Released global mod developed by Strelok200's team and supported by In Spite Of The Death Team.

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v1ld says

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Put together really well. The story is tight and well paced. Has a very good English translation published by the Russian mod team - a rarity and much appreciated.


This mod surprised me.

It was very well made and had a good story... Which kept me on my toes. (It's great to see a COP mod with a new story!)

The only problems with this mod are some errors and bugs here and there.. But for my play-through I experienced only one crash and had very little problems overall.

Also... For a mission in the Bar that involves a certain Stalker named falcon... Just wait for night.
The quest isn't broken.

My only complaint is that it sometimes forgets to tell you were you must go. But you will figure it out most of the time. So it's not the end of the world.

Also... It has a small direction problem. It tells me in one mission (This only happened in one mission...)to go east but in reality the building you want is to the south.

But overall it deserves a 10 in my opinion!
So download this gem and start playing!


strelokqvt says

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Good game, well play!


Mods like this is what always keep me coming back to Stalker. Do yourself a favor and downloading this mod and have a good time. It's good and refreshing to be back to stalker COP and do a different story line. Take it as an expansion game or DLC of the game.


mickdick says

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Every mutant except rats 1 hit you at master difficulty regardless of armor (even having bulat fully upgraded, didn't test exo but suspect same result). pretty ridiculous.

Mutants are in fact so strong entire camps of stalkers in the game can be killed by a single pseudodog. I've seen it happen. In fact the monolith camp you spawn next to in pripyat of over 10+ people were killed by 2 of them and a pack of rats which were apparently with dogs working together. They didn't even kill a single rat or dog.

Duty leader and entire faction in stalker base is killed by 3 snorks spawning inside his room at some random interval which might break the game depending on how far along you are.

In ending area where you have no equipment but am supposed to walk through building with ghosts in it, I was harrassed by snorks and was forced to change difficulty to rookie since they always 1 hit you and if you shoot inside the building you die instantly and all I had was a god damn knife.

The animations for guns is good but it's too long. Pulling out an G37 will take you about 5 entire damn seconds, putting it away too. Even when the animation is finished it takes a good half second for the weapon to actually be usable, even when reloading.

Anyways. The story is solid. The 2(?) levels are well designed. Th translation is good. It was at least a fresh experience.


GoodGamePlayer says

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This is a sweet mod. Enjoyed playing it a lot! There are not many mods like this one, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is in need of such mods.

I liked all the maps, they're not completely new, but they belong to the best ones (at least for me). The maps were full of anomalies, I was often annoyed that there were so many of them, usually blocking my chosen path. But they're a part of this game.

Maybe you could've included more side quests in this mod.

It's good that you fixed the crash at the deal watch point. But there is another bug, at least it could be considered a bug. After finding the documents at the Yubilejny centre, I was supposed to meet Puck. But instead, after automatically jumping down the stairs I immediately went upstairs to get the loot I had dropped there. Then I left the centre, but when I returned, Puck was no longer there, meaning I could not continue the storyline. Please, fix this. There won't be many idiots like myself who would turn back to get upstairs again, but still, such a player has to reload an old save, usually having to replay a long part all over.


metroid13 says

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A pretty great mod with a strong, interesting storyline. The translation is a little rough in places, and there are some logical inconsistencies throughout, including;

for the mission against the merc encampment, Navigator says it'll be a few trainees with you, but instead it's a bunch of exo-suit wearing leviathans armed with heavy machine guns.

one quest tells you to look for a stash on the eastern side of town when it's in fact in the west

There's a few instances where dialogue seems to be missing; for instance, a character at one point vanishes. Your character then tells another character that they parted with some "strange advice." But this never happens - the aforementioned character simply vanished without saying much.

Aside from those quibbles, this was a really good effort. Nice job!


Being a long time Stalker I have tried many modifications. This is by far the most ambitious, fun and deadly mod I have played. I could not give it enough praise for the new content. So grab your bolts and hold onto your balls and d/l this now.


Estor_ says

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Story, gameplay and optimization are spot on.

Great engine tweaks, great story, one of the best CoP story mods I've played

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Put together really well. The story is tight and well paced. Has a very good English translation published by the Russian mod team - a rarity and much appreciated.

Mar 19 2016 by v1ld