Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded in adding two full new factions, the Soviet Red Army and the German Ostheer, packed with unique and exciting units to the existing armies - a feat never before achieved in the Company of Heroes world.

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Changelog for the new released patch for Eastern Front.

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Eastern Front Patch 1.61

'Ukrainian Bandaid'


  • Most translations are now up to date. Exceptions are French, Czech, Korean and Japanese. We are looking for translators for these languages.
  • Added VanAdrian's fix for bad normalmaps on some Relic objects.
  • Added Lord van Dalen map resources for winter maps.
  • Fixed the "Load game" crash. (savegames created with 1.600/1.601 will still crash, savegames created with 1.610 will work)
  • Added some new map objects, credits to VanAdrian for his map assets.
  • Tweaked some texture files to make sure they have the right size and encoding.
  • Removed several unneeded files.


  • Fixed Hellcat collision box.


  • Fixed Rifle Grenade mix/max values (were reversed).


  • Fixed Spotter Marked Target ability being available when garrisoned.
  • Fixed ISU-152's Barrage description.
  • Removed attack movement order from Katyusha.
  • Fixed Steamroller description in the commander tree.
  • Removed Mortar Fire Barrage from Street Fighting description.
  • Updated Discipline ability for NKVD, now will execute a soldier when used.
  • Fixed Naval population cap indicator.
  • Fixed hover descriptions for Shtrafnie Troops.
  • Fixed typo on Armoury abilities' extra text.
  • Units garrisoned in Outpost have green cover modifiers.
  • Units garrisoned in Outpost can be targeted and killed as in any other building.
  • Reduced reinforce cost of NKVD squad to 18 manpower.
  • Fixed reinforce cost not being uniform on NKVD squad.
  • Fixed a bug with Sharpshooter's Observe ability if active when retreating.
  • Collision box of SU-76 now matches Marder III.
  • Collision mesh for IL-2 now matches P-47.
  • Lowered penetration values of the T90 against airplanes.
  • Fixed bug with soviet tanks receiving almost no damage from Goliath.
  • Fixed a bug where Bergetigers could resurrect Katyusha and KV-2 wrecks.
  • Added Molotov cocktail impact sounds.
  • Changed Hotkeys on some of the armoury upgrades and some weapon upgrades on squads.
  • Updated For The Motherland description to make players aware of the additional rifles upgrade for conscripts.
  • Fixed wrong name for SU-122 weapon.
  • Added US flag to the points captured by Soviets, instead of white one.
  • Fixed Soviet Sniper decloak time being shorter than intended.
  • Fixed Heavy mortar bug that allowed to fire barrages without delay.
  • Fixed missing requirements from Guards/Shock Guards and Firebase.
  • Fixed Guards reinforcements from Red Tide ability not coming if the alternate upgrade for Heavy Tankovy is used instead of the normal one.
  • Updated symbol for SU-85.
  • Fixed Partisans incorrect population requirement for the call-in ability.
  • Command Squad's Charge ability will now be locked during the buff and debuff time of For the Motherland.


  • Fixed the missing officer on off-map reinforcement when HQ is destroyed if the Luftwaffe officer reward unit was selected.
  • German scientist have developed an improved version of the V1. This improved version should no longer be bouncing off IS-3s.
  • Added new engine sound for ME262.
  • Removed the global cooldown for Luftwaffe Officer.
  • Requirements of the ME-262 ability now match the Officer's Barrage ability.
  • Fixed main gun issues with the King Tiger after getting main gun critical.
  • Tiger Ace's shot ability won't affect IS-3, Pershing and ISU-152 anymore.
  • Removed swastika from JU-87 wreck.
  • Added white JU-52 as map object.
  • PaK, Pz. IV & Pz. V wrecks are now unselectable.
  • Fixed an issue where the description of Jagdtiger was incorrectly using the one of Tiger Ace.

    Panzer Elite

  • Added missing description of Jagdtiger in the Reward Unit section.
  • Lowered drain time of Jagdtiger to 5 minutes to match all the other "super" heavy tanks.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Tank Buster Squads getting doctrinal Double Schrecks.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Panzer Grenadier Squads getting two Gewehr 43.
  • Fixed Advanced Repair for Panzer Grenadiers.
  • Fixed PE recrewed nebels not able to be reinforced.
  • Added missing soviet vehicles to tank awareness.
  • Fixed incorrect accuracy of Teller mines vs soviet vehicles.
  • Fixed bug where Anti-Tank Grenades would bounce off SU-85.
  • Fixed Panzer Elite bug which did not give ACPR to rebuilt tanks and ATHT.
  • Fixed main gun issues with the Marder III after getting main gun critical.
  • Nashorn will not target planes anymore.

my mod keeps patching 1.601 even though im already 1.601 i need help for this..

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i cant patch up to 1.610 but instead 1.601 but if i have to. the game wont play anymore... i need help for this...

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ahm nevermind. i solved it. :)

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how did you solved it?

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There is one issue that hasn't been fixed since the start of the mod and that is that when ever you win or lose as the Soviets it is still the same victory/defeat banner of the Panzer Elite. Why hasn't anyone after years of developement fixed this yet

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