Codename CURE is a first person, co-operative zombie game with support for up to five players, providing immersive, fast-paced zombie fragging with fully dynamic/objective based missions.

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Having only played this for about 2 hours, i can only say that much, that i am already hooked.

This is a really great little coop mod, while maps are not the prettiest, the gameplay more then makes up for this!

The gameplay is very solid it's fast, team-based and just generaly somewhat arcady. Gun play feels really well done too, there is actually some kick behind firing a weapon.

All this combined makes it fun for hours. The classes are also very good, and feel balanced through out.
Classes are diverse and all fun to play as.

For anyone looking at this, if you are into coop games, and like shooting hordes of zombies, give Codename Cure a try!

Much potential, such fun, wow.

Verry nice mod


Porgrammers love this game :D

This game shows a great combination of Infection to Class ratio, you can battle oncoming storms of the undead while deploying a sentry gun and destroy some of them, or all of them if you are lucky. This game is well thought out and made as it made me **** in my pants 10 times over and over again. 10/10, would play again.

Looks super interesting and unique!


T-POSE says

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Good Mod! Gives off super nostalgic source engine vibes. Definitely recommend!

Great to play with friends. Nicely done maps, as well as the possibility for custom maps. Very fun.


TOKZ2 says

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a good and fun free game.