A comedy-based mod for C&C Generals: Zero Hour, the C&C Crazy Mod adds downright absurd and hilarious units you'd never see in any other mod.

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a very wierd mod :D



epic but i cant get the hole thing .... idk how ... weres Crazy Mod Version 0.1 through 0.4


Hecthor_Doomhammer says

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My biggest mistake, when I went in for my C&C Mod Spotlight, was that I came in, expecting to see all that is shown on the ModDB. But alas. No special Battle Busses, no Balista or Stealth Tank, no super mega awesome Overlord... I was a bit disappointed. If this stuff was in it would've been at least an 8
However, I know this mod has been concidered dead for the past 7 or so years and that Jordan most likely has moved on with life (given that he is still alive) and has lost interest in modding.

Here are the links to the Spotlight Videos:
GLA: Youtube.com
USA: Youtube.com
China: Youtube.com


Thisis crazy!


This is Very Crazy

it is a awesome and just crazy mod. i like

cool mod but its taking too long


i wish the mod is back, )8


I do not like unraelistic mods. Moreover, version 0.5 has very few new units.

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a very wierd mod :D

Sep 11 2012 by dncmaster