The purpose of the map was to work for/with Rad15 and to create him an environment that would allow his Advanced AI to utilise the environment for tactical onslaughts and cover. Therefore, the map will be released alongside his Advanced AI to show best how the AI can work in such suitable environments.

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Not quite knowing what I was getting into with City Level - City Assault, I downloaded and played it. What I got was a very odd - and dissapointing - mixed bag of sorts. The one thing I absolutely loved about this mod was the massive level which the mod takes place in. Simply put, the level gives you a very wide variety of venues to assault your foes and hide from them in all four lighting conditions.

However, the actual AI which this mod highlights is very, VERY poor. So poor, in fact, that the best bullet-conserving stategy was to simply punch them to death using nothing but Strength mode because the AI hardly fought back. Sure, they could track you down, but I could actually laze around for about 2-3 minutes until they decided to open fire for a breif period BEFORE STOPPING FOR NO REASON.

Also, the custom weapons had some seriously broken - or, in some cases, non-existant - textures. However, this didn't factor into my score since I never bothered to see if decreasing texture/model detail did anything to fix them.

Overall, I'd only recommend this mod to see how NOT to do an AI. Sure, it's nice that the enemy will track you down if they know where you are, but it's pointless if they won't fire back! (If the main map can be used in normal Crysis multiplayer, I'd recommend getting it just to play it that way!)


An excellent mod, though it appears to be so simply designed.


The massive level and surprisingly high optimization do not make this unpolished and incoherent mod anything more than entertaining for a few minutes of combat against extremely poor and dimwitted cat-and-mouse AI, that for some reason was advertised as being better than the original AI by the modder.

Trust me, Cryengine2 AI is a pain in the royal *** to work with, but that doesn't help a mod that tries to experiment with it--and ultimately break it further. The graphics are quite poor and the textures and shadows are super blocky and all the cover tends to be occluded poorly so bullets and objects pass through buildings and signs etc. The story is almost nonexistant. It is fun to flank and ambush enemies, however. But I do not recommend this mod to any crysis owners. It needs years of polish.


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