda Tower addon was invisible. Fixed.
- Chinese Red Guards had incorrect firing animations. Fixed.
- Damaged GLA anti-air wagon was not visible. Fixed.
- Cyber Security Drone had one missing destroyed model. Fixed.
- Efreet had missing death effects and destroyed model when killed (not when self-destructed). Fixed.
- Dolphins, Zippers and Sparrowhawks had bad death animation. Fixed.
- Listening Outpost’s damaged condition smoke was visible when the unit was stealth and gave away the unit’s position. Fixed.
- Black Hawk had a weird death animation. Fixed.
- Infantry had small pick boxes making them hard to select. Fixed.
- Worker Bikers, Hijacker Bikers and Saboteur Bikers turned the bike’s handlebar to one side when they were moving straight forward. Fixed.
- GLA Jammer effect stayed in tilted position if called on uneven terrain. Fixed.
- White Dragon was built with its wings open. Fixed.
- Group of Terrorist Bikers, Zippers from Assault general’s power and Drone Controller’s Insectoid drones triggered “unit lost” voice announcement. Fixed.
- Most Stealth general structures had camo netting model initially shown on night snow maps. Fixed.
- Troop Crawlers were faster when damaged over water. Fixed.
- Some Chinese heavy tank addons were not affected by the red color effect of Frenzy (visual issue). Fixed.
- Cyber Gattling Defense turret did not pitch down when attacking low targets. Fixed.
- Laser Paladin’s model was not smoothened. Fixed.
- USA Security Turrets damaged their parent structure when attacking an enemy unit standing too close. Fixed.
- USA Security Turrets were shaking up and down. Fixed.
- Zippers did not auto-acquire nearby enemies. Fixed.
- Sturm-S could get stuck on the battlefield and inside tunnels. Fixed.
- Respawned tech buildings had no collision. Units could shoot and move through them. Fixed.
- Reactive Shells upgrade was purchasable when Propaganda Center was low on power unlike the other upgrades. Fixed.
- Switching to Laser Bolt mode caused Omega Cannon and Annihilator particle beam firing sound to loop forever. Fixed.
- Many weapons had low or no minimum attack range defined, which contributed to a glitch – units did not fire projectiles when attacking close targets. Fixed.
- Spider Tanks required the player to be Cybernetic general in order to be built. Fixed.
- Chinese Field Engineers did not decontaminate areas automatically when garrisoned. They had to be manually ordered to force-fire. Fixed.
- Medic Droids lost buttons for manual switch between weapon and decontaminator after being upgraded with Drone Uplink Chip. Fixed.
- Yan Wang automatically attacked the nearest enemy target even after receiving a different attack order from the player, if it was out of reach at that time. Fixed.
- China Howitzers and Nuke Launchers did not auto-attack. Fixed.
- Chinese Supply Trucks did not have equal health stats. Fixed.
- GLA Dana Artillery’s destroyed model was slightly bigger than the normal model. Fixed.
- USA Chinook’s destroyed model was smaller than the normal model. Fixed.
- Jarmen Kell’s “Kill Driver” shot sometimes hit the ground and failed hitting its target because he fired it from his feet. Same goes for “Snipe Power Link” ability. Fixed.
- Avengers used to drive close to enemy aircraft even though they were in range. Fixed.
- Eye Designators and Super Weapon Avengers automatically acquired nearby targets with their laser target designators and moved to attack ground enemies with them, moving away from desired location and getting themselves killed. Fixed.
- Patriots fired below parachuting infantry. Fixed.
- Ratel II and Gun Buggy lost stealth forever after being hit by a weapon with a shockwave effect (such as Earth Shaker, Nuke Cannon, etc.). Fixed.
- Assault: Temple super weapon was not capturable, but infantry could try to capture it. Fixed.
- Vortex Cannon ignored reload time and fired instantly when switching between ground and air targets. Fixed.
- Atmospheric Lens (damage object) could be disabled by EMP blasts and tilted by shockwaves. Fixed.
- Aurora and Wyvern were stuck in pre-attack state when given “attack move” orders. Fixed (attack move button removed).
- Guan Yu and Zhu Rong bunker addons did not disappear when the unit was destroyed. Fixed.
- Crop Dusters would not become stealth when landing in some occasions. Fixed.
- Tank Armor, Tank Camouflage and Mine Sweeper triggered model upgrades, which used to disappear after a veterancy power was purchased (Tank Squadrons Training, Chemic Training and GLA Training). Fixed.
- Demo Jarmen Kell had 2.5 times more health than other Jarmen Kells. Fixed.
- Damaged Trackhound Droid model had the flash-bang parts of the model visible before the upgrade. Fixed.
- Hadriel could not fire over buildings. Fixed.
- Some AI-controlled artillery units could fire while moving. Fixed.
- F-35 refused to fire in some cases because of a coding error. Fixed.
- Air Force Spartan Drop Plane had its payload reset after receiving veterancy. Fixed (veterancy does not change payload anymore).
- Chemical Pump was invisible on night and snow maps. Fixed.
- Ion Defense Tower played charging up animation (faster spinning) forever after firing once. Fixed.
- GLA could get bounty by killing holographic Black Lotus. Fixed.
- SEALs took fall damage when dropped by Black Hawks. Fixed.
- Aurora, Chimera and Wyvern automatically bombed enemies around the air fields, dealing damage to their own base and C-27 Spartan automatically dropped soldiers. Fixed.
- USA Pilots got stuck on the move when given orders to increase veterancy of a plane. Fixed.
- Dead USA Pilot corpses were sinking down faster than other infantry. Fixed.
- Demo Rebel and USA Pilot were smaller than intended. Fixed.
- Super Weapon’s Patriot displayed the basic Patriot model while under construction or being disassembled. Fixed.
- Cyclone fired at GLA traps which are unattackable. Fixed.
- Air Force Comanche tried to attack GLA traps even though it can’t. Fixed.
- Floating objects appeared on SW Strategy Center’s scaffolding. Fixed.
- Centurions were overlapping each other when ordered to move to the same position. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Shaitan Cannon and GLA Assault Temple used Scud Storm scaffoldings which didn’t fit. Fixed.
- GLA Temple had incorrect scaffolding code while in construction on night and snow conditions (the building was shown at max height). Fixed.
- GLA Assassins used the anti-vehicle rounds against Cylons after High Precision Sniper Rifle upgrade which dealt less damage to them than the regular rounds. Fixed.
- Infantry poisoned by medium poison field died with anthrax beta field pool death effect. Fixed.
- Hijacker Bikers did not guard area when ordered. Fixed.
- Air Force Illusion power slowed the game performance down. Fixed.
- Super Weapons: Patriot, Grendel and Cyclone could not build drones after they have lost a Battle Drone. Fixed.
- Super Weapon: Ion Defense Towers maintain animation frames across normal and damaged conditions.
- Combat Chinook’s propellers got stuck when attacking. Fixed.
- Listening Outpost animation got stuck when passengers were attacking. Fixed.
- Hero infantry had too dark shadows. Fixed.
- Some weapons dealt small damage when they are not supposed to (dummy weapons, mostly seen on fake GLA units). Fixed.
- Stealth jet bombs did not destroy trees. Fixed.
- While wounded infantry is selected and pointed at AMOS and Phobos, the “get in” cursor appears. Fixed.
- Chinese Supply Trucks were too light, so they often went flying too high when hit by shockwaves. Fixed.
- Chinese super units took too long to recover from ECM weapons by mistake. Fixed.
- Toxin Tunnel Network gave twice more experience than other tunnels. Fixed.
- GLA Artillery Defense Sites had too weak weapon stats by mistake. Fixed.
- Some Radar Vans had unintentionally different stats from each other. Fixed.
- Terrorist Bikers had incorrect stats. Fixed.
- Unintentional difference between armor set stats fixed.
- Safe poison and safe acid weapons (after Neutralizers upgrade) dealt less damage than the not upgraded ones. Fixed.
- Levitation and Special Levitation Pad’s scaffoldings were hard to select. Special Levitation Pad had a problematic scaffolding on snow maps. Fixed.
- Infantry had small pickboxes, meaning they were hard to select. Fixed.
- Demo Group of Minefields construction could not be cancelled. Fixed.
- Cyber Security Drone could not be added to the build queue if something else was being built from that structure. Fixed.
- Jarmen Kell could snipe multiple vehicle crewmen with one shot if vehicles were too close to each other. Fixed.
- Potential fix for Helix ECM addon attacking while falling to death.
- Tech structures’ rubble was sometimes invisible in the fog of war or you could see both rubble and respawned structure. Fixed.
- Immolator had slightly less resistance to flame after Explosion-Proof Armor upgrade. Fixed.
- After using jammer on security turret, it can be controlled manually. Fixed.
- Aircraft Carrier planes used a bad missile death effect. Fixed.
- ChemicalFactory and PharmaceuticalFactory civilian buildings spilled anthrax beta toxins when damaged, but exploded in normal anthrax (green) when destroyed. Fixed.
- Some textures had unnecessarily large file size. Fixed.
- Credits, Lobby and Shellmap music were present in both the main .big and the new music .big files. Reduced mod size with 8MB+.
- Compressed new soundtracks with minimal loss in quality. Reduced mod size with 100MB+.

Balance changes:

NOTE #1: Stats are compared to 009 Beta 2.
NOTE #2: Only the biggest changes are listed.
- Changed unit count dropped at Reinforcement Pad for some generals.
- Tech Oil Derricks supply $50 less.
- Tech Oil Derricks don’t give $1000 after once destroyed and recaptured again - they give $500.
- Tech Artillery Platforms have slightly less health and more reload time.
- Tech Oil Refinery cost reduction changed to -15% (was -30%).
- Tech Oil Refinery respawn time increased from 5 to 10 minutes.
- Tech Hospital auto-heals more points.
- Tech Radar no longer has the upgrade to detect stealth units.
- Global: All infantry have more resistance to acid weapons.
- Global: Super units and Lunas cannot enter tunnels anymore. Luna health and movement speed increased to compensate.
- Global: Dozers are more resistant to explosion damage type, meaning a dozer must be hit by 2 Terrorists to die.
- All USA: Security turrets no longer attack traps.
- All USA: Valanx has 2 sitplaces, but firing ports were returned. Speed increased.
- All USA: Dozers can no longer enter Chinooks. Prevents from defense rush early game which was too beneficial and slowed the enemy down too much.
- Air Force: SEAL health decreased.
- Air Force: Pave Low range decreased, Eye Designator bonus increased (reverted stats from older versions).
- Air Force: Pave Low no longer requires War Factory.
- Air Force: Combat Puma (previously Combat Chinook) requires War Factory.
- Air Force: Pave Low gives more experience when destroyed.
- Air Force: Coyote weapon changed. Burst fire removed, damage increased.
- Air Force: F-18 gives more experience when destroyed.
- Air Force: F-35 gives more experience when destroyed.
- Air Force: F-35 weapon changed. Fires 5 anti-tank missiles now.
- Air Force: Decreased Avenger range.
- Air Force: Added SLID to War Factory. Shoots down incoming missiles.
- Super Weapons: Ion Plants produce 1 more power point and are built 1 second faster, but cost $50 more.
- Super Weapons: Strategy Center produces 15 power (was 60).
- Super Weapons: Avenger health increased.
- Super Weapons: Centurion default and upgraded damage decreased.
- Super Weapons: Normal Dozer moving speed reduced by 20% and no longer auto-repairs.
- Super Weapons: SSM Site (Atlas) range decreased, but projectiles are longer jammed by ECM.
- Super Weapons: Saturn can no longer shoot down ballistic missiles.
- Super Weapons: Antares (energy shield generator) removed.
- Super Weapons: Zone Capture (defense structure drop) has 15-second deploy time.
- Super Weapons: Cyclone weapon range decreased. Projectiles can retarget.
- Super Weapons: Thor costs $100 less, has more health, but is slower.
- Cyber: Cylon health slightly decreased.
- Cyber: Cyborgs have less resistance to toxins, acids and radiation, but they are still more resistant than normal infantry.
- Cyber: Cyber infantry cannot gain experience anymore.
- Cyber: Mosquitoes have a lifetime of 3 minutes.
- Cyber: Terminator is no longer stealth while attacking infantry.
- Cyber: Cyborg Commando cannot attack while in the air and is not stealthed anymore.
- Laser: Electricity Net Connection (emergency power general’s power) duration decreased to 1 minute.
- Laser: Valanx anti-tank laser damage, rate of fire and range decreased.
- Laser: Microwave Tank has Toxin Tractor armor. Armor vs. armor-piercing weapons increased by 20%.
- Laser: Burton lightsaber deals slightly more damage.
- Laser: Avenger has point-defense laser.
- Laser: MTHEL removed. It was overpowered versus GLA Toxin general as the latter had no effective counter units. Laser still has Paladins, Avengers and Zodiac drones as PDL defense.
- Laser: Thor costs $100 less, has more health, but is slower.
- Laser: Avenger range increased, health decreased. Has a PDL, but weaker than Paladin’s.
- Laser: Crusader health increased.
- Laser: Composite Armor upgrade requires rank 3.
- All China: Black Napalm costs $2000 (was $2500) and is researched 10 seconds faster.
- All China: Dragon Firewall upgrade removed. Firewall is available by default, but deals less damage.
- All China: Black Lotus captures buildings a bit slower.
- All China: Propaganda healing rate decreased.
- All China: Bunkers have twice as much resistance vs. building disabling weapons.
- All China: Supply Trucks can crush infantry again. However, their armor is less resistant to missile-armed infantry.
- All China: ECM Tank anti-missile field turns off when disabler is in use.
- All China: Field Engineer is not stealth anymore.
- All China: Helixes have less speed.
- All China: Dragon Tanks have more flame resistance.
- Infantry: Artillery and Grenade Troop Crawlers have less vision range.
- Infantry: Troop Crawler health decreased.
- Infantry: Minigunner no longer receives extra health from minigun upgrade.
- Infantry: Chain Guns upgrade moved to Propaganda Center. Equips minigunners with miniguns (Minigun upgrade removed).
- Infantry: Bunkers hold 6 soldiers (was 8).
- Infantry: Bunker Drop general’s power has 20-second deploy time.
- Infantry: Helix Minefield Drop removed.
- Infantry: Shandian requires rank 3.
- Infantry: Tandem Warheads upgrade is weaker and no longer makes Tank Hunter projectiles unaffected by PDL and ECM.
- Infantry: ATGM Operator projectiles are not affected by PDL and ECM.
- Infantry: ATGM Operator is now available at rank 3.
- Tank: Tank Armor upgrade cost increased to 2000, build time increased twice.
- Tank: ECM Tank disabler returned by default.
- Tank: ZTZ-104 health reduced.
- Tank: ZTZ-104 long range fire mode weapon range decreased.
- Tank: ECM Tank deviation weapon field size decreased. Disabler available by default again.
- Tank: Manticore (Huang Zhong) detects stealth aircraft.
- Tank: Overlord Headquarters no longer auto-repairs Overlord-class tanks.
- Tank: Bunkers hold 4 soldiers (was 5).
- Tank: Tank Hunter costs $50 less.
- Nuke: Isotope Stability costs $500 more, but is built faster.
- Nuke: Nuclear Carpet Bombing secondary damage and damage radius slightly decreased.
- Flame: Turbulence requires 1 less vortex shot in the air to be triggered, but on the other hand, the bonus weapon waits 1 less second for more vortex shots to accumulate.
- Flame: ECM Tank deviation weapon field size decreased.
- Flame: Zhu Rong experience required to rank up increased.
- Flame: Troop Crawler requires rank 3, like the one of Nuke general.
- Flame: Bunkers hold 4 soldiers (was 5).
- All GLA: Tunnel Network hole health reduced.
- All GLA: Toxin Tractor armor vs. missiles reduced.
- All GLA: Scorpion Rocket range increased.
- All GLA: Camouflage upgrade build time and cost decreased.
- All GLA: Toxin Shells upgrade build time and cost decreased.
- All GLA: Worker Shoes build time decreased.
- All GLA: Radar Van can now detect stealth aircraft, but cannot deploy AA mines.
- All GLA: Jarmen Kell Sandstorm stays active for less time (10 seconds).
- All GLA: Arms Dealer is built slower.
- All GLA: Battle Buses are not stealth anymore.
- Assault: Attack Dozer
- Assault: Marauder health decreased. Damage increased.
- Assault: Rig Launcher build time and cost decreased.
- Assault: Katyusha health reduced. Cost and build time increased.
- Assault: Scorpion Rocket build time decreased.
- Demo: Dolphin damage radius decreased.
- Demo: Ratel damage decreased.
- Demo: Suicide Scorpion (previously Cockroach) upgraded with Turbodiesel now has less speed when damaged (was equal to non damaged speed).
- Toxin: Chemical Pump armor changed. Flame brings less damage to them, also meaning that Inflammable Acids are less harmful. Multiple pumps can be selected. Added some resistance to acids which makes pump survive one acid spill.
- Toxin: Air pollution general’s power countdown decreased.
- Toxin: Toxin and acid pollution general’s powers countdown increased.
- Toxin: Scolopendra health, damage and range decreased.
- Toxin: Scorpion Rocket build time decreased.
- Toxin: Silicon clouds bring less damage and stay less time.
- Toxin: Sturm-S projectiles are not affected by PDL and ECM.
- Stealth: Ratel II weapon changed and nerfed.
- Stealth: Scorpion II deals less damage but has faster reload.
- Stealth: Elbrus Launcher countdown increased by 30 seconds. It is 1:30 now.
- Stealth: Anti-Radar Missiles upgrade build time decreased.
- Stealth: Gun Buggy can no longer detect stealth aircraft and jam enemy aircraft.
- Stealth: Assassins are no longer buildable. They are only obtainable from general’s powers, but their decrewing weapon was changed. Each shot has a 10% chance to kill a vehicle driver.
- Stealth: Hazael has less health and deals less damage, but has higher rate of fire.
- GLA Boss: Rocket Truck damage type changed. Less damage to vehicles and buildings.
- China Boss: Retaliator damage type changed. Less damage to vehicles and buildings.
- And more…

Other changes:

- Chat boxes can now show Cyrillic letters.
- Rank 6 removed.
- Small Supply Piles no longer prevent units from firing through them.
- Emergency Repair level 1 is now available to all generals, but requires rank 2.
- Hazard cleaning units can now clean through buildings, making them much less clunky.
- Sequoia health reduced.
- Added lifetime indicators to selectable units with lifetime.
- Air Force: Rocket Pods upgrade changed. It is now Advanced Comanche Missiles, which grants 2 more missiles, increases damage and decreases reload time.
- Super Weapons: Added Bobcat engineering vehicle.
- Cyber: Player has the choice to select between Spider or Angel class robots at Strategy Center. Spider production line unlocks Spider Tank, Crab, Dominator and Widow. Angel production line unlocks Uriel, Remiel, Hadriel and Seraph.
- Cyber: Terminator got his BFG-9000 back. YAY!
- Cyber: Leech can no longer steal money from enemy Supply Centers. It got a short-ranged vehicle disabler.
- Cyber: Seraph shield removed. Guardian drones added. They protect Seraph with PDLs, shoot lasers and repair him.
- Cyber: Repair Droid does not repair structures anymore, only vehicles.
- Cyber: Added reload indicator to Missile Defense System.
- Cyber: Spider Mines removed from Repair Droid. They are unique to Widow now.
- Laser: Paradropped infantry no longer fall on a tiny spot.
- Laser: ARV does not repair structures anymore, only vehicles.
- Infantry: Removed Suan Ni Gattling turrets. Suan Ni no longer detects infantry, vehicles and structures. Has 2 more transport slots.
- Nuke: Default Tank Hunters available at the start. Nuclear Tank Hunters require upgrade.
- Nuke: Nuclear Bullets upgrade revised and now called Nuclear Ammo. Costs $2000, available at War Factory. Upgrades Red Guard with nuclear bullets, Gattling Tank gains increased damage and swaps Tank Hunters with Nuclear Tank Hunters in Barracks.
- Flame: Zhu Rong requires more experience to rank up.
- Flame: Fuel Truck moved back to Command Center.
- All GLA: Command Trucks do not repair nearby units anymore. They give rate of fire bonus.
- GLA: Removed Saboteur suicide disabler ability.
- GLA: Removed decontaminate from Factory. Added the ability to the new BTR-50 Engineer.
- GLA: Salvage Drop general’s power spawns crates with larger initial scatter, so that crates are not picked mostly by the unit in the middle.
- Tank: Ionization power removed.
- Tank: Red Guard Automatic Rifles upgrade removed.
- Tank: Tank Armor upgrade affects ECM Tank too.
- Tank: Sniper Cannon can no longer target infantry.
- Infantry: Ionization power removed, Cash Steal returned.
- Infantry: ECM Troop Crawler removed. Wheeled ECM Tank returned.
- Assault: Recycling moved to Palace.
- Assault: Removed Missile Silos.
- Assault: Aladdin replaced with S-60 Flak Gun.
- Toxin: Chemical Bunker and Defiler removed. Chemical Lab added. Lab contaminates areas with toxins and acids and researches five upgrades.
- Toxin: Replaced toxin Tunnel Network model with the normal one.
- Assault: Removed Missile Silos.
- Stealth: Removed Assassins and Sniper Sites.
- Stealth: Jammer Stations are now always limited to 1 (independent of Tournament Mode).
- Stealth: BTR-50 can now create a fake version of itself.
- Stealth: Aladdin replaced with S-60 Flak Gun.
- Stealth: Sneak Attack is now stealth by default.

New units, buildings, upgrades and abilities:

- New USA unit: Amphibious Transport. The intention to add this unit was to allow players to transport Dozers across water since Dozers can no longer be transported by Chinooks.
- New SW building: Atlas. Replaces SSM Site.
- New SW building: Weather Manipulation Device. Replaces Blackout Missile System.
- New SW units: Patriot, Grendel and Ion Defense Cores.
- New AF unit: Combat Puma. Replaces Combat Chinook.
- New AF Burton ability: “B Fighter” Strike. Replaces A-10 Strike.
- New Cyber unit: Nemesis N2. Replaces Nemesis. Unlocked by general’s power.
- New Cyber unit: Vorta. Light and cheap supply gatherer.
- New Cyber super unit: Widow. Unlocked with the Spider Production Line.
- New Cyber building: Spider Nest.
- New Cyber general’s power: Nano Swarm. Repairs and heals allied units, boosts their firepower and deals small damage to enemies.
- New Laser unit: “F6 Fighter”.
- New Laser general’s power: Lasers Training 2. All laser units are built as elites. Requires Lasers Training 1 and costs 3 unlock points. Available at rank 5.
- New GLA unit: BTR-50 Engineer. Cleans toxins, radiation and fuel. Detects and disarms mines and traps.
- New GLA unit: Alshain. Early scout. Has a lifetime of 1 minute.
- New Toxin building: Toxin Pump Group.
- New Toxin building: Chemical Lab. Replaces and combines the functions of Defiler and Chemical Bunker.
- New Demo unit: Suicide Scorpion. Replaces Cockroach.
- New Assault building: Salvage Factory. Researches the “Recycling” upgrade and drops salvage crates every few seconds.

Graphics and overall visuals:

- New user interface graphics.
- New indicator icons for Hero units.
- Blurry cameos made sharper.
- Added snow condition textures for Nuclear Storm, Scientific Laboratory, Cepheus, Laser Turret, Vortex Cannon.
- Added snow condition textures for Annihilator.
- Added snow condition textures for sandbags.
- Added missing snow on Tech Field Bunker’s sandbags.
- Added more housecolor parts to Earth Shaker and Heavy ECM.
- New housecolor to Air Force Burton.
- New textures and cameos for Chinese Overlord addons.
- Added missing headlights to Marauder, Battlemasters Heavy ECM, Irradiator Tank, Laser Crusader, Libra, Laser Paladin, Rig Launcher, Mortar Buggy and Yan Wang.
- Fixed problematic headlights on Bomb Truck, Suan Ni (Battle Fortress), Zhu Rong and Guan Yu. Chinese Supply Truck . Deleted Fuel Truck headlights (makes more sense for a stealth unit to have headlights turned off).
- Fixed Karkadann crate upgraded top armor plates on one of the sides being positioned incorrectly and adjusted tread marks.
- Fixed GLA Mobile Supply Stash switching between normal and damaged model conditions while collecting supplies.
- Fixed little or too dark housecolor on some infantry.
- Fixed Nuke Cannon and Artillery Caller having white shiny texture after scrambled by GPS.
- Fixed Seraph and Phobos having black texture after scrambled by GPS.
- Fixed black texture on Annihilator, Cepheus and Ion Plant when selected for construction.
- Fixed flickering model and black texture on Laser Turret when selected for construction and added back 3D shadows (they were removed because of a glitch before).
- Fixed misaligned Patriot/Grendel scaffoldings.
- Fixed the dark spot on GLA tunnels.
- Fixed incorrect track marks on GLA Mobile Supply Stash and improved its textures.
- Fixed cyber defenses smokes (on normal condition) and scaffoldings.
- Fixed Bixi from Emperor Drop general’s power showing vanilla Emperor model.
- Fixed Tank general’s Dragon Tank having a weird fire stream glitch while using fire wall.
- Removed blue light underneath Centurion.
- Scaled down Bomb Truck and Ratel II 3D model sizes.
- Scaled down Black Hawk 3D model size and added housecolors.
- Ratel and Ratel II blank housecolor parts now have texture applied.
- Improvements to Thors. Applied cockpit window reflections, fixed propellers animation, fixed housecolor being too dark. Fixed SW Thor missile firing positions.
- Many improvements to Colossus. Applied window reflections, smoothened model, added blinking red lights and animated radar dishes.
- Medic Droid animation speed adjusted to fit movement before and after Improved Hydraulics upgrade.
- New Seraph death animation.
- Tunnel Network fixes: Removed small shadow on top which was a leftover from its weapon, which was removed. Removed turret housecolor leftover on snow model. Removed red box on really damaged model.
- Fixed China Bunker displaying incorrect textures and improved garrisoned model.
- Fixed lighting spot position on new GLA blue dome texture.
- Fixes to the Stinger Drone, Zodiac Drone, Hellfire Drone, Irradiator Tank and Demo Rebel cameos.
- Improved Suan Ni, King of Fire, Explosion-Proof Armor, Zhu Rong (damaged and destroyed), Mammoth, Battlemaster, Troop Crawler, Bixi and Karkadann textures.

- Modelled and added Nuclear Missile MIRV objects.
- Improved SW Strategy Center power generator objects.
- Greatly improved Overlord HQ model and textures.
- New 3D general logos to all Command Centers.
- Enabled hidden Worker animations when picking up and dropping supply crates.
- New textures for USA buildings.
- New textures for Quad Defense Site.
- New cameos for all GLA Defense Sites.
- The entire map turns dark when Weather Manipulation Device fires.
- Painted shadows on GLA building textures.
- Area jamming effect was made even more transparent.
- Bomb Truck has new cameo, new housecolors and camo netting covering the explosive payload.
- Unique model for destroyed Fuel Truck.
- Infantry general’s Troop Crawlers received texture and cameo updates.
- New 3D model – Atlas Site. Replaces SSM Site.
- USA Security Turret 3D model and cameo were changed.
- USA SDI Cannon 3D model and cameo were changed.
- USA Cyborg Factory 3D model and cameo were changed.
- USA Communications Center skin improved.
- USA Microwave Tank 3D model and cameo were changed.
- USA Spider Tank and Dominator 3D model and animations were changed.
- USA Uriel, Remiel and Hadriel 3D models and cameos were changed.
- SW Patriot 3D model and texture improved. Missing shadows fixed.
- China Gauss Tank 3D model and cameo were changed.
- China ECM Tank 3D model and cameo were changed.
- China Zhu Rong 3D model and cameo were changed.
- China Nuke Cannon skin was changed.
- China Flame Dragon Tank skin was changed.
- Flamethrower addon 3D model and cameo were changed.
- China Boss Retaliator 3D model and cameo were changed.
- GLA Katyusha 3D model and cameo were changed.
- GLA Quad Cannon 3D model and cameo were changed.
- GLA Battle Bus 3D model and cameo were changed.
- GLA Boss Rocket Truck 3D model and cameo were changed.
- GLA Technical 3D model and cameo were changed.
- Cockroach (now Suicide Scorpion) 3D model and cameo were changed.
- Brand new Chemical Lab model and cameo.
- New animation for Phobos.
- New cameos for Suicide Scorpion weapon switching.
- New cameos for Chemical Pumping and Defiling.
- New cameo for Scientific Laboratory.
- New cameo for Dana Artillery Cannon.
- New cameo for Earth Shaker.
- New cameo for Demo Trap.
- New cameo for Advanced Demo Trap.
- New cameo for EMP Patriot Missile System.
- Updated Hazael cameo.
- Removed gattling turrets from Suan Ni cameo.

- New decals.
- New snow, desert and magma textured rocks. Added on maps.
- Fixed glitchy trees and some missing shrubbery.
- Enabled hidden Snowman object.


- Burning infantry had wrong control settings which allowed sounds to spam. Fixed.
- Returned vanilla ZH burning death voices of USA infantry.
- Female Rangers didn’t use female toxin death voice. Fixed.
- Navy SEALs used Ranger death voice. Fixed.
- B-4 Chimera used raptor death voices. Fixed (voices removed).
- Upgrading Straight-flow Engines upgrade did not play “Upgrade complete” voice. Instead, it played Spy Drone launch sound. Fixed.
- Upgraded Control Rods will play an unused unique upgrade voice.
- Vortex Tank used voice lines such as “Gun barrels spinning” and “Need a bullet barrage?”. Fixed.
- King Raptor used “Our laser shall keep them off” and “Laser defenses ready” voice lines. Fixed.
- Cyber Builder Mech (Dozer) construction complete voice did not play sometimes. Fixed.
- SW energy shield ambient sound began looping from the start when there were many sounds on screen because it had low priority. Fixed.
- Heavy tank moving sounds were too loud. Fixed.
- Communications Center preview sound was too loud. Fixed.
- F16XL/Hadriel projectile detonation sounds were too loud and had no limit. Fixed.
- Seismic explosions had a very high limit and many sounds played at once. Fixed.
- Ratel II used Rocket Buggy powerslide sounds. Fixed.
- Heavy tank turret and illusion initiation sounds had a click sound at the end. Fixed.
- Some units did not speak when ordered to attack air targets. Fixed.
- Rebel Biker played the English “Ready for war” voice when created while using Native voices. Fixed.
- New voices for all super units.
- New voices for Uriel, Remiel and Hadriel.
- New voices for Spider, Crab and Dominator.
- New voices for Terminator.
- New voices for Demolisher (Attack Dozer).
- New diving sound for GLA Kamikaze plane.
- New USA Weather Storm Device select/preview sound.
- New Centurion firing sounds.
- New artillery shell detonation sound.
- Added missing enter and exit sounds for Nemesis.
- Added new GLA and China music tracks.

Particle effects:

- Optimized some particles for better performance.
- New detonation effect for Vortex weapons.
- New detonation effect for thermobaric weapons.
- New detonation effect for Zhu Rong weapon.
- New detonation effect for Centurion weapon.
- New detonation effect for Terminator Charges.
- New detonation effect for artillery shells.
- New missile trail texture.
- Added trails to all artillery shells which didn’t have them as well as flash-bangs.
- New effect for Anthrax Bomb aftermath – mist.
- New water displacement effect added to all helicopters.
- Added bubbles to acid fields.
- Reduced F-16XL bomb detonation effect size as well as screen shake.
- Shells were falling from Cylon’s weapon when shooting. Fixed.
- GLA Katyusha and USA Battleship weapon detonation effect changed. Fixes the visual glitch of light pulses not disappearing.
- Jarmen Kell Sandstorm no longer displays dusty clouds on snow maps, only snow mist.
- Added water ripple effects for swimming infantry.

Challenge mode:

- The local player color is now Cyan instead of Purple.
- New missions order.
- Three new challengers: USA, China and GLA Boss.
- All: Burton and BTR-50s were unable to move across water after playing Flame Challenge. Fixed.
- All: Added missing speech.
- Defense teams should no longer get triggered by cargo planes on Assault and Demolition Challenge missions.
- Air Force Challenge: Crash fixed!
- Air Force Challenge: Removed Shockwave Bomb power since Air Force no longer has it.
- Air Force Challenge: Added Comanche Drop and Seal Drop general’s powers.
- Air Force Challenge: The Special Levitation Pad at the top right was neutral. Fixed.
- Air Force Challenge: AI will now call for Dark Star anti-stealth reinforcements
- Air Force Challenge: AI will now protect his super weapon with Comanches.
- Air Force Challenge: River can now be crossed from the left side of player base – added a ramp.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Added more Leeches around the map.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Removed the Fafnir near docks.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Fixed team building conditions. AI will attack more.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Terminator will attack less frequently.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Replaced Patriots with Gattling Defense Systems.
- Cybernetic Challenge: AI will now enable Particle Cannon on Easy.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Units could not get across the middle bridge. Fixed.
- Super Weapons Challenge: A-10 Strike was still available to SW Challenge even though SW no longer has A-10 Strike. Fixed.
- Super Weapons Challenge: She will use Zone Capture general’s power.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Added ICBM. Particle Cannon replaced with Tomahawk Storm.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Added Centurion and Burton attacks.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Added a ramp to the square hill in her base so the Saturn can walk off.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Delayed Thor and AMOS attacks.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Removed Weather Storm on Easy difficulty.
- Super Weapons Challenge: The additional Sentry Drones she had, previously available only on Hard, are now available on Normal as well.
- Super Weapons Challenge: Shockwave Bomb was only present on Easy difficulty. It’s also on Normal and Hard now.
- Laser Challenge: Added Sentry Droids to attack teams.
- Laser Challenge: Lose condition did not work. Fixed.
- Laser Challenge: Lightning effects sometimes caused the game to freeze. Removed.
- Laser Challenge: AI now uses Search & Destroy Battle Plan after some time.
- Laser Challenge: AI did not build rank 3 and rank 5 teams (except Burton). Fixed.
- Laser Challenge: AI captures tech buildings around the map.
- Flame Challenge: Bao used Kwai’s victory and defeat quotes. Fixed.
- Flame Challenge: Unique new speech lines for Bao.
- Flame Challenge: New intro cinematic.
- Flame Challenge: Scientific Laboratory removed on Easy since it’s not being used by the AI.
- Flame Challenge: Added peace time after local player reaches rank 3 and slightly decreased amount of units on Hard.
- Flame Challenge: Added Fuel Tubes.
- Flame Challenge: Added more anti-air defenses to prevent players from abusing Comanches/Thors early game as well as MiG-31 interceptors.
- Flame Challenge: AI did not use units from Reinforcement Pad. Fixed.
- Flame Challenge: Visual improvements.
- Flame Challenge: Lava deals damage (aircraft takes damage from its heat too).
- Nuke Challenge: Lowered the amount of garrisoned Nuke Hunters in the middle area.
- Nuke Challenge: A small part of water reflection was showing from underneath the ground near the Oil Refinery. Fixed.
- Tank Challenge: Delayed heavy attacks.
- Tank Challenge: AI used Carpet Bombing which should not be available to Kwai. Fixed.
- Tank Challenge: Changed water texture.
- Infantry Challenge: Removed the Artillery Platform closest to Fai’s base.
- Infantry Challenge: Stadium Goal Gates no longer block units from firing through them.
- Infantry Challenge: Potential fix for MiGs getting stuck in the upper left corner of the map.
- Infantry Challenge: Added peace time after local player reaches rank 3.
- Infantry Challenge: AI did not use units from Reinforcement Pad. Fixed.
- Infantry Challenge: Rebel Ambush, Demo Trap Drop and other such powers did not spawn where chosen when dropped inside Fai’s base. Fixed.
- Demolition Challenge: Delayed attacks and Elbrus Storm on all difficulties. Added an Artillery Platform near the player base on Easy.
- Demolition Challenge: Added some Demo Traps and a Tunnel Network to the south path to his base.
- Demolition Challenge: New intro cinematics.
- Demolition Challenge: Added demolitions storage facility scripted event and some Booby Traps.
- Assault Challenge: Removed the Obstacle in the upper-left corner. Garrisoned the nearby outpost structure.
- Assault Challenge: Replaced Stinger Sites and Missile Silos with Defense Sites and added some more defenses.
- Assault Challenge: AI will now rebuild Temple.
- Stealth Challenge: Replaced Command Centers with Factories + Command Trucks.
- Stealth Challenge: Replaced Stinger Sites with Defense Sites.
- Stealth Challenge: Added Flak Guns on some places.
- Stealth Challenge: AI will now build and use the mobile Elbrus Launcher.
- Stealth Challenge: AI will now use Panic and Jammer powers.
- Toxin Challenge: Replaced Cluster Mines with Chemical Pumps. Removed Demo Traps.
- Toxin Challenge: Reworked the Defiler area.
- Toxin Challenge: AI will build Rebel Camouflage upgrade after rank 3.
- Toxin Challenge: Wasps fired their rockets at the ground when attacking aircraft. Fixed.
- Toxin Challenge: There were too many impassable areas because of rocks. Smaller rocks made passable for a less annoying experience.

Skirmish AI:

- Added Easy difficulty choice. Very Hard is now called Hard.
- Reduced the experience gain rate multiplier for AI difficulties.
- AIs recognize new units and buildings.
- GLA AI did not distantly guard from inside tunnels. They evacuated units from tunnels only when tunnels were attacked. Fixed.
- Some generals were notably stronger than other generals. Fixed.
- All generals will now send a small rush team on Hard and Insane.
- In some occasions AI units would just sit around in base forever. Fixed.
- Rearranged building placement to reduce units getting cluttered inside their base and free some space for them to move.
- Deployable AI artillery units would shoot while moving when trying to crush infantry. Fixed.
- Air Force AI did not attack on unofficial maps without trigger areas defined. Fixed.
- Air Force AI used the removed Shockwave Bomb power. Fixed. He’ll use Illusion instead.
- Infantry AI often got his units stuck in base while trying to move because of Barracks’ positioning. Fixed.
- Artillery Callers did not attack (since 009 Beta 2 because of propaganda fix). Fixed.
- Stealth and Assault did not build defense sites (sometimes Arms Dealers too). Fixed.
- AI tried to capture destroyed assault vehicles (recycle crates). Fixed.
- Fixed Super Weapons general AI building placement and orders.
- USA AI built 3 Chinooks per supply center (instead of 2) and China AI built 4 Supply Trucks (instead of 2). Fixed.
- China AI will now drop their Cluster Mines on enemy units instead of inside their own base.
- GLA did not build Palace sometimes. Fixed.
- Air Force AI stopped building structures on maps with many supplies after starting expansion to supply sources. Fixed.
- China AI built interceptors even if the enemy did not have any aircraft. Fixed.
- When China AI had both rank 1 and rank 3 units, it used Frenzy twice at the same time – one on rank 1 units and one on rank 3 units. Fixed.
- Demo AI Saboteurs got stuck when trying to sabotage buildings. Fixed.
- GLA Supply Stashes often stopped partway to the Supply Docks. Fixed.
- Stealth AI did not build Hazael unless it had Elbrus Storm already built. Fixed.
- Jarmen Kell could snipe Karkadann’s driver. Fixed.
- AI will no longer try to capture tech buildings non-stop.
- AI will no longer train the neutral vehicle capture team if there are no neutral vehicles on the map.
- GLA AI will now build forward Tunnel Networks.
- Flame AI will now build Flame Towers + Fuel Tubes around his base.
- Assault and Stealth AI will now use the GPS Scrambler.
- Assault AI will now use Recycling ability.
- Assault AI will now build Rig Launcher and create tunnels with it.
- Stealth AI will now use the jamming field ability of Jammer Station.
- GLA AI moved its secondary supply stash near the primary supply source. Fixed.
- Cyber AI did not always build Flashbangs upgrade. Fixed.
- Insane Nuclear AI will build Hadron Colliders on suitable official 2-player maps.
- Insane AI will perform special build orders on suitable official 2-player maps.
- AI will use water paths to attack on official maps.
- AI capture teams will retaliate if attacked by infantry.
- AI will no longer call paradrop powers at enemy bases which usually means suicide. Instead, they will be called near attack teams or at their own base.
- AI will use more general’s powers, and use them more wisely. It will call anti-air powers on enemy aircraft, recycling on dead units, etc.
- AI will use mine clearers to clear enemy mines.
- Cyborg Commando, Cylons and SEALs will no longer get stuck once they have cleared the area of enemies. They will hunt for enemies at all times.
- Improved attack priorities. Also fixed some teams using wrong attack priority.
- Laser AI will use Electricity Net Connection when out of power.
- Nuke AI no longer builds Nuclear Storm on top of Command Center.
- Demo Ratel will now switch between cannon and suicide mode, like Scorpion.
- Demolition and Toxin AI did not build Turbodiesel upgrade. Fixed.
- Demolition AI built Demolitions and Mines upgrades at rank 1, but they require rank 3. Fixed.
- Laser and Super Weapons AI built Countermeasures upgrade at rank 1, but they require rank 3. Fixed.
- USA AI built drones while ignoring rank requirements. Fixed.
- Flame AI did not build Thermobaric Mixtures and Nuclear Tanks upgrades. Fixed.
- Infantry AI did not build Improved ECM Technology upgrade. Fixed.
- AI can now use Burton and Lotus.
- AI sometimes moved through enemy bases without stopping to attack, which means they easily got killed by defending teams, mines and security systems, and deployable artillery didn’t even shoot. Fixed.
- Air Force AI tried to garrison Colossus. Fixed.
- AI could garrison Fortress Wall buildings. Fixed.
- In case of spy invasion, Laser and Super Weapon AI built Valanxes instead of Sentry Drones. Fixed.
- Super Weapon AI tried to garrison Ion Towers. Fixed. They will go to Atlases (SSM Sites) instead.
- Other minor fixes.


- Added useful tags after some map names.
- More detailed map previews for all maps (by triatomic).
- Manic Aggression had too much fog. Fixed.
- Lone Eagle: River made passable by amphibious units.
- Dark Mountain: Shores made passable by amphibious units.
- The Frontline: Terrain scorches and vehicle tracks were blue. Fixed.
- Fallen Empire: Fixed bad terrain for the top right player not allowing good USA Supply Center placement (mid area).
- Forgotten Forest: Fixed incorrectly set Flank AI path for one of the players. Fixed bad terrain for China Supply Center placement for the top right player.
- Desert Fury: Small rocks object near bottom right player made passable. Bottom left ramp impassable area fixed. There is one Oil Derrick per side now.
- Flooded Plains: Repositioned Supply Docks. Widened paths crossing the river. Added new vegetation.
- Three Ways: Fixed some AI attack waypoint paths.
- Lights Out: Balanced supply and Oil Derrick locations (right side players had unfair advantage). Widened middle area. Added ramps leading to Oil Derricks. Right mountain made symmetric to the left one. Other small fixes.
- Rocky Rampage: Repositioned Supply Docks.
- Rogue Agent: Added hills to empty map edges. Fixed water color.
- Dust Devil: Tech building areas now have ramps on both sides. Tech buildings changed – one Reinforcement Pad per side. Impassable hill slopes made passable. Secondary Supply Docks moved closer to player bases. Added Artillery Platforms at the original secondary Supply Dock positions. Added more buildings on the map. Middle Oil Derricks location balanced.
- Sequoia Forest: Removed small hills in order to get wider entrances. Balanced location of supplies and tech structures. Reworked middle area.
- Tournament A: Reworked middle and hill areas. Flattened terrain and removed annoying obstacles.
- Tournament B: Added missing civilian highrise structures.
- Tournament Lake: Fixed steep terrain in the middle preventing players from building Supply Centers near supply piles.
- Flash Effect: Bridges replaced with wide ramps.
- Tournament Island: Wider entrance paths between bases.
- Frosty Battle: Balanced supply and tech positions, improved visuals, more spacious middle.
- Winter Wolf: Sequoia trees were too close to supply docks, which made building supply centers hard. Instead, there is only one sequoia in the center now. Upper supply dock area fixed to allow better USA Supply Center placement. Small rocks made passable. Some visual fixes.
- The Grand Canyon: Some areas and waypoints with wrong names were not recognizable by the AI. Fixed.
- Tournament Continent: Changed position of supply piles in player bases.
- Operation Hot Oasis: Revised by AdrianeMapMaker.
- Fortress: Full revision by AdrianeMapMaker.
- Railed Woods: Full revision by AdrianeMapMaker.
- Iron Fist: Middle area and scripts revised by AdrianeMapMaker.
- Green Pastures: Fixed imbalanced player starting positions and supply docks.
- Toxin Mountains: Decreased object count and applied some scripts to increase performance.
- Twilight Flame: Fixed AI pathfinding. Greatly improved performance. Fixed Combat Zone area. Fixed player 5 outer perimeter having incorrect name. Added ramps between mid players. Each player has 2 Supply Docks in base. Adjusted top right supply dock position.
- Iron Dragon: Decreased object count and applied some scripts to increase performance.
- Fortress Avalanche: Decreased object count, improved AI waypoint paths and applied some scripts to increase performance. Fixed small issue with terrain between bottom left and bottom mid players. Rebalanced player starting positions and supply docks.
- Removed the following bad maps: Thirsty Snake, Campsites, Z, Cold Trouble, Scorched City, TC-5, Country, Tournament Island Storm, Nuclear World, Freezing Rain, Football Pitch, Dry Terrain, Mountain Rush, Hometown, Downpour, Direct Attack, Warm Field, Towers, Tropical Tournament, Moon 2050, Forest Wars, Omaha Beach.
- Melting Snow and Lagoon updated. Included a Lagoon day version (separate map) too.
- Some vanilla maps have been balanced, inspired by ReLaX.
- New map: Mideast Railroad (2v2). Has a neutral GLA train available for capture in the middle. By PredatoR.
- New map: Armored Fury (6 players). Unused ZH map.
- New map: Natural Threats. By ReLaX and Agent21.
- New map: Embattled Land. By ReLaX and Voodoo Benshee.
- New maps: Defcon Desert (3v3), Defcon Night (3v3), Tournament Island Large (3v3), Fallen Empire No Wall (2v2), Tournament Desert Classic (1v1), Tournament Desert Large (1v1).
- New maps: Unity A (2v2) and Unity B (3v3), Hard Winter (1v1). By ReLaX.
- New map: Unity A No Water (2v2). Edited by XAOC-RU.
- New map: Blizzard Badlands (1v1).
- New map: Cold Territory (1v1).
- New map: Nuclear Combat. By XAOC-RU.
- New maps: Turmoil (1v1) and Route N13 (3v3). By Marakar
- New map: Nova Beach (1v1). Based on Marakar’s Turmoil. Remake by AdrianeMapMaker.
- New maps: Lion Heart (2v2), Battle Station (2v2v2), Borderlands Desertion (3v3), Crimson Tides (2v2), Critical Corners (3v3), Danger Close (1v1), Defcon 4 (2v2), Deserted Lands (3v3), Hazardous Environment (1v1v1), Heavy Casualties (3v3), Local Disturbance (1v1), Mountain Cliffs (3v3), Nature’s Ambience (4v4), Night Sky (1v1), Onward Takedown (3v3), Riverside Valley (3v3), Rundown District (3v3), Rundown Arena (4v4), Series 7 (2v2), Straight Defiance (3v3), Supply Crisis (2v2), Territorial Alliances (4v4), Terror Cell (4v4), The Only One Standing (1v5), Tyrant’s Vengeance (2v2), Urban City of Luzon (2v2), Urban City of Luzon Large (3v3). By AdrianeMapMaker.
- New map: Forgotten Forest Snow (1v1) - “[rank] forgotten air battle v2” map used as base.
- New map: Homeland Rocks (1v1). By ReLaX and Agent21.
- New maps: Area J1 (1v1), Hidden Treasures (1v1) and Forgotten Ruins (1v1). By Jundiyy
- New maps: Aftermath (2v2), Maguso (2v2), Middle Fight (2v2), Battle on the River (1v1), Gorge Drought (1v1), Plant Waste (1v1), Summer Arena (1v1), Tournament Arena (1v1) and Tournament City (1v1). By [NMC].

For mapmakers:
- Added back missing speech code from vanilla Generals, unlocking additional speeches which can be used in custom missions.
- New ice reflection objects (found in FX > SYSTEM tab in World Builder).
- New reflective puddle objects – clean and muddy (found in FX > SYSTEM tab in World Builder).
- New military objects – Nuke Barrel, Military Walls (found in Civilian > MISC_MILITARY tab in World Builder).
- New roads – TwoLaneBlack, TwoLaneDarkBlack, FourLaneBlack and FourLaneDarkBlack.
- New trees (too many to mention here).
- Infantry with different skins (found in China > INFANTRY and GLA > INFANTRY).
- Objects and markers for advanced AI (tutorial will be written if there is demand).

Contra Launcher:

- The “_tmpChunk.dat” file is automatically deleted at launcher start and exit. That file is generated by World Builder and may prevent scripts from executing properly.
- Fixed a case where desktop size would cause the launcher’s appearance to get messed up.
- Fixed a case where the launcher would refuse to start Contra if it couldn’t switch between Zero Hour and Contra splash screens on launch.
- Fully integrated ContraVPN.
- New settings: Select between normal and funny general portraits, set resolution, toggle fog effects, toggle heat effects, toggle language filter.
- Launcher has functional auto-update and Message of the Day features.
- Launcher comes in 5 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and German.


Ураааа! / Hooray!

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God save the Developer team always for doing this tremendous work possible.

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Wow this took me 20 minutes to read through, this is impressive thanks for the release been waiting for it 😁

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Oh boy, I am hyped to start playing this now.
I just hope something has been done to the crashes I basically have every single game I play (I saw quite a few crash fixes, but not sure if the ones I often have are also in there).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Well, I can say with quite a lot of confidence that many of these crashes have been fixed, since the game has not crashed a single time on this version (and I have already played it for about 10 hours now).

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Now that is a REAL happy new year, massive work, I love you guys.
Keep up the good work thank you very much and hats off for your hard work.
All the best guys and happy new year.

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Ура!!!! Полундра!!!

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У гла так и не работает способность "внезапная атака". Так за три года и не починили :(

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can we play this game without ranking system?. is too boring when you play an AI enemy.

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Simply amazing! Mod of the year for sure

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is it me or what? i play against AI challange mode and on easy BUT its too hard !! playing on easy should be easy !! help me because its too frustrating when too difficult. GREAT mod but not playable even on easy. Getting base destroyed after 12 minutes :(

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РredatoR Author

Skirmish is more forgiving than Challenge. You probably need more time to get used to Contra. It is quite different from the vanilla game. To a Zero Hour player, Easy difficulty will feel harder because of hard counters and rank restrictions. This is normal. Keep playing or watch mod gameplays/walkthroughs to get better. There is a learning curve.

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