Multi-player Based Source Modification
Although there are lots of mods in the market, only some of them could show success.
We feel proud to announce the mod Conquer the City.
The creator of the mod Unexpected Conclusion is also in the team.
What is 'Conquer the City?'
As it is also understandable from the name, it handles the attempt of the resistance fighters against the Combine to take back the City they are in.
mechanism of the mod:
A resistance fighter struggles to take the city they are in back from the combine.
The Combine has to drive back the resistance by using its equipment.
The Cities have 2 or 3 check points. The Resistance has to conquer these points and defend them in the given time against the combine to beat the combine in the city
but the battle is not over yet, because you will find yourself in a big war at the citadel.
they need to deactivate the citadel by conquering given points. This is the mod's mechanism.
What are the features of both sides?
The weaponry they have to attack the combine is very limited. The weapons they can use:
USP Match, .357 Magnum, MP-7, HE Grenade and RPG Launcher.
They can also use Mounted Pulse Rifles and Sentry Turrets. Muscle cars, Buggies and Jet-Skis are the vehicles they can use.
The combine has a richer weaponry than the resistance fighters.
The weapons they can use: USP Match, SPAS-12, AR 2, MP-7, HE Grenade.
Although the weapon variety's being tight, the combine can use Hopper Mines, Manhacks, Roller Mines and Mounted Pulse Rifles, Sentry Turrets just like the resistance.
Striders, APCs, Hunter-Choppers Gunships and Dropships are the weapons they can use.
But both sides have a situation. For example a combine soldier has to choose only one primary weapon. they cant have more than one weapon of the same class.
The modification will support English and Turkish languages.
Our team still needs a mapper and a coder.

Online Tabanlı Türk Mod
Piyasada bulunan bir çok moda rağmen, sadece birkaçı başarı sağlayabildi. Unexpected Conclusion 'u oluşturan İsmet "Corporal" Babalı'nın da yer aldığı Conquer The City adlı modu duyurmaktan onur duyuyoruz.
Conquer The City nedir?
Conquer The City, adındanda anlaşılacağı gibi, Direnişçilerin Combine'dan bulundukları şehri geri alma çabasını ele almaktadır.
Modun İşleyişi
Direnişçi olan birisi, bulunduğu şehiri Combine'lardan geri almak için mücadele edecektir. Combine ise, elindeki donanımı kullanarak Direnişçileri geri püskürtmek zorundadırlar. Şehirlerin iki veya üç tane kontrol noktaları vardır. Direnişçiler, bu noktaları ele geçirip geçerli zaman içerisinde koruyarak Combine'ları şehir içerisinde yenmeleri gerekiyor. Fakat sadece savaş burada bitmiş olmuyor Çünkü kendinizi Citadel'da da büyük bir savaşın içinde bulunuyorsunuz. Citadel'de de belirlenmiş noktaları ele geçirerek, Citadel'i devre dışı bırakmaları gerekmektedir. Modun ilerleyişi budur.
İki Tarafın Avantajları ve Dezavantajları Nelerdir?

Direnişçiler, saldırmak için sahip oldukları silah donanımı Combine'lardan oldukça düşüktür. Kullanabilecekleri silahlar USP Match, .357 Magnum, MP-7, HE Grenade ve RPG Launcher 'dır. Ayrıca ek olarak Mounted Pulse Gun ve Sentry Turret kullanabilirler. Taşıt olarak ise Muscle car ve Buggy car ve Jet-Ski kullanabilirler.
Combine, Direnişçilere oranla donanım bakımından oldukça zengindirler. Kullanabilecekleri silahlar USP Match, SPAS-12, AR 2, MP-7, HE Grenade 'dir. Silah çeşitliliği az olmasına rağmen Direnişçiler gibi Mounted Pulse Gun, Sentry Turret, Hopper Mine, Manhack, Roller Mine, kullanabilirler. Ek olarak Strider, APC, Hunter-Chopper ve Gunship kullanabilirler. Ayrıca taşıt olarak APC ve Dropship kullanabilirler.
Fakat 2 tarafın ortak bir durumu vardır. Örneğin Combine seçen birisi silahlarını seçmek zorundadır. MP-7 almış ise AR 2 alamaz, AR 2 alırsa MP-7 alamaz. Direnişçiler içinde aynısı geçerlidir. Magnum alan birisi, USP Match alamaz. RPG Launcher alan birisi MP-7 alamaz.

Modun İngilizce ve Türkçe desteği olacaktır.

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We are hiring Coders and Mappers to work with us on our project "Conquer The City" which we have been working on with a big effort.
Here are the criterias for the new Coders and Mappers:
We are designing the maps for the EP2 engine, but Half-Life 2 mods are made for the 2006 engine resulting in several errors caused by lack of resources(models, textures etc.). There are some problems transferring the EP2 materials to the 2006 engine. Furthermore, we need a member with a good knowledge of coding who is able to code driveable vehicles like APC, Chopper, Strider and Hunter. We need a coder who is confident of sorting these things out for us.
From our new mapper, we expect them to reflect all their experience and immagination to their maps. Our new mapper would have to make 2 kinds of maps. One will have a forest theme, and the other will be a Citadel.
If you are interested in working with us, you can add our Steam accounts "erozbey" or "corporal90". If you want to contact us from MSN, add "" or "".

Conquer the City Mod Information released

Conquer the City Mod Information released


Multi-player Based Source Modification Although there are lots of mods in the market, only some of them could show success. We feel proud to announce...


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Guy use this and stop hating

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We have released the English info, have fun!

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