Remember the original Command & Conquer? Remember all the units, characters and themes from that game? Well, that classic from the early 90's that spawned over a dozen titles and revolutionized the RTS gaming world has been reincarnated in the C&C Generals Zero Hour SAGE 3D game engine and looks better than ever!

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Poll: What kind of Red Alert Redux do you want (93 votes)
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Feb 9 2012 Anchor

So people are asking for a Red Alert Redux not 2 but just Red Alert Redux, I did have made some models from the game Red Alert in 3d so it would be just a quick mod, but the question is do you want this as a mini-mod mening no campaing just Skirmish and online Multiplayer or again a total conversion? put your vote where your mind is and tell is why you want a Red Alert Redux mod.



Feb 9 2012 Anchor

After Reduxing all games combine them all! BTW did you guys ever finish Dawn Redux's campaign?

Feb 9 2012 Anchor

I would love to see a Red Alert conversion of Generals Zero Hour. I have already seen Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 2 conversions, which were very well made, in my opinion.

Feb 9 2012 Anchor

I dunno, the themes for Red alert are alot diffrent them that of CNC dawn, and would prefer that you continue on to Tib Sun.

If you get board later, then you could come up with red alert redux.

Feb 9 2012 Anchor

I want Tiberian Sun first. I think sequel is more needed and logical...And can you porting both your mods on C&C3 engine?

Feb 9 2012 Anchor

untill now this group of modders is the best in remaking mods in 3d, they can make it perfect and give it a real good feeling.
they should make a c&c red alert 1 redux.

Feb 9 2012 Anchor

RA redux shouldn't be a big job since most stuff can be recycled or recolored, add second barrel here a tesla coil there. I'd find RA2 more interesting. Hope your not overdoing it since you also got TS redux.

Feb 10 2012 Anchor

there's another ZH mod already done RA2 conversion (horribly), but I haven't see pure RA1 conversion.

Feb 11 2012 Anchor

Isn't there already The Red Alert mod for ra3 which has done a perfect job on bringing ra to 3d? no offense but you guys are capable of much more than recreating a 90s game, seems more like a waste of talent to me.

Feb 11 2012 Anchor

Its true that there already is a red alert mod for TW but since the question keeps coming around i wanted to see how many people are in for this

Mar 5 2012 Anchor

Well, I would actually like to see TDR and TSR finished first. But a Red Alert total coversion with all the original missions? Nice I say...

Apr 7 2012 Anchor

The prequel would be awesome. Get the MAD tanks and Chrono Tanks, and the navy, VOLKOV. Total Conversion FTW.

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