So, this marks my very first mod on Moddb after being a member for so long. If you're interested in some of my other works, search for Guvenoren's Workshop on steam. So what does this mod do? - Infantry corpses and Vehicle debris stay for 5 minutes before decaying. Leaving a grim reminder of what happened here. Known issues: - Dying animations for infantry units happen TWICE. I don't know how to solve this issue. - Surveyor debris seems to flicker.

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Redcast says

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Want battles you almost feel emotionally? That's the mod for you, because you will see your unit's bodies lying around because of your suicide mission.

Really nice touch, I can only recommend it!

9/10 because there's still things to do as the author said.


ByronDTiberiumdrinkR says

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Have not played yet but im looking forward to help you!


Terrapin2190 says

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This mod really adds a nice aesthetic to the game.

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