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Now the size of a town, Castle Volkihar Redux is the ultimate Vampire Castle Home for the true King of Skyrim. Every blocked portal is now a new place. New towers, quests, Molag Bal buffs, robes, followers, tavern, guards, crafting and much more. Dawnguard DLC is required. *Did you finish Dawnguard and wonder why Castle Volkihar didnt upgrade? *Did you think the blocked portals would open up into a real homestead? *Than look no further, this mod does exactly that!

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KGB32134 says

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when i finished the dlc(vampire side)i thought i can rebuild it but the develepors were lazy but this guy fixed it and it's the best house mod for a vampire.

All in all great mod. Lots and lots of detail everywhere, new NPCs, loads of rooms and corridors and epic dining and ritual halls. Plenty of stuff to explore


I love this mod ! Really love it. I had such a hard time finding a 'house' mode (yes because you know this mod is... much more than just a house) having both a powerful feeling and a great personality, and this mod has it all !

It is tremendous, and the gargoyles and undead guards really make you feel as the master of the castle. Also, it is on an island (no sheet Sherlock) and that really makes sense for immortal and powerful beings, not limited at Skyrim only.

And boy, the teleportation system... and the magical barrier and the daedric towers... I have at last a place where I feel I can let some of the most powerful artifacts in Nirn.

Also I had made some coldharbour dremoras guard the daedric tower. Because you know... I have never enough.

Also, love the easter eggs about Dracula ^^

Anyway, great mod ! I'll be back when I can make a better vote (just registered for this mod) ! I can't wait to see more features !

And most of all, thank you !

Why ten ? Yes, why should I rate ten out of ten a mod on which I spent weeks to make a french translation ? Nyaaah.


Awesome mod!! going to mix it with "Guild Starter" mod to give even more use on it.
Enormous work and it does really feel that is a huge time and effort invested, all sees very beautiful inside


this is the first mod I have seen that actually mad volkihar castle worth calling a base of operations and enjoyable to be at I hope the maker continues his work

I LOVE YOUR MOD !!!!!!!!!!!! it's the best modification to the castle volkhiar.


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