CnC: Final War is a semi-total conversion for Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge that retells the Second Great War between Allied forces located mostly in Europe and the massive Soviet Empire, that has expanded well across the eastern continent.

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cant wait for it

god mod


GG Mod man


Final War has a lot of polish and promise! It's being actively developed by a (i think?) one person team, who seems well aware of their limitations and has created a great stepping stone into more updates. I ask anyone reading this to bear in mind the date in which it was written. FW's development cycle is quick and exciting,and as a result much of what is written here is subject to change.

First, on story: There is one! And it seems interesting. Based off of RA lore, with a mind toward RA1 especially, this game is a sort of re-imagining of RA 2 if the timeline did not involve a sudden soviet resurrection, but a long term buildup and rise to power by a group of post-soviet oligarchs looking to build a new totalitarian super-state over the ashes of the soviet republics. This state, the Eastern Empire, is the soviet representative, while the Allies have confederated together in Europe, with America only loosely affiliated with the goings on of the world. Think RA2 at a sort of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare tech level. Yuri exists, or existed, and his followers remain in the shadows after his schemes were thwarted off camera as the 'remnant legion' - which is Yuri but without the mind control and an emphasis on pyrotechnics and toxins. Overall, the concept is different enough to give the factions a fun flavor, and allows a lot of creative license to try new things, which I hope the author pursues. We don't have campaign missions quite yet, but SP 'challenge' missions exist, so for now you'll kind of have to narrate your own tales in the world via challenge or skirmish games. Will the Eastern Empire become a world superpower, taking vengeance on the allies? Will Europe again smash eastern aggression? Will the Remnant Legion build the utopia/dystopia their leader wished? You can decide for yourself! [Its also very, VERY easy to assume this game happens a decade or two after the allied campaign of Yuri's Revenge, so you can play this mod that way too]

Second, the factions: Currently FW is unique among mods in that you choose one of three primary factions, then choose subfactions ingame from the defense menu. There are exclusive and non exclusive subfactions which will be define below:

Remnant Legion has no subfaction.
The Allies have ATOMOS, a research/tech oriented faction based around teleportation and hover tech
-The Crusaders, currently the arguably strongest airborne faction with some straight forward ground units to support.

The empire has:
-The People's Militia, a vehicle and mobility based subfaction entirely based around use of mechanized infantry via their 'combat crawlers' which combined with their other vehicles become a dangerous threat.
-Okhrana, which is a 'experimental' tech faction with solid heavy armor options and an exceptionally good helicopter that can dominate the land, sea, and air.

Finally, all factions can elect to choose one of two generic subfactions, the American corporate Acheron-Tech, or Mercenary Warlords subfactions, both of which offer a variety of fun strategies to mix and match wit existing factions. This will be improved in an upcoming release that will expand the sub-factions into full faction lists, allowing ATOMOS to have Acheron access, etc.

Gameplay: Finalwar's gameplay style is similar to RA2's, but it does enough to differentiate itself that its endearing and a little less derivative than other mods. Aside from cool new units and sides, the gameplay offers several substantial improvements over the base RA 2 experience: secondary economy is implemented for all factions via refinery upgrades, allowing slower more defensive play styles if those are desired, while still rewarding map control and aggression. Players are encouraged to build secondary bases and fortresses by using expansion vehicles ala cnc3 and RA3, and a strong focus on 'VTOL' style air units that hover in the air and do not need to land makes aerial combat and play much more fun and immediately engaging, fully realizing that spectrum of combat. Its quite possible to run full aerial army builds with any faction, and is fun to play to boot. These are the main points that won this mod's high score!

Final words: Final war is a mod that could use some diversity in its army lists. Additional sub-factions, unit variation, new units in general, and story elements will help this mod grow and prosper, but for those not interested in waiting, the mod -today- stands on its own as a breakaway hit for the RA2 modding scene, and a great choice for new and old players alike. Be sure to thank the author and rate this mod yourselves, we can reward active dev's like him. In a scene with the likes of red resurrection and mental omega, its heartwarming to see new works of love break the mold, try something different, and survive. If you are dying waiting for Allies Revenge- look no more, Finalwar is not simply the next best thing its- dare I say it- even better.

This is one of the highest quality mods ever made for Red Alert 2 both in terms of graphics and concepts.

Graphics are unified, all units looking proper and none out of place. Units of the same faction have the same style and something really good is the realistic Vehicle/Infantry size ratio especially in the recent screens of the yet unreleased version.

Conceptually, it is unique from any other mod, with clear organization and planning for future content.

On this level of quality, until now, there are only Mental Omega, Red-Resurrection and the unreleased Red Counter-Strike. Among these 4 mods I can't put one above the others as they are unique each with its own original concept.


Hoping to see more pvp gameplay footages xd

good mod but not perfect not like MO but still good I hope it evolve and became better

This mod adict advanced most techonological units, but sucjs don't have a path to play, you need to buy everyone??

this mod has good ideas but they need far better execution in order for the mod to compete with mental omega and red resurrection; the balance needs a lot of fine tuning for starters.

Very interesting new units and mechanisms such as air attack support! and contracts (which replace subfactions)

i just wish there was more unique variety! since except 2 contracts the rest of contracts are same of all factions, also some units need more abilities to make them unique or more fun, such as commandos!
the other thing i didnt like was the removal of jets, the only way to see jets is through air support power, i really do wish they were buildable too!

overall a very beautiful mod which i will keep for a long time i jut wish it was combined with mental omega for ultimate mod.

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