Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded in adding two full new factions, the Soviet Red Army and the German Ostheer, packed with unique and exciting units to the existing armies - a feat never before achieved in the Company of Heroes world.

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Changelog for the new released patch for Eastern Front.

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Eastern Front Patch 1.31

'Songs from the Front'

* All main menu music has been replace with custom made goodies. They are not final, we are working on some improvements to them.
* Added some temporary win/lose music for Soviets. These will be changed in the future.

Balance Changes
* Increased Katyusha's population to 6.
* Increased Katyusha's cost by 50mp.
* RMC starting unit has been changed to Marine Sappers. These starting Marine Sappers are special however, having increased health over the normal Marine Sappers.
* While using RMC, commandos from the Royal Commandos tree can no longer build trenches.
* While using RMC, and selecting the Royal Engineers tree upgrade 'Improved emplacements', trenches can be built by the Sappers only.
* SAS Raiders population increased to 8.
* Achilles reload time changed to slightly increased.
* Decreased Achilles damage against buildings.
* Increase RMC Lieutenant health by about 15%.
* Increase RMC Captain health by about 15%.
* Decreased the range of ZiS support guns.
* Increased the cost of ZiS support guns to 300 manpower unupgraded and 320 manpower upgraded.
* ISU-152 barrage cooldown doubled. Also added a cost per use at 40 munitions.
* ISU-152 can no longer fire immediately after its barrage ability has been used.
* ISU-152 damaged attuned to a more reasonable level.
* Command squad global vet bonus per level reduced from 10% to 7% per level. Vet requirement increased by 1/2/4 xp.
* Soviet Sniper Team adjustments:
- Enemy snipers will automatically target the Sharpshooter over the Observer, unless specified to do otherwise.
- Decreased population to 3.
- Armor type changed to 'infantry_sniper' on the sharpshooter.
- Decreased health on the observer.
- Sharpshooters gun adjusted to fire slower.
- Observer's chance for critical reduced from 20% to 10%.
* PTRD damage against all infantry massively reduced.
* Soviets can now drop DP-28.
* Assault Grenades now have the potential to kill units.
* Blitz Tiger CP has been increased by 1.
* Tank Riders can now capture points while mounted on a tank.
* Tuned Command Squad's PPS-43's to be more effective in close range, and less effective at longer ranges.
* RMC's Comet Tank no longer requires CCT to be built.
* Recrewing none-upgraded Soviet AT-Guns will no longer give abnormal behavior.
* T90 amd T70 armour type changed to 'Stuart'
* All types of T34s now accelerate and decelerate slightly faster.

Bug Fixes
* Conscripts no longer 'charge' the enemy.
* Fixed while using RMC, HQ call-in would not have access to all units.
* Penal Troops can now no longer be suppressed.
* Partisans no longer lose their booby trap ability when a Medic Truck is built.
* Blitz Tiger and Reward Tiger now have firing sounds.
* Bergetiger's model is no longer messed up.
* Wrecks of all Tiger types are no longer messed up.
* Fixed that Marine Engineers didn't have retreat to Captain ability.
* Fixed a bug where Tank Hunters couldn't recrew heavy weapons.
* Fixed so you won't get both Support and Recon Jeeps when you double click one of them.
* Fixed hotkey for RMC Support Jeeps.
* Fixed vanilla issue StuG IV's shooting, where the shot came out below the main gun.
* Fixed visual issue with DP-28's, where they would appear as Bren Guns on lower graphic settings.
* Soviet units should no longer reference them self as British or American units in their speeches.
* Fixed a bug where US players sometimes received less resources then expected.
* Katyusha's can no longer longer crush infantry.
* Katyusha's can drive though heavy objects (walls, tank traps etc).
* ZiS-5 can no longer longer crush infantry.
* ZiS-5 can drive though heavy objects (walls, tank traps etc).

* M36 Jackson removed in favor of a new M10 model, which doesn't have the misfire bug. Model by Eliw00d and DMz.
* New Model for all ZiS Support Guns.
* Did minor art changes with the following skins: Jagdtiger, PPSh-41 and Mosin-Nagant.
* Fixed ISU-152 mini-map symbol.
* Minor bug fixes on multiple Infantry Models (such as the eyes on Tank Hunters)
* Other races then Soviets, no longer have the Soviet Mortar Weapon Crew portrait when recrewing a Soviet Mortar.
* Tuned the color of SVT-40 to look more realistic.
* Inspiring Speech is now using a custom icon above head instead of the Blitzkrieg one.
* Molotov Cocktail now has a proper model and skin.

* Sector layout from Vienna has been redrawn.
* Added new weather settings to Vienna.
* Map design has been slightly optimized on Vienna.
* Sector layout from Cottbus has been redrawn.
* Added new weather settings to Cottbus.
* Map design has been slightly optimized on Cottbus.
* Sector layout from Kursk has been redrawn.
* Added new weather settings to Kursk.
* Sector layout from Sevastopol has been redrawn.
* Performance on Sevastopol has been slightly improved.

* Updated Polish translation.


*gives the Eastern Front team a cake*

You deserve this and good job!

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They deserve a litle more then a lie, don't you think?

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blackbishop Author

But the cake is a lie!!! xD

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* Conscripts no longer 'charge' the enemy.
About time! :D
AWesome job guys!

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I love you guys, yet one thing is missing; a fix for the partisans current hat. ..
Right now its glitched and looks like a visor XD

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blackbishop Author

They are ready for a poker night :P... hopefully they will be fixed soon.

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So I take it theres still no "casual player" mode so only people with no lives can play your mod. You've probably done a good job but most of us will never know.

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