This mod continues the story where Half-Life 2 finished and offers one possible scenario. After the big explosion you fall to the ground and are very badly injured. Some people find you and take you home to a small village outside the city where the citadel was built. After 3 months you’re strong again and want to fight on. You have never seen Alyx or any of the others since the explosion. But you try to find new people that will fight with you against Breen. Nobody wants to help, some are afraid, others think that Breen has learned his lesson and won’t start again. It also seems that most of his organisation was lost in the explosion. Then you hear that along the coast Breen is starting again and trying to take control again. So you decide to go to the coast. There you take a little boat and go along the coast so the Combine won’t notice you coming.

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Similar to the mod "Strider Mountain", Coastline to Atmosphere struggles to entertain after playing the first few chapters of the game. While the beginning is very entertaining with dynamic combine fights and jeep chases, the rest of the game becomes mediocre as the same repetitive gameplay takes over. The environments, while appealing at first, start to become lackluster, and the gameplay on all fronts begins to fall short. This was also caused by very confusing, tedious, mission objectives, that proved more aggravating than fun. Despite all of its flaws, Coastline to Atmosphere is still a decent Half Life 2 mod, so long as you play it for its beginning. The devs should stick with the concept they started with "Strider Mountain" and recreate the same gameplay from the beginning of that mod into a full length game. That would seriously make the game a whole lot better, as I absolutely loved the first couple chapters of "Strider Mountain". In the end, good effort to the devs for making such lengthy mods, but you guys need to work on the quality of the entire experience, not just the beginning. Final verdict for Coastline to Atmosphere: 7.2/10


a masterpiece

A masterpiece mod! You get sucked into the game and the story fits perfectly within the half life universe! It's very long and hardcore!

Probably one of my favourite HL2 mods ever. I have loved Leon's work since my SoF2 days and this is just paramount to me. Brilliant and 10/10.

Initially starts off solid, but it loses steam around the second half.

This mod is waaay too hard, the levels are not very well designed around this fact and often have you metaphorically fighting your way up a 90* angle with 10 health and no ammo.


Khorps says

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still a personal favorite of mine, you make your way from the coast through a village, canals and combine fortresses to a teleport that takes you up into a satellite around Earth, you must then kill Dr. Breen as he tries to get away


marqjc says

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Very good mod. Entertaining and with continuous action. Buenos landscapes and an extra hour of being under the influence of hallucinations experience.


Seaalisgonefromhere says

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This is such an original Half-Life 2 mod I remember playing in the past so long ago. I played it in 2006, now I give a review in 2015.

The scenery is beautiful. Each level, I become more overwhelmed at the creativity and hard work put forth to create the level. Most people call it "mediocre" or "average", but this mod was made when Half-Life 2 was released, and honestly, some levels in HL2, I bet people call some levels "mediocre" right now. But in my eyes, I just cannot get over each level.

The battles are intense. This might feel like a one-man army, but Freeman is still human. I, at a lot of times, find myself in a situation of low HP or low ammo, and that's fun! I love wounding up in a scenario of chaos and fear, where each step I make, I take another risk into losing more and more of what I have left.

The story is great. I feel horrified at times where I feel the rebels have abandoned me, I'm left alone as I watch my friends die, I realize who my mentor has been the whole time, and more. If I were making the story, I might've not made Gordon's friends be killed off, but stuff like this is what makes a story dramatic. I especially like that end. XD

My favorite moments in the game are the hallucination scene (where all I can keep thinking is "WTF"), the chase scene with the G-Man and Breen, The End, and a lot of battles.

I hope this game still works, because I'm going for another run (maybe even on Hard).


N3M3$1$ says

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this man should have waited until the episodes were released, then he can make a Half-Life 3 mod for Half-Life 2: Episode 2 using this games info

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