GDI, Nod, the Forgotten or CABAL. Who will triumph the endless war? This mod plays after the storyline of Firestorm. Command new units, conquer harder enemies. Will you save Earth or will you destroy it? It's your choice...

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feillyne says

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An excellent mod despite some bugs. :-)


Popscleman says

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Pretty good work.....
Just dont give up on this....
I wanna see a campiagn for this


FoxFort says

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Since this is not a mod anymore, because it has grown up to be a standalone game. This now deserves to ba rated with a higher score. The game now looks and feels much better. New explosion effects, new units, new buildings and new factions made this a must play game for TS fans.
Plus there's an option to use normal infantry size which is welcomed (I don't like playing with ants).

It does have a few problems. First of all the new cames are very bad, I don't like them at all. Few are nice but most of them are just bad.
Few units just dosen't fit in TS:F and some are too large or too small.

Another good thing about this game is lots of new units, also another bad thing is lots of new units. In the end you'll end up only building 1 or 2 type of infantry units and 2 or 3 types of vehicles units. TS+F was much more simpler when comes to types of units. You had 1 type of each units which was simple,effective and good.


InspecteurJavert says

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This is simply one of the best mods for Tiberian Sun I've played, period. In fact, it's so great that it was the reason I even registered on this site, in order to rate it and recommend it to all C&C fans out there. It's got everything I wanted from Tiberian Sun: four sides (GDI, Nod, Mutants and even CABAL) two of which I always wanted to play as in the original, but had no chance of doing so, each with unique units. And I'm not just talking about some special units, but every single unit is unique to each side, even the usual Light Infantry has been changed. GDI and Nod soldiers look like they were supposed to according to the ingame cutscenes (finally!), and differ in stats, cost, and all that. Of course, Mutants and CABAL have their own infantry as well. This simple fact greatly improves the atmosphere and makes everything very authentic.

I can go on forever describing all the stuff this mod has, but to keep it short: tons of new units (well-balanced, well-designed and NOT out of place), new effects, new A.I, and so much more. Oh, and one of the best things about this mod is that it's standalone, no TS required, just download and play! You can't really ask for more, but I know more will be delivered, since the mod is in active development and is constantly improving.

If you're a fan of Tiberian Sun and C&C franchise, pick it up and give it a go. You will not be disappointed.


Twilio_Stark says

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This mod is great! I'm saying is 100%, but it is not yet complete, up to the end. About 80%. But you need to complete the stabilization modes, finish some faction, new soundtracks, new maps and mission.


GreatDodoOfDoom says

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Really great Mod, with new Factions and reworked GDI and Nod.
Some balancing problems, but its really fun to play. AI is reworked too, so they're not so boring like the original.
The new buildings, units and animations look great. At the time it's in work so I hope when it is finished it will be a really great mod and I'm really excited about the campaign. (why is the Cabal Campaign the last in the order *sniff*)

At all, a really cool must have mod not only for TS fans, but for all RTS fans.


brncao says

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Some constructive criticism. There's a ton of balancing problems between units and factions; some of them are so OP they can take out buildings and units in a matter of seconds without any other tradeoffs.

Having a nice assortment of units is nice, but too much is unnecessary especially when some of them are repetitive. Try to avoid the coolness and eye-candy mentality (i.e. I just gotta have it in there cuz it's cool!) and focus on what's really important from a game design perspective. In fact there's so many, if you capture another faction's MCV and tech up, the game crashes. TS has a limited amount of cameos it can take.

Other than that, it really gives the game a good refresh. I can tweak the rules.ini for better balance and cut down on the plethora of units to eliminate repetitive roles.


Wanner-Panzer says

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gread mod. reminds my on the good old Total War Mod^^ I am realy glad to see that TS mods are not dead ! Soooooo many units , gread ! Mods like Twisted Insurection have realy high quality voxels and some nice ideas , but they are sooooooo boring. At the end they just replace old units. But this mod... AWESOME !


suparpzeropinta says

You Mod Are Very Awesome But I Have IE In Sometime BUT You Still Add Cabal and Forgotten as Playable Faction Is Still Fun I Will Wait you To Move Into Openra Engine



waiting for Tier 3 and 10 progress in the face,and still waiting for compatibility with OpenRa for online play

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An excellent mod despite some bugs. :-)

Jan 12 2010 by feillyne